#335 – I’d Rather be Riding My Bike by Eric Pinder

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I’d Rather Be Riding My Bike

by Eric Pinder

John Cardinal, illustrator

Evolved Publishing

4 Stars


Back Cover:   The sun is still out. / I’m stuck here inside. / When will I ever get outside to ride?

After a long school day and chores at home, one boy’s patience is rewarded when he finally gets to go riding his bike with a friend.

First Verse:  The bus is late. / I have to wait. / I’d rather be riding my bike.



A young boy manages to make it through his school day, though, mentioned here that he daydreams and doodles about riding his bike.  When the bell rings, he and his sister wait for the bus while other kids hop on their bikes.  Once home, dinner, chores, and homework await the young boy who is slowly losing his patience. Finally, he and his sister hop on their bikes for a long evening ride.

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The story is straightforward.  The young boy patiently makes it through school and his home duties then goes for a ride with his sister.  The rhyming is good; it has an even meter; and a consistent last line that does not always work well with the two rhyming segments.  The lines are smooth and easy to read without any funny jerks.

The illustrations are nice.  The realistically portrayed story is from the young boy’s point of view.  He is preoccupied with bikes, impatient with his parents, and finally joyful rides his bike at the end of the day.  The illustrator’s bio states “To him, ‘realism’ is boring . . .”  I do not find his realistic images boring.  I think the illustrations tell the story better than the text.


A “Bicycles in History” section is in the back.  Eric Pinder explains that a German baron, looking for a new way to travel, first invented the bicycle.  Made out of wood, but did without pedals, people pushed themselves around on the bike.  What was glaringly absent from this history are the Wright Brothers, even when the penny-farthing bicycles were mentioned in the second section called, “More Bicycles in History.”

I’d Rather be Riding My Bike will be enjoyed by younger children, especially those ready to learn how to ride.  I enjoyed I’d Rather be Riding My Bike, but older kids may find the book lacking in story.  This picture book is loaded with visuals children will like.  For children a bit reluctant to learn how to ride or take off the training wheels, I’d Rather be Riding My Bike will show them the joy and freedom riding a bike can bring.


I’d Rather Be Riding My Bike

by Eric Pinder    website   blog   facebook   twitter
John Cardinal, illustrator    website   blog   facebook   twitter
Evolved Publishing    website   blog   facebook   twitter
Released February 21, 2013
ISBN:  978-1-62253-402-9
44 pages
Ages: 3 to 6
© 2013 by Evolved Publishing, used with permission
Text:  Copyright © 2013 by Eric Pinder
Illustrations:  Copyright © 2013 by John Cardinal





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8 thoughts on “#335 – I’d Rather be Riding My Bike by Eric Pinder

    • I bet not. I wish he would have included who made the bike he referred to in the second segment. I cannot image pushing myself around on a bike and having no pedals or brakes. I see crashes in those people’s histories.


      • Really! What would be the sense of a bike with no pedals?! I guess kind of like a scooter or skateboard. Push and glide. I’ve never tried any of those forms of getting somewhere, but I’ve seen videos of dogs who do that. Looks like fun!


    • I agree with you. It is so easy to stay indoors and be entertained all day. We couldn’t wait to get outside to play. Staying in was only for those grounded or sick. How times have changed.


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