#386 – The King of Little Things by Bil Leap

9781561457083The King of Little Things

by Bil Lepp

David T. Wenzel, illustrator

Peachtree Publishers

5 Stars


Inside Jacket:  In a long ago world of vast kingdoms lived the King of Little Things, who happily reigned over all things small.  He had all he needed and didn’t want for more.

Not so King Normous.  He wanted to be Ruler of All the World.  He gathered his armies and soon he had erased every empire and raided every realm.

Or had he?

“You’ve missed His Miniscule Majesty, the King of Little Things,”  said his steward.

“Little things need no king!” Normoud raged. “We shall soon put this charlatan in his very small place.”

But when Normous and his mighty solders attempt to conquer the King of Little Things, they make an astonishing discovery . . .

First Sentence:  Long ago, on the far side of a mountain, lived the King of Little Things.


What I Thought:   The inside jacket does a great job explaining the story, so we’ll skip “About the Story.”  The King of Little Things was content and happy with what he had, and so were his subjects.  This is in contrast to King Normous who wanted more and more until he had it all.  I suspect his subjects are unhappy and not content.  I do not think this is a story about rich versus poor because the King of Little Things is not poor, nor are his subjects.  I think this is a story about being happy with what you have, learning to live with what you have and more importantly, who you are.

King Normous is a bully.  Being king does not give him the right to be cruel.  The bully –King Normous—found out he could not bully a group of little things that stuck together, cooperating with each other.  There is much kids can take away from The King of Little Things.  Making a change in the world may seem impossible to one individual, but form a group and suddenly there is power in numbers.  What I like the most, and what I took away from this story, is The King of Little Things being content where he was, and with what he had.  If more came along great, if not that is okay too.  I like his leadership and the role model he to his subjects.


In addition to being a good story, The King of Little Things  has two fun characters in the kings, though I would have like to know more about the King of Little Things.  The illustrations are fantastic.  The number of small items is amazing considering they all have fine details. The King of Little Things has much to teach children about standing up for themselves, in groups in needed; loyalty to those who have deserved your loyalty; being content with yourself; and that greed is not good for anyone, especially the greedy person.

Mostly, I love the illustrations and the story.  I saw this cover a while back and knew this would be a great story.  I cannot explain it.  Sometimes it just works that way.  I can think of several just from this year, though not all are picture books.   The King of Little Things will be enjoyed by youngsters in K to grade 2.  It is a wonderful assets for school libraries.


The King of Little Things

by Bil Lepp    website    blog     facebook    gigsalad

David T. Wenzel, illustrator    website    blog     facebook    twitter

Peachtree Publishers    website    blog     facebook    twitter    G+

Released September, 2013

ISBN:  978-1-56145-708-3

32 pages

Ages:  4 to 8


© 2013 by Peachtree Publishers, used with permission

Text Copyright © 2013 by Bil Leap

Illustrations Copyright © 2013 by David T. Wenzel




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The King Of Little Things


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16 thoughts on “#386 – The King of Little Things by Bil Leap

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  5. Sue, your posts are definitely NOT too short! You give wonderfully in-depth reviews. There’s no need to put more. Kathy’s “Illustrator Saturday” posts are always very long because they are pretty in-depth interviews with the illustrator she features that week, plus the many wonderful illustrations! If you don’t follow her blog, you might want to considerate it 🙂


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    • The book is wonderful. The illustrations really make this book. I just checked out the link you left. Talk about a long post. It makes mine look too short. But it is a great post about this artist. And there are a few more spreads from The King of Little Things. Thanks for leaving it the link. 🙂


  7. Well, I can echo Cupcake on this one. I think I may be the Queen of Little Things. I like the pictures and the rhymes in this book. I think I’ll be looking for this one. Thanks!


    • Try not to put this book in your mouth. It may be about little things but the book is normal sized! That does not really stop my kitties. They like to bite and tear off edges of paper, even if it is in a book. Even the binding is not sacred. What is it with non-food and you four-legged creatures? Enjoy the book–however it may be devoured!


      • Well, I must admit that in my puppy days I munched a book or two. But I have grown beyond that in my maturity. I have learned to appreciate a book’s value and flavors in other ways.


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  9. I love little things. I pick them up from the floor and the ground and eat them. Mom usually yanks them out of my mouth before I swallow them. What a buzz-kill. This sounds like a fun book. Does the whole thing rhyme?

    Love and licks,


    • My kitties do the same thing. Anything that is not glued down they try to eat. It is not easy sticking your finger in their mouths and grabbing out whatever they found. Now if it is a bug . . . it is ALL theirs. I think the whole thing rhymes. The author’s point was that little things are better than big things. I guess I missed his message..


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