#381 – GQ GQ. Where Are You? by Sharon I. Ritt

GQ GQ Where Are You Cover..

GQ GQ. Where Are You?: Adventures of a Gambel’s Quail

by Sharon I. Ritt

Nadia Komorova, illustrator

Little Five Star

4 Stars


Back Cover:  Georgy, or “GQ” as he is often called, is a curious Gambel’s quail.  He ventures out to look for playmates and explore the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona.  GQ sees man interesting plants and animals on his adventure, but soon decides the best place to be id home.  read or sing along to the tune of “Frère Jacques” with the enclosed CD as you follow GQ on his journey!

Opening:  His name is Georgy but was often called “GQ” just for fun.  Just for fun.  He is a young Gambel’s quail who lives in Arizona in the desert.  In the desert.

About the Story:  GQ GQ Where Are You is about a young Gambel’s quail who decides to go out looking for friends in his Sonoran Desert neighborhood.  He travels a far way away from home and finds himself among all sorts of plants and animals found in the desert.  GQ plays with doves and Cardinals near the cacti.  Under a purple sage, he takes an afternoon nap before creeping away from a coyote and a rattlesnake.  He looks for friends all day long and then heads back home.

GQ Where Are You 3

What I Thought:   GQ GQ Where Are You is a nice nature story for a young child.  The little quail heads out walking a long way looking for friends.  GQ makes friends and plays with the doves and cardinals, but not much of anything else.  I would have liked him to have meet more friends, since that was what his quest was about.  GQ does go past—and sometimes uses—several plants.  He plays on the cacti with the doves and cardinals; walks past brittlebush and prickly pears; and eats the fruit off the cacti in bloom.

For a nature walk through the Sonoran Desert, young children see a few of the plants and animals that live there, but as for GQ finding many friends, children will be disappointed.  The illustrations are realistic.  Each plant and animal is drawn as one would find it in the desert, making this a nice guide for children.  In the back of the book there is a short guide to all the plants and animals in the story, with nice illustrations of each.  Also included is a CD with the author singing a sing-along version of the story to the tune of Frère Jacques.  The author also narrates the story giving children three distinct mediums for hearing about GQ’s adventure.  I think children will love the sing-along and the narration.  Both are well done.

GQ Where Are You 2

GQ GQ Where Are You is a cute, well-made multi-media event for young children. GQ is not a character children will attach to, given the limited amount of details about him.  Yet, GQ is a nice guide through the desert.  The best part of the story is GQ finding his way back home, settling in, and looking quite content to be home.  The guide in the back may be more informative to parents and older kids than the intended reader, but it is interesting and fills out this multi-immersion story quite well.  I think children will enjoy the story, mostly as the sing-along, meaning parents will not need to read the story over and over, though doing so is a pleasant experience.


GQ GQ. Where Are You?: Adventures of a Gambel’s Quail

by Sharon I. Ritt    website    blog    facebook    twitter

Nadia Komorova, illustrator    website    blog    facebook    twitter

Little Five Star   website    blog    facebook    twitter

Released August 2013

ISBN:  978-1-58985-223-5

40 pages

Ages:  3 to 6


© 2013 by Little Five Star, used with permission

Text:  Copyright © 2013 by Sharon I. Ritt

Illustrations:  Copyright © 2013 by Nadia Komorova

Little Five Star is an imprint of Five Star Publications

Also available as an ebook:  978-1-58985-224-2





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