#406–407 – Superman Fights for Truth! & Batman is Brave! by Donald Lemke & Ethen Beavers


Superman Fights for Truth! (Dc Comics)

by Donald Lemke &  Ethen Beavers

Picture Window Books

4 Stars


About the Story:   Someone has stolen from the grocer and it is up to Superman to catch the thief and returns the goods.

Opening:  Superman hears a cry for help.  “Titano took my bananas!” yells a storeowner.

Superman Fights for Truth_spread1

What I Thought:   Superman Fights for Truth! is a strong board book that will stand up to many rough little hands turning the pages and dropping food on them.  At about an inch thick, it’s a big book, especially to small eyes.  Boys will like Superman and Titano the ape’s banana stealing ways.  Titano lets out a big, unintended burp clueing in Superman.  The huge ape has eaten the evidence.

Superman Fights for Truth_spread2

 I like Superman.  Children will be drawn to the books bright colors.  I love how Superman is always in a classic Superman pose.  The ape is actually cute.  When he smiles, Titano looks adorable and I want to hug him.  Have no fear, there is moral to the story.  Superman is about blown away from the ape’s burp, then he sees Titano smiling and offering the banana peels.  Superman says,

Letting out the truth always makes you feel better.




Batman is Brave! (Dc Comics)

by Donald Lemke &  Ethen Beavers

Picture Window Books

4 Stars


About the Story:  Batman works the graveyard shift to keep Gotham City safe for its upstanding citizens.  No matter how dark the night might get, Batman is brave.  Even when criminal elements come out to do dastardly deeds, Batman is not afraid.  He captures the bad guys and keeps Gotham City safe once more.

Opening:   The sun sets in Gotham City.  Batman is brave!

Batman is Brave_spread1

What I Thought:  Batman is Brave! is a good bedtime story for young children afraid of the dark.  All night, Batman is brave, not letting the night or the darkness scare him.  When the bad guys arrive, Batman is still brave and unafraid.  The board book is about one inch thick.  As with Superman, Batman has bold, bright colors and thick pages that are perfect for small children.  Those who like the gadgets, as I do, will not be disappointed, as he uses several during the night.  I like the way Batman ends his short story.  The authors write,

When the sun rises, Gotham City is safe.  Batman is brave!

Then Batman speaks to the reader,

So are you!

That is a nice reminder and the last thing children will hear before drifting off to sleep.  Batman is Brave! is a good book scared for children afraid of the dark.

Batman is Brave_spread2


Both Superman Fights for Truth! and Batman is Brave! are good board books for little boys.  Girls may also like these iconic characters, and Titano the ape in Superman.  Both books are larger than most board books, but toddlers will be thrilled with these larger board books.  I see them as entry-level comic books.


Superman Fights for Truth! (Dc Comics) &  Batman is Brave! (Dc Comics)

by Donald Lemke &  Ethen Beavers    website

Picture Window Books   website

Released August 1, 2013

ISBN:  978-1-4795-1686-5 (SM) & 978-1-4795-1687-2 (BM)

16 Pages



© 2013 by DC Comics, used with permission

Published by Picture Window Books, an imprint of Capstone


Superman created by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster

Batman created by Bob Kane




superman and batman board books



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8 thoughts on “#406–407 – Superman Fights for Truth! & Batman is Brave! by Donald Lemke & Ethen Beavers

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  4. Great illustrations, but I shouldn’t be surprised from DC comics. These books sound like a fun departure from the usual comic book theme. Thanks for sharing, I wasn’t aware of these books.

    Paul R. Hewlett


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