#364 – Molly Goes to Preschool by Cynthia Andrews


Molly Goes to Preschool

by Cynthia Andrews

Floyd Yamyamin, illustrator

Author House

3 Stars

SHORT REVIEW (click here)

Back Cover:  Three-year-old Molly goes to preschool for the first time.  She is a little scared to be away from her mommy, but with the help of her teachers and new friends, she enjoys the fun activities in the classroom and outside playground.  Every preschool child can relate to the first day fears as they identify with the children in the story.

First Sentence:  Molly was going to her first day of preschool.

About the Story:  Molly enters the preschool classroom for the first time, holding her mommy’s hand.  One little girl was crying, afraid to go in the room without her mommy.  Molly thought she might feel scared too.  A teacher shows them where to place Molly’s things and invites them to look around.  Molly goes to the child-sized kitchen and makes her mother breakfast.  Rosa soon joins in and Molly has made her first preschool friend.  Mommy soon leaves and Molly is a bit unsure, but Rosa helped her through it.  The teacher then sang to the class, officially starting the morning.

The children listen to a story and song about a fish, have a snack, play outside, and have free time.  Molly uses the time to paint a fish and play with the wooden blocks.  Miss Tina, one of the teachers began singing the clean-up song and Molly’s mommy came back to pick up Molly.  Molly’s first day of preschool was a success.


What I Thought:  Molly Goes to Preschool tells us about a day in the life of preschooler, Molly, who is attending for the first time.  We do not know much about Molly except that she might be feeling scared and kept a tight hold of her mommy’s hand.  The day moves swiftly from one activity to another.  There are no conflicts to overcome, no real ways to change.  The ten pages of actual story is crammed with text; much too much text for a picture book.  A normal 32-page picture book for preschoolers rarely has more than 500 words.  Molly Goes to Preschool’s ten pages have 1026 words.  If it were thirty-two pages the word count would crash at 4214 words.

The dialogue rule stating one must start a new paragraph with each new speaker is broken throughout the story.  On page three, the one paragraph switched speakers seven times, making it difficult to read the dialogue or read-aloud.


Paragraphs are not indented and have a white space between them.  Many self-published books use this accepted Internet style of writing instead of switching gears to author mode and the standard book format of using indents to identify a new paragraph.

I did not like the narrator announcing each of the ten children’s name—“six girls and four boys”—midway into the book, especially since Molly only interacted with three of the girls.  The narrator ran through the day’s activities like a sportscaster.  “Tell” easily defeated “Show.”


The illustrations are nice.  They remind me of snapshots the way each takes up the same amount of space in the book, placed in the same spot, and always in the same rectangular-shape.  Two girls, one at each end of the story, cry for their mommy.  Neither girl is main character Molly.  All the other characters carry a similar smile throughout the pages.

Children may relate to the activities these characters play, but the story lacks most everything writing needs to be a story.  Unfortunately, it’s back to the writing room for Molly Goes to Preschool.

Short Review (click here)


Molly Goes to Preschool

by Cynthia Andrews    website       facebook

Floyd Yamyamin, illustrator    website

Author House (SP)    website    blog

Released October 17, 2012

ISBN: 978-1-4772-7894-9

16 Pages

Ages: 3 to 5


© 2012 by Cynthia Andrews, used with permission

Text:  Copyright © 2012 by ynthia Andrews

Illustrations:  Copyright © 2012 by Floyd Yamyamin & Thinkstock



Molly goes to preschool

10 thoughts on “#364 – Molly Goes to Preschool by Cynthia Andrews

  1. This may be odd, but here goes. This is a reply to EVERYONE who kindly commented. I read on the author’s site–after posting this–that her reviews were similar to this one. She said she learned a lot from the reviews and making changes in her writing.

    Each of you made good observations, like you usually do.

    Rhythm, your sympathy for Molly is just like you — kind and considerate. One giant bone for you!
    Cupcake, my other canine friend, “Yikes” is the perfect one word review. Very good. A nice bright red ball for you!
    Erik, I love you generosity of spirit and your thoughts on the review itself is, well, perfect. haha
    Diane, I hope the author takes your suggestions. You could be a writing instructor. hehe (she is now)
    Rhythm and Cupcake’s human pals, thanks for regularly bringing your puppy companion here. Do either of you know a kittie mommy that would stop by? Just trying to be an equal opportunity blog.

    Molly Goes to Preschool is Cynthia Andrews’ debut.


  2. The concept for the story is a great idea, and children just beginning preschool would probably like this read to them. The author may want to do some re-writing and get this story to be its best.


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