When Authors Play, pt. 2 by Diane Robinson

Kid Lit Reviews once again welcomes children’s author Diane Robinson.  Ms. Robinson’s fantasy series, The Pen Pieyu Adventures, book 2, Princess Petra’s Talent, releases on September 24, 2013. You can pre-order the book at Amazon as of September 14th.  And beginning on release day, Diane will be touring the blogosphere stopping to visit at least 21 wonderful blogsters between September 24th and October 8th.  But right now, Ms. Robinson has a response, of sorts, to a genius report, read here, posted here just a few days ago.

Creativity In The Forest

Creating, imagining, daydreaming, and writing in the forest is one of my favorite summer pastimes.  I imagine all sorts of fantasy creatures and then, just as I nearly catch a glimpse of them, they run and hide behind the trees, giggling at me and my human eyes that can’t quite focus on them.

The forest is my inspiration for my writing about the fantasy characters that are featured in my fantasy/adventure children’s books series (book two coming soon).

As I imagine and daydream, the trees turn into faces and then materialize as full bodies.  They start to laugh and dance and turn into fantasy characters doing all sorts of things (of course this is just the wind shape-shifting my perception, but we’re in creative mode, right?)

This creative process was how Snarls, the dragon, and Petra, the princess knight, were created several years ago–they are the characters in The Pen Peiyu Adventures.  And still, years later when I look at the same tree formations I first saw them in, they are still etched into the bark of their tree homes.

Can you spot the dragon guarding my horses?

Through the years, and with lots of practice at creative imagining,
I’ve trained my human eyes to be more perceptive to the forest and the fantasy characters that live within it.  I see gnomes, fairies, witches, princesses, giants, and of course, a dragon.  Creativity is a training process.  The same process occurs when we stare into the clouds and make pictures.

I’m often asked at author visits how I get into creative mode.  Well, creating characters within the barks and leaves of the trees is definitely a creative process for me. But what of those who don’t have a forest?

dmr combo 715I have suggestions.

–  Listen to music, especially classical music, to get your right brain stimulated–scientists have proven this.

–  Write and doodles with the opposite hand you usually write or doodle with.

–  Do an art project. I am an artist, so I paint while listening to music. This really stirs up my creative juices    and I can write wonderful things after a session of art.

– Meditate or deep breathing with your eyes closed for at least 20 minutes.

– Dress in a costume relevant to what you are writing about.

– Dance nude under the moonlight. Okay, this one I don’t suggest if you live in a town or city. (Okay, I’ve never done this, but my writer friend swears by it).

#1 Suggestion that guarantees a NY Times Bestseller?   Ride a unicorn in an enchanted forest until  fanciful characters race behind you like the wind, trying their darndest to get in the story you don’t even know you are about to write – but they do.  So listen with your heart, write with unabashed zeal, and be careful of fire-breathing dragons.***

This is me in my creative forest.

dmr4 715

Visit my author’s website: http://www.dragonsbook.com

Visit my author’s really cool blog:  http://www.dianemaerobinson.com

View the original post AND COMMENT here:  http://www.dianemaerobinson.com/2013/05/creativity-in-forest.html



***NY Bestseller suggestion is not Diane’s original work.  No, no, no.  It belongs to me, the KLR cat burglar.  he-he!

11 thoughts on “When Authors Play, pt. 2 by Diane Robinson

    • ‘Thanks, Erik. At least one reviewer, that’s you and not Sue, appreciates my effort to get into character of my story’s theme.
      Read what she said in her Full Disclosure. She called me a Fairy-Tender of all things!


      • Is that a bad thing? It means thatg you can send the bad fairies to Ms. Morris’ House and steal her cats (and terrorize her and the mice certainly living in her house)! Plus she said that she won’t, at all, say one nice thing about your book. Hmm… That’s just not nice. You’re a great author! She should be fired from her job of reading/reviewing! >:o(


  1. I admire those with a vivid imagination! I believe Diane’s enchanted forest is just north of mine. I haven’t seen any unicorns yet but there’s Bigfoots and talking wolves and such. Looking forward to reading the new book!


    • Um, Lobo, uh, how do I say this, Diane has a horrible imagination. Just retchid!

      All those creatures are native to her country, once brought over by her long ago relatives, in fact. I thought she was just nuts, but the creatures are real.

      I heard one of them, a little princess, actually wrote the new book. The title was, from what I heard, a bribe to keep the secret. I am wondering if maybe the dragon wrote the first one. He was the main protagonist and then became a good guy once a rock was moved. Who ever heard of such a thing? Bt the world, the literary world, is not ready for creature-authors. The book tours would be nearly impossible to keep orderly. Remember,
      I don’t want this getting out and coming back to bite me in the butt. Dragons do bite and so do some of those gnomes she has.


      • Hmmm, my dragon, Snarls, was just telling me that Sue was telling people that my princess or my dragon may or may not have written my books. How preposterous. As if dragons can type.

        What’s that you say, Snarls? Oh, you want to go visit Sue and have some baloney?

        Okay, sure, go ahead. She always has baloney.


    • That is TERRIFIC! Starting September 24th, the day her new book is released, Kid Lit Reviews is hosting a book blog tour. You will be able to read all about Ms. Robinson everyday from September 24th to October 8th in reviews, interviews, Book Blasts, and in Giveaways! . Thanks for giving me the opportunity to plug this book tour. (If interested, contact me.)

      I know Diane would love you. She loves dogs and has a bunch of her own. That is what a group of dogs is called, right, a “bunch of.” Well, she does, plus horses and who know what else. I think you can have anything you want on your own land in Canada, which explains the gnomes and fairies and even a dragon. The dragon loves dogs, too. :lol:.


  2. That’s some “Full Disclosure” you have there. And I can;t wait for your “pure baloney review”. I like baloney. How come you are teasing me about my outfit? Isn’t that the kind of thing you wear? In the forest?


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