#369-370 – Hide and Seek & Wiggle! by Taro Gomi

hide and seekHide and Seek


by Taro Gomi

Chronicle Books

4 Stars


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Back Covers:  A raccoon’s striped tail—or a sock?  A bird’s beak—or a baseball cap?  In this playful book from acclaimed author and illustrator Taro Gomi, all kinds of unexpected things are disguised in colorful hidden pictures.  Young readers will delight in discovering funny objects hiding in plain sight.  —Hide and Seek 

Wiggle your fingers through the holes to help the cat balance with its tail, the elephant swing its trunk, and the snake its rattles.  With bold colors and simple words acclaimed author and illustrator Taro Gomi shows toddlers how reading and playing go hand in hand!  Wiggle


Hide and Seek:  This board book for young children has several colorful creatures hiding an everyday object.  The child is to find which animal is hiding the item and where is it hidden.  First, there is a question to read.  Which raccoon hides a sock?  Looking to the right side of the spread, all of the raccoons look the same.  They are brown with masked eyes and long, flat tails with banding from the rear to the tip of the tail.  The raccoons all look alike.

High and Seek spread 1

Whoa!  Wait a minute.  I see it now!  The second raccoon from the top has blue stripes, just like the striped sock, making it different!  That raccoon is hiding the sock I was seeking.  Hide and Seek combines an activity with reading.  This is the start of a lifelong love of reading.

I think this is a fun board book.  Hide and Seek will keep little children busy as they try to find the items cleverly hidden on an animal.  Young children will love searching the animals to find the hidden items, which are not easy to find.  The animals hide the items in areas on their body that are similar in shape to the item.  Children will need to pay attention to the details.  The difference could be one color or a shape that has changed for the item to fit.

Ms. Gomi has hidden one other thing that perceptive children will pick up much faster than this clumsy reviewer.  The first spread contains two roosters, the next three crocodiles, then four raccoons, five giraffes, continuing until the last spread has twelve children, one of which is hiding a fork and spoon.  Hide and Seek is now a counting game!  Children will learn how to focus their attention to one detail in order to answer each question.  I think this will help kids notice the world around them and the differences it holds.  If they are very good at observing, they will catch on to the animals increasing by one as they turn the page.

Wiggle Spread 2

Wiggle!: In this board book, several animals are missing some important part of their anatomy.  Using a finger, it is the child’s job to become that missing part and complete the animal.  Each spread contains a statement that will tell the child what to do.  The deer bucks his antlers.  The pictured deer cannot buck his antlers because he is missing antlers.  Ah ha!  There is a hole right where the antlers should be.  If I put my finger through that hole, I can become the antlers.  All I have to do is buck them, just like a deer.

Wiggle will bring giggles into the house, as your child becomes part of an animal.  The board book has a circle cut through the entire book.  Inside, that circle matches up to a missing part on each animal.  Kids must replace that part, such as a tail, trunk, or tongue.  I think toddlers will love playing with this book.  The unique board book makes the young child part of the illustration.  It is sure to produce lot of giggles when they wiggle their fingers to replace beaks, fangs, and noses among other animal parts.


Both Hide and Seek and Wiggle have bright colors beautifully used in the illustrations.  In addition, the board books have thick pages perfect for little hands.  They can turn the pages easier, with less chance of tearing it.  The hole in Wiggle will make an easy carrying handle, though this is not the intent.  The books are six inches square, small enough for little hands, and big enough to illustrate animals children will enjoy.

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Hide and Seek & Wiggle!

by Taro Gomi    website    blog    facebook    twitter

Chronicle Books    website    blog    facebook    twitter

Both Release August 2013

ISBN: Wiggle: 978-1-4521-0836-0 — Hide and Seek:  978-1-4521-0840-7

Pages: Wiggle: 16 — Hide and Seek: 22

Ages:  infant to 2


© 2013 by Chronicle Books, use with permission

Text & Illustrations:  Copyright © 2013 by Taro Gomi






Taro Gomi

13 thoughts on “#369-370 – Hide and Seek & Wiggle! by Taro Gomi

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    • Then these are books for you! 🙂 If you work with toddlers, this are great books for them. Keeps them busy, helps their reading skills, and adds additional interaction with you.

      I love puzzles and games, too. But a couple of these stumped me! I could have used your help. 😀


  2. I just saw Hide and Seek at a friend’s house and thought it looked very cool. I love reading Taro Gomi’s work. I reviewed Bus Stops on my blog not too long ago. We really liked that one a lot.


    • This is the first I have seen of Taro’s and really like Hide and Seek. I’ll have to pop over and read your review. Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see yo again. 🙂


    • Hi Cupcake, you made it out of the short review for this one. Boy, you should be in Hide and Seek! Maybe the illustrator could use a jumping rope? Still too short? I suppose your human person has no need for a leash. 😆


    • Hello! You’ve popped up from the underground of the short review. ❗

      Noticing the difference in pictures is a good reading skill for pre-readers? I never knew that. Thanks, now I’ll know what to say if I get another board book similar to these. 😉


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