#328 – The Bubble Collector by Vikram Madan



The Bubble Collector

by Vikram Madanlogo_123377_web (2)

6 Stars


Website:  A hilarious fusion of playful poems, bubbly drawings, tongue-in-cheek humor and unexpected endings that is sure to delight kids and adults of all ages over and over again.

“Lively and Kid-Friendly” – J. Patrick Lewis, U.S. Children’s Poet Laureate

First Verse:  Welcome you who enter here / Come step right up and lend an ear / And in return, for just a while / I promise you shall laugh and smile.


The Bubble Collector contains a wide variety of poems kids will love along with illustrations that will tickle their funny bone.  Some are short:

shark with image combo

And one of my favorites:

fair exchange poem illustration combo

Some are long, too long to print here.  Others can be scary, shocking, and often stellar.  Most will humorously cause you to groan, guffaw, and possibly giggle.  Each has an illustration or two that visually captures the essence of the poem and often is just as important to enjoying the poem as the text. Yes, the poems can stand alone, but once you see the illustrations, it will be obvious the two are better together.  The Bubble Collector—also a poem—is definitely kid-friendly, but adults will be intrigued as well.  With 150 pages and 100 poems, there is something for everyone.

The illustrations are reminiscent of Shel Silverstein and may induce kids to grab the crayons.  Many of the poems look at life and twist it, causing a wry observance.  Quite a few—the  author may argue all of them—are purely for the fun factor.   ABRA-CADABRA sides with children who hate to eat their veggies.  For those into Superman or Batman or even Chase Danger, CURSES gives you a glimpse of the pain and humiliation the villain faces at the hands of a superhero.

combo curses new

Mr. Madan re-writes several iconic poems, such as Humpty-Dumpty; Jack and Jill; and for the adults, A Road Less Traveled.  Each would make the original author smile and laugh.  Summer is almost here and when it arrives, there’s nothing cooler than swimming in the backyard pool—or a neighbor’s.  Mr. Madan has a poem for this summertime fun called COME ON IN, THE WATER’S LOVELY.  The illustration says it all, but do read the poem.


The Bubble Collector will entertain kids and may spur them on to their own creativity, be it poetically or artistically.  Whether one or two poems are read at bedtime, story hour, or before each meal, The Bubble Collector is sure to please.  This is a great introduction to poetry since the poems will cause tickling of the funny bone and the illustrations will visually cause eyes to shine.  This is kid-friendly collection of poems that adults will also enjoy.  That is a great combination when the child wants it read to him night after night.

One thing to remember:  to hear these poems properly, one must carefully lend an ear.  (Please do read the fine print.)

Here is a fast flip-through of The Bubble Collector.


The Bubble Collector

by Vikram Madan    website    book website    facebook    twitter
Released April 1, 2013
ISBN:  978-1-48239761-1
150 Pages
Ages:  7 and up
Copyright © 2013 by Vikram Madan, used with permission.





bubbles discl

14 thoughts on “#328 – The Bubble Collector by Vikram Madan

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    • I think Amazon sells and at the author’s website (see the link by name in credits). You would get a big kick out of this. I can see you and Josie teaming up and doing something like The Bubble Collector. 😆


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    • All of these are humorous, even the author credits/bio. This guy must be a real hoot. His insights are good when he twists things around. I can understand why the children’s poet laureate praised this book.


    • Hi Paul. It’s nice to see you again. The Bubble Collector is the best poetry book for kids I have seen thus far. And the illustrations are a hoot. If you have a kid – or are a kid, like me – this is a fun book to read. 🙂


  3. Of course you compared it to Shel Silverstein. As soon as I read the first 10 words in your post and saw the first drawing, that’s what I thought of. You’re a mind-reader!!! I love the one minute flip through. So funny.


    • The past two books, more than all the book on poetry last year, both had the Shel Silverstein look. I suppose he is a great poet to emulate, but I’d really like to see something different. Having said that, The Bubble Collector is funny and kids will love this book. Maybe it will entice kids to check out some of Silverstein’s work Kind of an odd idea, but . . .


  4. Well, that looks like a fun poetry book! I’m glad you included that flip through trailer! Some of those poems look pretty long but the illustrations look pretty funny. maybe I should check it out! Thanks!


    • The flip trailer is a quickie look at the book. There is a second, official, trailer that goes on a bit more (see link after review), but the flip trailer is actually the better of the two. This book would give you lots of short reads for those you visit.


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