Sir Princess Petra’s Talent Tour: Thank You Bloggers

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A Huge Thank You!

The tour for Diane Mae Robinson’s second book in the Pen Pieyu Adventures, Sir Princess Petra’s Talent was a success thanks to all the wonderful bloggers who took part, writing wonderful reviews and posts, and conducting interesting interviews with Diane.

th2Agreeing to take part in a book tour and then remembering to write the post weeks or months later can be difficult, especially if you have a box of books needing reviewed, pages that need written, books needing marketed, or other commitments that need handled. It takes commitment to participate in a tour.


Believe me, I understand what it takes to participate in book tours and the expectations placed upon you. I th1understand how difficult it can be to write something negative about a book you know, though unspoken, a positive review is wanted and often expected. How do you say  you liked the book differently than the ten others before you who liked it, or that the characters were great, I loved the illustrations?

I do not have any of the answers. What I do know is that all of you delivered these past two weeks on every count. The reviews were original, with distinctive voices–your voices.  The interviews were different in questions and in tone. All were good. I think everyone did great. GREAT!


This was my first tour as the organizer. Everyone made this an enjoyable first experience. Sometimes it felt as if I had no clue what to do, or if what was happening was correct.  Each of you made this tour easy to run and came through beautifully, uniquely, graciously, and honestly.  You are my  literary champs.

Thank you!


25 thoughts on “Sir Princess Petra’s Talent Tour: Thank You Bloggers

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  2. Great job Sue. I had a busy month in September with blog tours and was glad to be part of your first. Thank you for the kind words in your post. Cheers.


  3. Dear Sir Princess Sue, many many and an extra lot of hugs and kisses for doing this tour. I know you are busy, and I sooooooo appreciate you doing this for me. I will send you the required Mars Bars, as per our agreement.
    Love you.


  4. Well done Sue! I did not participate, but followed most of the tour and I echo your thoughts. I was wonderful and I hope Ms. Robinson is happy and sells a million books! Can’t wait for the next one.

    Paul R. Hewlett


    • Hi Paul,

      Thanks for stopping by again and commenting. I am happy. I don’t know about selling the million books, though. I do try, and I have multiple school visits lined up this fall. Thanks for the best wishes. I wish you well also.


    • Thanks Paul. She better be happy, that difficult dragon-loving author. Do you know she insisted on commenting on every post and every comment. Seriously, thank you for coming along on the ride! Hey! You have a new book out, when is the tour? I would follow every post. 🙂


  5. I had no idea that was your first organized blog tour. You did great! Congratulations.
    ~Cool Mom/Christine
    For the Stanley & Katrina Gang


  6. Congrats to you Sue for doing such a great job pulling this all together! It was a fabulous experience for the bloggers as well. 🙂


    • Hi Renee.

      Yes, big congrats to Sue. She did an amazing job with this blog tour, and she kept me on track instead of me twirling around and not knowing what to do. Sue is a hero knight!


      • Not sure about a hero knight, Diane. I’m glad you are happy! I didn’t think this would entail as much work and follow up as it did. Still, it is not worth, well, you know that exorbitant price . . .unless you are willing to pay it? 😀


    • Thank you Renee. Considering you are the blog tour queen, I appreciate your comments even more. 🙂 What do I do about the three that took books and then did nothing and have not even emailed to say why or boo or . . . What do you do? All 3 have toured for you and seemed reliable. 😦


      • You must be confusing me with Kathy from I am a Reader (who is the real Queen!) I do have to send out reminder emails to people who forget to post (I had to do that today in fact!) I just resend them all the info so they could slap together a post. I have had people who didn’t post on time, but usually an email prompt was all they needed. Since the tour is over, I would just remove their links from the schedule. I’m surprised they didn’t post – that’s really not so nice. You’ll know for the future though. Whose tour are you doing next? 😉


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