#365 – The Smurfs #15: The Smurflings by Peyo

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The Smurfs #15: The Smurflings

by Peyo


5 Stars

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Back Cover:  Back off, BOOGLOOBOO!  Someone’s knocking at the door—AND THEY”RE COMING IN!  Things are crazier than ever in the Smurf Village, especially when the Smurflings appear!  And what about the Smurfette?  She’s upset that she doesn’t have a fellow female Smurf to be her friend.  Well, the Smurflings have a plan to fix that, but it involves Gargamel!  Then . . . whoever can open the mysterious medallion on Puppy’s collar will be his master—even Gargamel! And . . . when the Little Ghosts are in trouble, Puppy and the Smurfs run to help them!  Finally . . . the Smurfs solve the problem of dealing with a great big pesky bird, by sending it off to Gargamel!

First Sentence:  Day is breaking over the Smurf Village.

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About the Story:  The Smurflings is a graphic novel with four stories in this fifteenth edition.  The main story is The Smurflings and how they came into existence.  It all starts when the Smurf band begins practice and the noise, eh hem, the music blasts through Papa Smurf’s lab knocking his sandglass out of his hands.  Now on several pieces, the sandglass can no longer tell Papa Smurf the correct time to add the next chemical.  He guesstimates—wrong!—and blows up his laboratory.  Papa Smurf sends three Smurfs:  Snappy, Natural, and Slouchy to Father Time’s for a new sandglass.

Father Time is not home so the young Smurfs look around.  Natural notices the butterfly has gone inside the grandfather clock’s case and the three smurfs enter to get her out.  The case locks!  The clock’s hands run backwards!  The clock’s case opens . . . and out stumble three Smurflings and a caterpillar. The three now tiny Smurflings disrupt the Smurf concert with their own little band, decide to help Smurfette, who is alone and lonely being the only female Smurf, rob Gargamel, aggravate Papa Smurf, gently take on other Smurfs with their “younger” ways, and generally cause mayhem and fun.

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In Puppy and the Smurfs, Puppy wandering away from home and finding his way to Smurf Village, where no one but Papa Smurf has ever seen a dog.  “A MONSTER!” yells a Smurf.  Listening to a spooky story the night before does not help the Smurfs’ reactions.  Now, what will the Smurfs do with a giant—to their eyes—dog in the village?

The Smurfs and the Little Ghosts begins with Gargamel and his cat, Azrael scaring the Little Ghosts out of their home at the abbey ruins.  Gargamel believes he can find a treasure left behind by the monks.  The Little Ghosts end up at Smurf Village and, after a short scare, the Smurfs help the Little Ghosts reclaim their home.  Puppy leads the attack.

Last but not less funny is The Smurfs and the Booglooboo.  A flying monster tears into Smurf Village.  It rips into Papa Smurf’s roof, chases Dopey Smurf, and leaves two giant footprints for the curious Smurfs.  The flying monster continues on to Gargamel’s home where it makes a nest in his chimney, waking the evil villain in the process.  Gargamel spends the day trying to get rid of the monster, but it is not an equal confrontation.  Inside the nest is an egg, ready to crack at any moment.  A couple of Smurfs notices the ruckus and tries to help . . . but whom do they help, Gargamel an evil villain who hates all things Smurf, or a giant flying monster?

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What I Think:  I have come to enjoy these Smurfy stories and the fifteenth edition is one of the funniest thus far.  You can read reviews of The Smurf Anthology #1 HERE, and Benny Breakiron #1: The Red Taxis—a new Peyo comic—HERE.  To introduce the Smurflings, Peyo used a back in time “spell” that does not reverse itself, creating three Smurfs only two apples high.  Normal Smurf height is a TALL three apples high.  The Smurflings clothes are terrific and a great way of instantly telling them apart from the traditional adult Smurfs.  I like “giant” Puppy.  Standing next to and over a Smurf, Puppy is an illustration of the true size of these tiny Smurfs.  It was fun watching the Smurfs crawl on Puppy and learning about unconditional love.  The Smurfs, except one, instantly love Puppy once they realize he is not a monster.

Gargamel is a terrific villain.  Instead of a wild beast, or a dragon, or some other terrifying beast for a pet, Gargamel’s pet is a cat named Azrael.  For her part, Azrael does not like her master and frequently hides from him.  In the Booglooboo story, Azrael, disguised as a small black demon, complete with a skull head, helps his identically outfitted master find the abbey treasure.  This is the first time I have seen humans in a Smurf story.  All of the new characters are hilarious and I loved it when the Smurfs thought these new characters were something that they were not.  A good lesson in not judging a book by its cover, or a person by the clothes she wears.


The illustrations are typical Peyo.  The Smurfs have on their traditional white and blue outfits—except the Smurflings—and the Smurf Village is still clean, and Papa Smurf’s Laboratory blows up, right on cue!  This edition has lots of color breaking up the traditional blue and white Smurf palate Peyo used.  Sassette makes her debut, thanks to the Smurflings and a Gargamel spell.  The Smurfs are one of the best and well-loved G-Rated graphic novels for kids.  The Smurflings is cute, wildly humorous, and all Smurfy.

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The Smurfs #15: The Smurflings

by Peyo     website    bio

Papercutz    website    blog    facebook    twitter

Released May 14, 2013

ISBN:  978-1-59707-407-0

56 Pages

Ages 7 and up


© 2013 by Papercutz, used with permission

Text & Illustrations:  Copyright © 1959-1972 by Peyo

Distributed by MacMillan






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