Interview: Characters Snarls and Sir Princess Petra

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[Please note, questions run from green hashtag (~~~~), to green hashtag. Questions are in light print and answers are in bold. The speaker remains the same until a new photo appears. This interview contains NO SPOILERS.]


Kid lit Reviews would like to welcome some of the cast of characters from The Adventures of Pen Pieyu, Book 2: Sir Princess Petra’s Talent. They rode onto the studio set and demanded, uh requested, an interview–a long interview–and we are more than peeved, uh pleased, to bring that to you now. before Snarls burns down the set

Snarls the Dragon, I heard, from a reliable source, you were not going to be in book 2. How did you change the author’s mind?

as22Where do you people get your information? That’s not true! You are celebrity hounding!  I was always and will always and forever and ever be in that humiliating-me-by-making-me-wear-a-pink-tasseled-saddle writer’s books!  snort . . . oops . . . fire & smoke. . . errrrr . . . . ouch!

Writer’s” books. Do you not know the name of your writer and best friend?

Yah, I know her name. “Diane The Embarrasser.”

Folks have been calling her “Diane the Embarrassed!”  hehe


ptiny2Sir Princess Petra, what would have been your steed had Snarls not been in book 2?

Well, the royal mule, Heinz Backfire, is quite fuzzy and cute, and he’s not even very mulely-like—he listens. Well, he is a little stinky, and a bit short, but he’s not a fire hazard, you know what I mean?. . . hmm . . . I might have picked him.

as22Snarls,  any response to this?

What?? (crossing arms, looking the other way) NO!!! YES!! Heinzy Backfire does nothing but backfire air out his rear end. What kind of steed does that? Sheesh!

Uh, one that does not blow fire out of its nose?!


ptiny2 Princess Petra, do you have any nicknames by other kids, maybe something like, perhaps, “PP?”

You’re funny. Why would anybody call me ‘PP’?  That would be rude. My initials are P.B.L. for Petra Brettania Longstride named after my Nan, Brettania May Longstride. You know, the storyteller. NOBODY calls me ‘PP’ and gets very far around here. Are you calling me, ‘PP’? Or are you just asking?

Why, just asking, of course, your highness, er  Your Knightly Highness.

All the better for you, I’d think.

as22Uh, okay, okay. Snarls, any nicknames?

No, but some people call Petra . . . ready for it? . . . Coyote.

Why Coyote? Does she occasionally howl?

ptiny2Of course I don’t howl. I’m a knight! Well, I do have very messy hair–I think that’s why they call me Coyote. What kind of knight has time for silly nice hair?                                             


Princess Petra, this question is for Snarls.  Story Book Times ran a feature– Excuse me! Who are you?

wlgI am the King’s magician waving arms around and I am here to stop this nonsense!

Someone get this clown out of here.

Hey, let go of me! Why I–

Thanks Bograt.          

As I was saying. Story Book Times ran a feature story on the writing of book 2 and mentioned your behavior, specifically you went missing for long periods of time during the editing phase, causing a longer release date. What do have to say about this?

ptiny2Well, I nearly had my foot chopped off by a wayward axe—that took awhile to heal. Then I had a crocodile to train at my cousin’s house. After that, Snarls had a bad rash on his backside that he couldn’t reach and I had to take care of . . .oh, you were asking Snarls.

Yes , Princess, again, the question is for Snarls.

Thanks a lot, “PP”. Way to go. Let the world know about my, umm . . . predicament. Darn nasty, itchy as22rash had me floating in the moat for weeks.                                                                    


Princess Petra, this question is for you. You have met many oddball characters on your trips through the forest. Who is your favorite, least favorite and why?

ptiny2Now look what you started? You got Snarls calling me “PP”. Really! I shouldn’t even answer your questions anymore if you’re going to make trouble. thinking  I guess I like Prince Nastybun the most because he danced with me. I don’t like that giant hawk that lives in The Forest of Doom—that hawk thinks he can just dive-bomb people. And besides, that hawk hangs out with a bunch of bees. I hate bees.

Thank you, and I am so sorry Snarls has adopted the nickname PP, your Highness PP.

Are you calling me “PP” and laughing at me?

I am laughing your magician over there, waving his hands like he has powers outside the book.

He is my father’s magician, not mine. Knights do not need magicians.

Snarls, who are your favorites and why?

as22I like Bograt. She doesn’t yammer on and on, and she likes onions, and I like onions. I need onions so I can create my world-famous onion recipes. You do know that I have a world-famous-onion-chef resume, right? I don’t much care for King Asterman—he’s kind of uptight, you know?

So, this King Asterman does not like any of your onion recipes? Speaking of onion recipes, what is the most common reaction when others eat your concoctions?

Well, of course, he does, everybody loves my cooking! I’m a world renowned chef  . . . what did you hear about my concoctions?

Uh, King Asterman, he said—

King Asterman is a blunder head!


Hm. Moving on. King Longstride,  what is it like having <–TO CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE–>

ptiny2Thank you for having us. I apologize for my trusted sneed, Snarls. He really makes a better steed than a dragon. Please read our newest book in the Adventures of Pen PieyuBook 2:  Sir Princess Petra’s (that’s me) Talent.

You can get a copy at Amabiga Barbs & Nobility, and the Castle Gift Shop. Oh, and probably a few places in your world, too.

ALL ILLUSTRATIONS BY SAMANTHA KICKINGBIRD, the official illustrator for The Adventures of Pen Pieyu Series.


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To read an excerpt from Book 2 of the Pen Pieyu Adventures: Sir Princess Petra’s Talent, click HERE!

2012-07-13 08.57.08Author Diane Robinson has a journalism diploma from the Schools of Montreal and an advanced diploma from the Institute of Children’s Literature. The author teaches acrylic and watercolor art to children, and is a tutor at the Creative Writing Institute. She also works full time at a dental office

The author’s first book in this series, Sir Princess Petra – The Pen Pieyu Adventures, has won two prestigious awards: Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Award (literary arts) and a Purple Dragonfly Book Award. The book is shortlisted for two other awards.

Author’s website at:

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  3. That was a great interview! What a bunch of crazy characters — you had your hands full! I’ve got this book on my wish list, but haven’t read it yet. I need to get right to it!


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