#389 – Who Flung Dung? by Ben Redlich

who flung dung..

Who Flung Dung?

by Ben Redlich

Sky Pony Press

5 Stars

..   .    waiting on illustrations.

Inside Jacket:  It’s a pleasant day for Furley the monkey until someone flings dung at him!  Nobody is around to confess, so Furley accuses everyone in sight.  “Who flung dung?” Furley demands of Elephant and Rhinoceros.  They deny everything, offended that Furley would think them capable of dung flinging.  Python and Crocodile didn’t fling the dung, and neither did Lion or Vulture!  So, who was it?

Opening:  One pleasant day, Furley the monkey was minding his own business when . . . SHOOP!  “Who flung dung?” Furley said in need of a towel.

About the Story:  The “Inside Jacket” and the “Opening” tells the story well.  Furley is hit with flying dung and wants to know what crazy animal would do this to him.  So he is going to ask each animal he can find until he finds the culprit.

What I Thought:  Who Flung Dung? is Ben Redlich’s first picture book as both author and illustrator.   Seeing the cover in a catalog, I knew my readers would appreciate such a topic.  Unlike Poopendous that explains the what, where, why, and how of poop, Who Flung Dung? is a mystery or detective story.  Furley, the investigating monkey—and flung dung victim—is looking to discover who flung dung.  Was it Elephant?

I’d rather trample you to dust than do such a filthy thing!  Now be on your way!

It was not Elephant, who flung dung at Furley.  Detective-victim Furley kept walking in search of the culprit.  I like Furley’s determination.  I would be just as determined if dung were flung at me, as I hope you would be so determined.  Furley finds Lion lounging by bones that look to be the remains from a meal.  Do zebras have wishbones?  Anyway, Furley asks Lion who flung dung?  Lion responds,

Silly monkey!  Why I’d sooner hunt you down and gobble you up than do such a horrid thing!  Be on your way!

Once again, Furley treks on, in search of the criminal dung flinger.  Does he ever find the mad dunger I will not say.  But Furley is one determined monkey with lots of pride.  A good role model for those of us who have not, and would not, fling dung.

The illustrations, or rather the picture evidence, show the animals questioned in authentic detail, except for Furley.  Furley, the monkey flung dung victim has no tail!   Lion has a full mane, huge canine teeth—lion teeth?—and a jaw that could gobble down a monkey like Furley with ease.  None of the animals has compassion for Furley except the ram, who has sympathetic eyes as he watches Furley, talking to no one, asking over and over who flung dung.  It is nighttime and poor crazed Furley is frustrated.

Who Flung Dung is a picture book for those who enjoy offbeat humor or who might have had a history of dung flinging as a child.  The animals give the message that flinging dung is bad, using words like horrid, filthy, sordid, and ghastly.  While flinging dung is nasty and a bad thing to do with dung, mostly though, this is a fun book filled with laughs.  I definitely think Who Flung Dung? is a book siblings would enjoy.  Why you ask? No spoilers here.  The pages are thick, making them difficult for little fingers, with or without dung, to tear.  When Furley does, if he does, find the animal who flung the dung, what will he do about it?  What can he do about it, the culprit might ask.  To find out you must read Who Flung Dung by debut author/illustrator Ben Redlich and Sky Pony Press.

Hillarious “Review” on UK T.V.


Who Flung Dung?

by Ben Redlich    website    blog    facebook    twitter

Sky Pony Press    website   blog   facebook   twitter

Released August 1, 2013

ISBN:  978-1-62087-543-8

32 Pages

Ages: 3 to 6


© 2013 by Sky Pony Press, used with permission

Text & Illustrations copyright © 2013 by Ben Redlich

Sky Pony Press is an imprint of Sly Publishing, Inc.





flung dung


13 thoughts on “#389 – Who Flung Dung? by Ben Redlich

  1. No, not toilet TRAINING! Toilet HUMOR! lol In fact, today I became aware of yet aNOther book with it. I can’t remember the title (sorry, gang), but on the cover there’s a mole running around with a quite large swirl of POOP on its head!


  2. The Mom Person doesn’t care too much for the bathroom humor books, but this one looks pretty funny to me. I like the cover — the illustrations are great. I’ll have to convince her to check this one out.


    • There is no toilet involved, if that helps you convince her. This is not a toilet book, no toilet present. This is more a prank book with the prankster hiding out while the prankee tries in vain to find him or her. I have heard dogs sometimes eat . . . so this will be a fun distraction. 😀 I hope you get to read it. Reluctant readers will love this. I forgot to mention that.


  3. Fun review Sue! Yes, toilet humor seems to be a popular trend! I can’t help laugh and I’m sure young ones will too. Will there be a follow up book – Who Scooped the Poop? Sorry, I couldn’t resist.


    • Why do you unimaginative poople, um, people insist this is a toilet training book. This is a FUN book about a monkey who was flung dung and now wants to know who flung the dung. Do not make this more complicated than it is for the poor little Furley. It is bad enough he has dung head. 😦

      I do love that title. I want first right to review. 🙂


    • I am sorry, but, I must ask. How do you know the difference between wet dung and dried dung? Please, fess up. You brought it up, I am sure, to get the attention of a question. You have the attention. So, now tell me the difference between wet and dried dung or I may have to throw, no, fling some dung at you – WET! 😆

      This must be one of those never-told parts of a magic garden. What will happen if you tell their secret? That may be the more important question. If any of those magical creatures throw dried dung , oops, fling dried dung at you (can you fling dried?), I will most definitely fling wet dung at them. All I have is cat, so this is could be a horrible situation. *purr*


      • Well, if you owned your own dragon you would know this.. And if you had your own magical forest you would know a lot more about wet versus dry dung flinging situations that go on between forest creatures.Maybe you need to ask Snarls. Oh, he’s out right now–it’s rodeo weekend here and he’s in the dragon roping competition.

        And, in Canada we do not throw wet or dry cat poop, ever.


  4. You know, Sue, I’m typically turned off by the books that have become a part of the new “toilet humor,” sort of “foul type subjects” trend, typically because of the words that are used, I guess? I don’t know. This book DOES sound funny though, and your review has made me curious! I’ll see if I can find it, especially since now I want to know who flung it! lol


    • That is the whole idea. I want you to become curious enough to go get the book or take it out of the library. I try to never give the ending away. I hope you enjoy this picture book that has nothing to do with toilet training. It is simply a fun book. 😀


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