#384 – Too Much Glue by Jason Lefebvre

image002Too Much Glue

by Jason Lefebvre

Zac Retz, illustrator

Flashlight Press

5 Stars


Inside Jacket:  Although his teacher has warned him that “too much glue never dries,” Matty loves glue.  One day during art, he searches for the fullest glue bottles in the classroom and the fun begins . . .

With a squish and a plop Matty pours a gluey lake, and—Geronimo!—belly flops into the middle.  Unfortunately he hasn’t thought things through, and now he’s stuck in the gloppy gloop.  His classmates try to get him out, but—Boing!  Creak!  Kaboom!—the sticky mess only grows.

Ever the creative thinker, Matty notices his hyperventilating teacher and whispers an idea to his friends.  Will his plan work or will Matty be a “blucky stucky glue boy” for the rest of his life?

 Opening:  Our art teacher says, “Too much glue never dries.”  She reminds us, “Glue raindrops, not puddles!”  And she warns me, “Matty, too much glue!”

About the Story:   Matty loves glue.  He comes by that love naturally, as he and his dad make things from glue all the time and mom, well, she is too happy to help them out.  Matty’s art teacher feels differently about glue.  She thinks it is best used sparingly and, before the projects begin, reminds the class and Matty in particular.

Matty does not have his listening ears on today.  He grabs all the fullest glue bottles and squeezes all the glue on top of a table.  With the glue and several art objects floating in a puddle on the table, Matty climbs atop another table.  He leaps, arms stretched out —Wham!—Matty lands on top of the gluey mess.  His fun is short lived when Matty realizes he cannot get up out of the gluey mess he has made.  With the teacher nearly fainting, and a nurse unable to help, Matty’s classmates try to get him free from his gluey prison.  Will Matty get free or become an art object on display?


What I Thought:  The first time I saw the cover I knew I had to review this book.  Thankfully, Flashlight Press agreed to send me a copy and it is better in person.  Way better!  I think Too Much Glue is fantastic!  The beautifully rendered illustrations are on glossy paper that is thick, making it difficult for little fingers to tear a page.  The illustrations are hilarious.  The color runs from one edge to the other.  The point of view and the angles change giving the reader different views of Matty and his situation.  There he is plopping the glue onto the tabletop.  Now he is lying flat on top of all that gluey mess while we watch him squirm from our seat on the ceiling.  All we see of the others are the top of their head as they look at Matty flustered and concerned over how to free their free-spirit classmate.  Then we are eye level with Matty, who has found a way to sit up.  Wait, something is wrong.  His classmates and their teacher all look horrified!  Matty cannot get off the table.  The glue continues holding him captive!

How can you not laugh at those scenes?  The author uses words that immediately tell you the tone has changed, the mood has shifted, and the outcome might be bad for Matty.  You can visualize all of this happening without the illustrations, but with the illustrations, it is a farcical romp into the land of slapstick comedy.  I love this kind of no message, just for fun, picture book that brightens a child’s face each time they read it or have it read to them.  There is not a parent around who can read this without cracking a smile and maybe a giggle or two.  It is so much fun reading aloud SNAP!  CREAK!  CLICK!  or KABOOM!  Especially, KABOOM!


I have no doubt kids will love this picture book.  Too Much Glue will be an award-winning picture book by year’s end.  It is terrific fun.  This is a great read-aloud book for a story time, the new go-to book when needing a pick-me-up, and a story you so much want to duplicate but know the consequences would not be worth the laughs.  Too Much Glue is all that I thought it would be and more.  Any child between the age of 4 and 8 would love to receive Too Much Glue.  The story will delight you and the illustrations will kick up the laugh factor.  I guarantee, you will never look at or think about glue in the same way again once you’ve read Too Much Glue.  “I love picture books!”

see more art here:  http://zacretz.blogspot.com/


Too Much Glue

by Jason Lefebvre    facebook    goodreads    bio

Zac Retz, illustrator    blog    facebook    deviant art    pinterest    twitter

Flashlight Press    website    blog    facebook    twitter   pinterest

Released September 2013

ISBN:  978-1-9362612-7-7

32 pages

Age 4 to 8


© 2013 by Flashlight Press, used with permission

Text copyright © 2013 by Jason Lefebvre

Illustrations copyright © 2013 by Zac Retz





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13 thoughts on “#384 – Too Much Glue by Jason Lefebvre

    • You little berd! You beat me to the Carnivores. What am I gonna do with you! 😆 Love your review. Will link to it.

      This is a great book. I bet Jose can really relate to this kid. She is doing a super job in her art class. ❗


  1. I recently read this book, too 🙂 It’s a new release and still “face out” on Barnes’ shelves 🙂 The story is adorable and the artwork is SO well done—I only had a problem with some of them with the “bug eyes” that were more “scary” than funny. Great book overall though 🙂


    • This is the illustrator’s fi9rst children’s bok. I think he did a stupendous job. I saw this cover a while back and was so thrilled to find it in the mail. I bet Barnes and NObles keeps it face out for some time. At least until . . . (next week!)


    • That page was great. None of the adults know what to do. At what age do we forget what it is like to be a kid? Thank you, it was nice writing this review.

      I saw this cover months before it was to be released and immediately emailed the publisher to get a copy. They probably thought I was nuts asking so soon. I knew this would be a winner. I believe this is the illustrator’s first picture book.


  2. Your review had me glued to the page!! I’ve had my eye on this book – I guess I need to check it out. I encounter a lot of glue hogs at school. This would be a great read aloud on craft day! Thanks for sharing!


    • Glue hogs! Rhythm, what a thing to say about those adorable, fresh-faced students. This would make a great read alous, especially right before art period. They still have art, right? Music? P.E.? If you have a classroom and need books, send me an email.


  3. This book sounds like it was written for my son. He LOVES glue. I’m also a huge fan of Flashlight Press. Their books are wonderful.


    • FLASHLIGHT PRESS is terrific. They only publish three or four picture books a year (I think they only publish picture books), but they do a fantastic job with those books. I think every Flashlight Press Book released since I started this site has been reviewed here. They are great people to work with.

      When we were kids, glue was left to dry on the palm of our hand then we carefully took it off. I cannot remember what we did with the dried “skin” just that we did it. Ever do anything like that?

      Your son will LOVE this book. It is hilarious and the glue situation is very comical. All the adults are at a loss. Yep, he will laugh until his stomach hurts. Hope you are ready to read it over and over and over . . .


      • When I was a kid, I also used to put Elmers glue on the palm of my hand. 🙂 I’ll definitely pick up the book. Thank you!


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