#422 – I Could Chew on This and Other Poems by Dogs by Francesco Marciuliano

i coulde chew on this.


I Could Chew on This: And Other Poems by Dogs

by Francesco Marciuliano

Chronicle Books



Inside Jacket:  From toy poodles to great danes, dogs of all sizes, breeds, ages, and dispositions have an inner poet lurking just beneath the surface. Written by these astute and inspired canines, with instant classics such as “I Dropped a Ball,” I Lose My Mind When You Leave the House,” and “Can You Smell That?” Each poem in this collection perfectly captures the quirkiness and unbridled enthusiasm of man’s best friend.

Opening:  Dogs have never been shy about expressing their emotions. When they’re happy, they wag their tails. And when they’re suffering from ennui, they wag their tails . . .

What I Thought:  I love this book of poetry. It may be a small book—no bigger than a photograph once received from a roll of 35mm film—but the wisdom it contains from our best friends is immeasurable. I Could Chew on This contains four chapters: Inside, Outside, By Your Side, and Heavy Thinking. Every part of a dog’s life finds expression in one or two of these poems. Topics include separation anxiety, dinnertime, wearing clothes and raincoats, and barking at the TV. The dogs speak of walking, going to dog parks, making mistakes, and channeling everything into their humans.


I read this book in one sitting, laughing the entire time. Some of these poems are so spot-on about dogs, but then, considering these are all canine poets knowing about themselves as expected. Like me, you will most likely learn a few things you did not know about Spot, Rover, or Jimmy. For instance, did you know how dogs decide who the leader will be, or that there are six ways to say your dog’s name? Me either.

I love the humor in each poem. I love the each dog’s enthusiasm, character, intelligence, insightfulness, and pathos. Dogs spend their lives trying to please their human companion(s). We humans do not always understand our dogs as they would like to be understood. Take the poem Splash as an example of a time when we humans need to be the insightful half of this relationship.


The illustrations are all photographs of a dog or dogs physically expressing the thought of the poem next to it. The dogs and pups are adorable, even when caught in some of the less charming predicaments. In the poems dogs open up and express what they are and how they feel about so many things. It is like having a peephole into the doghouse. One poem I like is from a puppy. The pup explains the difference between two dogs playing and fighting.


I Could Chew on This is not a children’s book. I do think it is child-friendly and since there are so many animal lovers on this site, I thought it would be a nice treat. Together, you and your child can read these poems and begin to understand your dog like never before. Hide the book so your dog is surprised and curious how you suddenly know why he barks at other dogs, at the dog park, at the television. When it is time to go out and it is raining, forget the raincoat. Your dogs will love you for it, even while being totally surprised you finally understand his objections to those little yellow boots.


I Could Chew on This: And Other Poems by Dogs

by Francesco Marciuliano    blog    facebook

Chronicle Books    website    blog    facebook    twitter

Released July 30, 2013

ISBN:  978-1-4521-1903-8

112 pages

Age: all ages


© 2013 by Chronicle Books, used with permission

Text copyright © 2013 by Francesco Marciuliano



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16 thoughts on “#422 – I Could Chew on This and Other Poems by Dogs by Francesco Marciuliano

  1. I love it! I must get it and read this to my four dogs. They will love it too.

    Oh, how our lives are enhanced by the dog friends we have. Arararararaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar.


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  3. I’ve had this one on my wish list, but my library doesn’t have it yet! They have 2 library dogs, but not this book?! It sounds like one that every dog owner should have close by! And I didn’t know that it was a little book. The Mom Person LOVES little books. Thanks for sharing this one!!!


    • Do you have a dog or cat? I’ve never heard you mention either. See, one thing I forgot to mention is both canine and feline poets won the provision that these would only be sold to those people they own. Just tell the clerk you are a reviewer. It might work. Or throw ’em a bone


  4. I LOVE this book already! You had me at the 1st picture (I’m FREE! I’m Lost!). I love dogs and to me this is a must read. Thanks so much for sharing this, otherwise I might never have heard of it.

    Paul R. Hewlett


    • Sooo glad you like it. Do not remember who I promised a dog book (either you or Rhythm), but poems by dogs it a double-whammy!

      Not to take anything away from the “author” who found so many dogs with poems, you and your writer-mom probably know enough canines who like poems to co-author a book like this. This is actually the companion book to a book of poems by cats entitled, I Could Pee on This. It is pretty funny, too. 😀


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