#337 – The Smurfs Anthology #1 by Peyo (Summer of Peyo Continues)

The Summer of Peyo


The Smurfs Anthology #1

by Peyo

Papercutz Publishing

5 Stars


From Publisher Almost 70 years ago in Brussels, a young man named Pierre Culliford (Peyo), applied for a job as a dental assistant only to find that he had missed the interview by 15 minutes.  Culliford was forced to take a job as an illustrator instead.  Today, we can look back on that late appointment as the moment Culliford became the cartoonist known as Peyo, and his little blue woodland creatures called The Smurfs were born!

The Smurfs may be only three-apples-high, but their influence across the decades and around the globe is legendary.  And although Peyo’s fans are legion, not many are aware that it all started with books.  Papercutz, the comics publisher for kids, is extraordinarily proud to bring Peyo’s unique artistic vision to U.S. kids today, and bring some awareness of his original comics to the Smurf-mania that’s sweeping the nation in the run-up to the blockbuster movie, Smurfs 2.  (Opens July 31st.)

Our highest effort in that regard is THE SMURFS ANTHOLOGY, an archival project that will see every Smurfs comic presented in beautifully designed hardcovers in chronological order, with contextual notes and behind-the-scenes photos.  As a special treat for fans, the series will include Peyo’s Johan and Peewit stories in which The Smurfs made their very first appearances, many of which have not been published in English before.


I was never a big Smurfs fan when they were popular years ago.  Looking through the anthology, book 1, I can appreciate the illustrations and the stories that I could not as a kid.  I have come to enjoy comics because of the books reviewed for Papercutz and Lerner Publishing in particular, plus a few other graphic novel publishers.  The Smurf’s Anthology, #1 will impress. Starting with the first ever Smurf comic and continuing in sequential order, the growth of the characters can be seen along with the illustrative work that turned these little guys and gals into a world-wide phenomenon.  If you are a Smurf fan, you will love this first book of Smurf history.  If you love comics, you’ll love this anthology.  If you are not part of either of those groups, check it out at your library or browse through it at a bookstore.  My guess is you will enjoy what you see and read.

Smurfs_Anth_Page_4 smurf ann snag orig

Kids will be amazed to learn that Saturday morning cartoons were not where the Smurfs were born.  They began in the pages of a book in Europe.  It would be years before the Smurfs hit Saturday mornings and subsequent fame.  With the first anthology, we have the opportunity to read and enjoy those first comics where the Smurfs found a home.  Plus, with the “behind-the-scenes” inserts, the history and making of the Smurfs is available for the first time.  This is a history book, of sorts, that creative teachers can use in the classroom.  For example, originally the Smurfs bit by a fly turned black—in reference to the black plague—not purple.  When brought to the United States, the color changed from black to purple in respect to the civil rights challenges of the time, even though that was never an undertone in Peyo’s original story.

I loved the oversized pages.  Being thicker than a normal book page little hands will be able to enjoy the stories without the worry of tearing.  Being a collector’s item it would still be wise to watch over young children as they giggle at the Smurfy antics.  Papercutz has done a nice job recreating many of these older comics, restoring the colors to their original hues.  I especially enjoyed the side notes that add to the history of this collection.  It is like being there, spying on the Smurfs and their creator.  A pleasure to read, The Smurf’s Anthology, #1 is a Smurf-lovers gem.



Global Smurf Day June 22, 2013


The Smurfs Anthology #1

by Peyo    website    bio

Papercutz Publishing    website    blog    facebook    twitter

Released June 25, 2013  (Peyo’s BD June 25, 1928)

ISBN:  978-1-59707-417-9

192 pages

Ages: 7 and up


© 2013 by Papercutz, used with permission

Text and Illustrations:  Copyright © 1959 – 1992 by Peyo





smurf anthology 1 discl

33 thoughts on “#337 – The Smurfs Anthology #1 by Peyo (Summer of Peyo Continues)

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  3. I remember being a Smurfs fan when I was very young. This looks like a lot of fun for Smurfs fans young and old! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  4. I was never really a big fan of the smurfs either although I would watch it if it was on. I think I would still enjoy this book. Thanks for the review and hooking up to the KidLit Blog Hop.



  6. I so remember reading the smurfs comics way back in my childhood.. they were not as easily accessible to us in India but i was lucky to get hold of one or two. I did not know the fact that he was hired as an illustrator as an accident! what an interesting story. Thanks for sharing!


  7. I LOVED the Smurfs as a kid! I tore through all those books (in French!) when I was a kid. Why couldn’t you do a giveaway which I then went on to win! Geez…

    Thanks for hostess-ing the Kid Lit Blog Hop once again! 🙂


    • Well, Renee to answer your question, I was not offered a book for giveaway. I will ask about it when the second anthology arrives. That will have the last half of the comics. Maybe you can win that. (But if you do, it might cause me a lot of trouble seeing as how we are talking about it now. I can hear screams of “RIGGED! This stupid contest was rigged! I know that Renee . . .!!”)

      You are welcome! ONce again. I thank you for the early linky and the second spot. Next hop I am going for the gold! Spot number 1! ,OH, and thanks for adding number 6.


      • You should totally ask for a giveaway copy with every request to review! Take note… Ok, forget it, I’m going to send out a vibe and see if the publisher will contact ME. I know I’m not YOU, but who knows, maybe if I ask nicely they could send me a copy! lol


  8. Thanks for sharing this. I didn’t know that the illustrator wanted another job! Hopping on, Cheryl, Hop Hostess.


    • Glad you’re hopping took you here. Glad you stopped. Sometimes I think about how different my life would be if I had taken different opportunities that I passed up. I cannot imagine not knowing who I know or doing what I do. All of my life might have been different, if only one path was taken instead of passed by. It feels more strange than anything. Thanks for getting me thinking about this. 😦

      It is good to “see” you again Cheryl. When am I going to read another wonderful book of yours? Take care while you hop, the road could get bumpy. 😀


  9. Good to know they’ve brought out this anthology. Belgium was actually a leader in the comic book scene and comic book art until the 1970s. The Adventures of Tintin and Lucky Luke were among the cartoon series by Belgians which became known worldwide as well as the Smurfs.


    • You seem to know a lot about comics. I think you would enjoy this anthology and the second one that will complete the series. Thanks for stopping by. I do appreciate every comment.


  10. I remember Smufs from when I was little – I had no idea that they started as comics, or that they were 3 apples high. Thanks for the review! I stopped by from Kid Lit Blog Hop.


    • I had no idea they were three apples high, and Eric said they are one apple high, or less. BUt he is a kid, not around in the 80’s, so it must be three apples high. The marketing manager for the publisher stated they were three apples high. Who really knows? Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the comment.


    • There will be a total of two anthologies and once they are published. Every one of the Smurf comics will be available in the order they were published, plus back stories. If you are a fan you will love these two books. I think they are really geared more toward adults who loved the Smurfs in the 80’s. Enjoy!


  11. Sounds like so much fun! I love hearing the stories behind the stories. If he had become a dental assistant, maybe the Smurfs would have been a side project and they would have lived in teeth instead of the forest 😉 Thanks for once again hosting with us 🙂


  12. Well, I was a huge Smurf fan as a kid, I even drew them quite well many moons ago. I think I would really enjoy this anthology, especially since I never really knew how it all began. Thanks for linking it in to the Kid Lit Blog Hop. Another truly unique read, cheers Julie


    • I had no idea how tall they are. But the editor of Papercutz (is Jesse editor or marketer?) said in an email that they stand three apples high. He never said what kind of apple, so maybe he is referring to those tiny apples (I just ate some but have no idea what they are called), and you are thinking of a granny smith – in actuality they end up the same height. Maybe?


      • Mr. Post is a marketing director. I just checked. 🙂 I’ve seen them carry things about the size of an apple that are slightly smaller than them. And walnuts are about the size of their head… Hmm…


    • Maybe it’s an evolutionary change!? Or maybe they were using crab apples?


    • Real? Have you ever seen a real smurf? Not one on TV or in a book, but a real, living, breathing, smiling, blue-faced smurf? They are only three apples high. During a bad harvest that could be quite small indeed! 😀


  13. Fascinating review. I didn’t even know that Smurfs were 3 apples high. Or that they were anything besides cartoons. I was also not a huge fan back then. But this looks like a beautiful book for a whole new set of fans.


    • I had no idea they only stoof 3 apples high, either. I think this book is really more for adults. The more I think of this I wish I’d have said this in the review. Not that kids won’t like it.


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