#347 – Draw the Magic Red Fairy by Rosa M. Curto

Draw the Magic Red Fairy Cover//

Draw the Magic Red Fairy

by Rosa M. Curto

Enslow Elementary

5 Stars


Back Cover:  The red fairy loves to watch her flowers bloom!  Learn to create your own fairy world by following easy step-by-step directions.  In Draw the Magic Red Fairy, you can draw tasty cookies, colorful beetles, pretty dresses and parasols, fun fairy friends, and much more.  Let your imagination fly!!

What Kids Will Learn

Draw the Magic Red Fairy is a systematic drawing lesson.  Beginning with simple shapes—circle, triangle, square—, kids will learn how to draw simple objects such as cookies, hearts, gingerbread men, and various types of bread loaves, and cushions.  These are the simple items every fairy needs in her fairy-home.

Next, items that are more complex by adding those simple shapes together are taught.  Fairies need the gardening tools, wheelbarrows, pots, and flowers combining one or two simple shapes will make.

Even more complex objects—dresses and parasols—combine the beginning shapes with ovals and curves to make the comfortable dresses and the sun-shading parasols all fairies need.  Beetles, most with bright cheerful eyes and six legs, mushroom and fruit of various types, and colorful fish, including the clownfish, are the next things kids will learn to draw.  Each of these items is important to one of the fairies in Draw the Magic Red Fairy.

Magic Red Fairy edited_edited-1

Finally, the most important lesson is learning how to draw the fairies.  Included in Draw the Magic Red Fairy are the Fairy of Small Spells, Fairy Valerie, Fairy Annabelle, and, of course, the Red Fairy.  To get from one far place to another, the fairies need some kind of transport vehicle.  For long trips, fairies get around the same way as humans—they fly!  Okay, not exactly like humans.  Fairies do not take off their shoes and go through security or get into a jumbo jet or a 747.  Fairies fly by eagle!  Kids will learn how to draw Eddie the Eagle, the fairy transport vehicle for long distances.

The author has also included a spread showing kids how changing just the eyes, or nose, or mouth can give them a completely different face. Then she shows them how to draw and make garlands and lamps.  I suppose fairies might use these for parties.

Magic Red Fairy face changes edit

My Thoughts

Draw the Magic Red Fairy does a great job showing kids how to take simple objects they know how to draw and put them together to make objects that are more complicated.  These building blocks are the basis for every illustration ever drawn.  Getting this concept firmly attached inside the right side of a kid’s brain will help them be better artists for their own enjoyment and may possibly lay an egg for a career in art.

I like this series.  It is fun and easy to learn.  The concept of learning to draw simple objects and then using those to draw more complicated is a theory that I learned in my college level art course.  It is amazing what someone with no art talent can draw after getting this theory of simple shapes onto simple shapes into the right side of her brain. (click on sticky)


The Draw the Magic Fairy series also includes Draw the Blue Fairy, Draw the Pink Fairy, and Draw the Green Fairy.  Any kid can take these books and learn how to draw.  This obviously includes boys, but I think girls will be more drawn to this series.  Ms. Curto is also the author of another new drawing series called the Fun and Easy Drawing.  This series will probably suit boys better than Draw the Magic Fairy.  The latter series includes Fun and Easy Drawing at Sea, . . . Fantasy Characters, and . . . on the Farm.  I think The Draw the Magic Fairy is the easiest way to learn, sans natural talent and kids will have fun using this series to learn.

Both of Ms. Curto’s Drawing Series      Win $100 Enslow Books (drawn monthly) 

Draw the Magic Red Fairy

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Enslow Elementary    website   blog    facebook    twitter

Released June 2013

ISBN:  978-1-4644-0477-1

36 pages

Ages: 5 to 8


© 2013 by Enslow Elementary, used with permission

Text & Illustrations:  Copyright © 2013 by Rosa M Curto

Enslow Elementary is an imprint of Enslow Publishing



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12 thoughts on “#347 – Draw the Magic Red Fairy by Rosa M. Curto

  1. Well, these look like a nifty set of books! I don’t think that they will help my artistic skills, but I know some kids who might get something from them! thanks for sharing!


    • Rhythm, you should give a try. Maybe start with bone and bowl shapes, maybe a stick. Think of all you could make from just those three shapes. Please, do, because I can’t think of anything. 😆 Oh, add a ball and you could make an alien. (ball=head, slick-body, bone-arms, bowl=base)!! See, you could do it. Hey, if I could do it any dog could, uh, not what I meant. Just try it! And let me know how well you draw.

      But, yes, any kid you work with or run into will most likely like these how-to-draw books. 🙂


    • Thanks. A ferris wheel sounds so ambitious. I could not image having the patience or skill to make something like that. Wait, who made this? Cupcake or Genevieve? Together maybe. 😀 It must have taken quite a bit of skill to make something like that. So you teach art?


      • Cupcake wasn’t born when I was in college.She breaks things more than she makes things! I made the ferris wheel all myself. I was not an art teacher. I was an early childhood major and taught 3rd and 4th graders for 35 years. I didn’t put a motor on the ferris wheel, but it was able to spin by hand. The teacher kept it. Cupcake always signs her comments, so you can tell if it’s her or me. 🙂 Are you an art teacher? You have skills!!


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