#395 – Diggers Go by Steve Light

diggers goDiggers Go

by Steve Light

Chronicle Books

5 Stars

Back Cover:  Come on down to the construction site!  Make some noise with eight exciting construction vehicles as they rumble, crunch, chug, and BOOM their way through this lively book!

First Spread:  The excavator goes chumma, chumma, chumma, hufft, hufft, fallump.

About the Book:  This board book contains the pictures of eight construction vehicles and the sounds each makes as it is used on a construction site—or in your house!  The eight vehicles are the excavator goes . . . HUFFT-FALLUMP; forklift goes . . . WHIRRRFFFTT-BONK; jackhammer goes . . . KKAKKA-AKK; dump truck goes . . . PA-LUMP ; front loader goes . . . BRRUMM-SKOOOOOO; steamroller goes . . . CHUG-CHUG; bulldozer goes . . . RRRUMBLE-SCRUUMBLE; and the wrecking ball goes . . . BOOOOOOOOOM!

Diggers Go spread 2

What I Thought:  Diggers Go is a thick board book of an unusual size.  It is longer than most books to accommodate the size of these construction vehicles.  Little boys will go crazy for this book.  When my nephew was three, he would have loved Diggers Go.  Like other kids his age, and younger, he was car and truck crazy.  Girls might also love this book, but it is really for boys.

When open, Diggers Go is two feet—2 FEET!—of colorful, noisy construction vehicles, busy doing their jobs.  A mini-front loader is on the cover and a mini-excavator on the back.  In between are those plus six more LARGE vehicles that young boys will really love reading and playing with.  Diggers Go will ignite their imaginations and a love of reading.  The pages are thick to withstand major construction.  These tough-working, construction-site vehicles are on stand-by, waiting for the right little boy to help them bust, break, and build anything they can imagine.  Along with Diggers Go, Trucks Go, and Trains Go are available for your transportation-loving child.  Maybe Planes Go will be next?  Just heard from author.  Planes Go and Boats Go will be coming soon! 

.trains go  trucks go

Diggers Go     

Steve Light    website    blog    facebook    twitter

Chronicle Books    website    blog    facebook    twitter

Released August 2013

ISBN:  978-1-4521-1864-2

16 pages

Ages: infant to 2


© 2013 by Chronicle Books, used with permission

Text & Illustrations copyright © 2013 by Steve Light





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11 thoughts on “#395 – Diggers Go by Steve Light

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    • Yup! I think you are right. I can see my nephew insisting this be read to him, in full voice(s), several times an hour. Seriously, when he liked a book, he wanted it read several times in a row. And you had to have voices for each character. Lots of fun reading to him. Now he is all grown-up, in middle school. Actually, he is my great-nephew but the term could go to his head. 🙂


        • Yup, that can happen. I too, am a GREAT Aunt! I should get a t-shirt that says GREAT Aunt Then get the kids (who’ll stand on my left), t-shirts with arrows pointing to the right below the words GREATEST GREAT Aunt! But, I would not say this has ever gone to my head. 😀


    • You’re welcome. I knew someone wanted to get one of those books, I just could not remember who to send an email. I’m so glad you saw the comment. The Diggers Go book has make-believe noises. Mine were loud and sometimes annoying , least that was what I was told! 🙂


  3. This book sounds wonderfully interactive! With “noises” like that, I can’t imagine lots of little boys (and possibly girls) repeating them when they’re read, or once they’ve learned them and look at the book themselves, saying them. Love books like that 😀


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