#355 – Lucky Bamboo Book of Crafts by Jennifer DeCristoforo

lucky bamboo//


Lucky Bamboo Book of Crafts

by Jennifer DeCristoforo

5 Stars


Back Cover:  Created for all ages, this unique book s your gateway to teach and share Chinese culture, art and craft through hands-on projects.  You’ll be inspired by these traditional and contemporary craft designs and enjoy learning about China’s history and traditions all in one book!

First Sentence:  The ancient land of China located in Asia is the world’s third largest country ad has more than 5000 years of rich history.

What it is About:  Lucky Bamboo is full of crafts for every age, plus interesting tidbits about China and the Chinese people.  A combination craft book and history book, children and parents will find many projects that will teach both about the richness that existed and still eists in China.  Beginning with traditional Chinese Art, Lucky Bamboo then goes into holidays and festivals, performance and dance, folk games and toys, and finally some simple Asian crafts that can be finished quickly.  The author also includes loads of templates and a huge section of resources.


What I Thought:  Lucky Bamboo is new to me.  I am not that crafty, limiting my expertise (said with a laugh) to ceramics.  This book is loaded with some many crafts I think it would take a year or more to complete every one.  I love the Chinese symbols that run down the side boarder.  They represent words related to the section.  I think the Dragon Puppet is good.  It reminds me of the parades in New York’s Chinatown.

The steps to the crafts are well-written and easy to follow.  An introductory paragraph gives some history of the craft and then a list of materials, many of which can be found around most homes.  Color pictures show exactly what to do, and how the craft should look at each stage.  Kids could do a great majority of these on their own, though the younger the child the more supervision will be needed.

inside cover and pockets project

Lucky Bamboo Book of Crafts is a fun book of Chinese history and lore, with loads of projects for every occasion and time of year.  The full-color book is a spiral bound book with thick pages that will stand up to little hands.  There are even pockets made into each inside cover to hold current materials of whatever you fancy.

Anyone who has an interest in China and Chinese culture will love this book.  I do not know that much about China’s history, but I will make a bet that the author has left little, if anything, out of her beautifully crafted book.  One look at the book will show you this.  I am shocked a publisher has not offered a contract for this book.


Lucky Bamboo Book of Crafts is a gorgeous collection with easy instructions to over 100 projects.  This kid-friendly book has been crafted with love which shows on each page.  Girl and Boy Scout troops and other groups will find so much practical use and great fun in Lucky Bamboo.  With art instruction ripped from elementary and middle school curriculums, this is the perfect book to show your child how to make a cool project while learning a new culture.


Lucky Bamboo Book of Crafts

b1by Jennifer DeCristoforo    website    blog    facebook    twitter

Released 2013

ISBN:  978-0-9884648-0-3

136 pages

Ages: all


Text & Illustrations:  Copyright © 2013 by Jennifer DeCristoforo, used with permission




7 thoughts on “#355 – Lucky Bamboo Book of Crafts by Jennifer DeCristoforo

  1. The book looks Fantastic! I love crafting with my kids, and adds so much to the experin know about the history behind a craft. The layout in the book looks great!


  2. This books looks amazing. Even just from your review, I also can’t believe a publisher hasn’t snatched this up. I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Would be a great addition to any homeschool library!
    Thanks for linking up to Booknificent Thursday! Hope to see you again this week!
    Tina from mommynificent.com


    • I am not sure if there is one, or if this is an example of what the inside pockets could be used for. My review copy was of only the book. But it is a nice, large, high production value book. It would make a nice present, indeed. Nice to see you again, Reshama!

      How do I comment on your blog?


    • This is an amazingly nice looking book, especially for a self-published book. The pictures are all glossy, the binding is nice. Just wonderful. The author put in her all and tehn some. What craft do you think you would like to make?

      Off subject – I saw a dog bone making oven the other day. $19.95 at Rite Aide – “As Seen on T.V.” Looked pretty cool.


      • “crafts” are pretty difficult when you don’t have thumbs. I can paint. And I’m a good admirer of others work. A dog bone oven huh? Interesting. We’ll have to look into that one! Thanks!


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