Armchair BEA – An Introduction


Today begins the annual Armchair BEA. This virtual event corresponds with the annual BEA convention held in New York City.  Not all of us can make it to New York.  The Armchair BEA is a great way to stay involved while staying home.

Each day a question will be asked of participants or a subject will be up for discussion.  Since I am going to try to fully participate this year, those posts will head up the day’s review or post.  Day one is introduction day, by way of five questions.  So, here goes!

1.  Who are you?  How long have you been blogging?  Why did you get into blogging?

Well, by now most of you know my name is Sue.  I am a retired social worker who thinks that maybe she can write a book for children.  I took classes at The Institute of Children’s Literature and continue to hone at the Children’s Book Insider.  I have two pets and will soon add a few dozen dogs who are looking for forever homes.

I have been blogging here at Kid Lit Reviews going on my third year.  Prior to that I blogged reviews at Library thing, Goodreads, Random Buzzer, and Amazon.  I got into blogging to read children’s books. My mentor suggested I read 100 children’s books in my area of interest.  That would be picture books and middle grade novels.  Counting only those read for Kid Lit Reviews, I have read 328 books and counting.  So why do I not feel ready to write that book?  Maybe she meant 1000 and I overlooked one of those zeros.  I have no plans to leave so I’ll reach 1000.

2.  What is your favorite part about the book blogging community?

My favorite part of this community is the people.  Most everyone I have met is overwhelmingly nice and helpful.  Gracious, understandings, encouraging, are all words I would use to describe those I have met.

3.  Tell us one non-book-related thing that not everyone reading your blog may know about you.

What would not everyone probably know about me?  Hm.  I volunteered for the best organization.  Some of the best child advocates I have ever met run CASA, the Court Appointed Special Advocates of Franklin County (Ohio).  The entire system works for the betterment of the children in our care.  I was scared to death standing in from of the judge for the first time, but our lawyer got me through and by the time all the court dates were finished, three beautiful children were saved from a pair of ruthlessly abusive “parents.”  I have never been prouder to be a part of something as I was when associated with CASA.

4.   Where in the world are you blogging from?  Tell a random fact or something special about your current location.

I am blogging from Northwest Ohio, usually from my living room.  A random fact about Northwest Ohio is that it is not Northeast Ohio.  What is special about where I am?  My two-bedroom apartment is common, not special.  The only odd thing is the balcony door.  It has a hole that lets bugs in between the screen and the glass.  I cannot open the door without bugs flying into the apartment.  I am not a big fan of bugs, though my cats love them.  They seem to find bugs to be great playmates and delicious appetizers.

5.  If you could eat dinner with any author or character, who would it be and why?

I would love to have dinner with, hm.  I am not sure.  Dr. Seuss would be great to talk with.  I would ask him why he never let Charlie Brown kick the football when Lucy held it.  Speaking of Lucy, where did she get her therapist degree?   Five cents per session, really?  I bet that angered those that charged $50 or more for a 50-minute hour.  I would also want to know where he found Snoopy.  I bet he was a rescue dog that stole Dr. Seuss’ heart.  After dinner, I would ask if he would be so kind to draw me a picture and sign it.  I know it would have been a hilarious picture and I would have framed it then hung it above my desk (where I normally write when not in the living room).  What an inspiration that would be.

If you would like to join Armchair BEA it is not too late.  You can participate when you want, fully or totally.  There are some great giveaways, like today’s year of books from Patchwork Press!  To participate, go HERE.  Armchair BEA runs through Saturday.


15 thoughts on “Armchair BEA – An Introduction

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  2. I’m so proud of you for saving three children from the ruthless dungeons of monsters! I’m also proud of you reading and reviewing children’s books–you do a wonderful job. And, I think you’re more than ready to write that book. Quit your procrastinating and get writing!!


  3. I love this post Sue! It’s so fun to get to know you better! Now when I read I can picture you in your apartment living room with your cats and your door not open because of the bugs 🙂


  4. Maybe it’s not the amount of books you read that will help you to get ready to write your own. I think it will all come to you when you least except it (:
    1,000 books is a great goal, though!


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  6. That was fun to read Sue! Thank you for regaling us with the wonderfully informative description of Northeast Ohio – I sooo want to go there! Actually I’ve been there and I think I’m done now. lol Before you cyber-scream at me for not emailing you, I will kindly let you know through this comment that an email message from me awaits you in your spam folder. 😛


  7. Hello fellow kid-lit blogger! I also blog children’s lit and middle grade. And I wanted to encourage you… a couple of months ago, my manuscripts landed in the hands of the perfect person. Keep reading…but WRITE too! I’m still sort of reeling by all that has happened for me recently, but it just goes to show…you never know! If you really want to write that story, write it 🙂

    In the meantime, have a wonderful week! Enjoy Armchair BEA!


    • Thanks. I guess I got a little stutter when I mixed up Shultz and Seuss. Can you imagine what they would have created if they were one? “Charles Seuss presents The Red Baron Searches for the Cat in the Hat. How many hats will Snoopy look in before he finds the cat? Can you count them?” 😀


  8. Dr. Seuss would be fun to have dinner with, but he didn’t write Peanuts (Charlie Brown, Lucy and the gang), Charles Shultz did 🙂 And he would be a hoot too!

    Enjoy Armchair BEA!


    • Oh My Goodness! What an idiot I can be when I am trying to get so much done. I suppose I could correct it, but you outed me. I could say this was a test — AND YOU PASSED!

      Okay, I do like Charles Schultz but I would rather dine with Dr. Seuss. Maybe the Cat in the Hat would join us and berate me for my blunder. 🙂


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