#427 – AH HA! By Jeff Mack


Ah Ha!

By Jeff Macklogo_123377_web (1)

Chronicle Books

Top 10 of 2013.

Inside Jacket:                                               AAHH

 .                                                      This is a book about Frog’s

 .                                                       relaxing day at the pond.

 .                                                                    AAHH!

 .                                                Maybe Frog’s day isn’t going to be

.                                                           so relaxing after all.

.                                                                   HA HA!

.                                                       Don’t Worry, it’s funny!

.                                                                   AH HA!

.                                            This is a book kids and grown-ups

.                                             will want to read again and again.

.                                                                  AAHH

.                                          Two letters (and lots of lively, colorful

.                                          pictures) is all it takes for bestselling

.                                          author-illustrator Jeff Mack to create

.                                          a book that will have young readers

.                                          guessing, laughing, and on the edge

.                                                            of their seats.


Opening:   AAHH! AH HA!

About the Story:  Frog is having a nice day at the pond. Suddenly, someone slips Frog into a glass jar! But the lid slips and Frog gets away, landing on a nice rock. Oh, no the rock is a turtle. A hungry turtle. Frog leaps away just in time and lands on the bank of the pond. Oops! That’s not the bank of the pond. It is an alligator! Well, the . . .


What I Thought:  I LOVE this picture book. With just two—2!—letters, Jeff Mack has created a hugely hilarious picture book children will love and read over and over. Once through, even young readers will be able to read this book by themselves, and read it they will! The edge-to-edge color illustrations are delightful images children will love.

AH HA is one of the best picture books for young children this year. It follows on last year’s Good News, Bad News, an international hit among children and parents alike . . . and reviewers (see Erik’s review here).


What will happen to Frog next, as he goes from an AAHH moment to an AH HA moment? Frog finds himself in some kind of danger, which he escapes, getting him back to his AAHH feeling of contentment, only to be in danger once more. This cyclical fun continues, never knowing what will be next for Frog, and certainly not able to guess, yet guess we will.

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Ah Ha!

By Jeff Mack    website    facebook    twitter

Chronicle Books    website     blog    facebook    twitter

Released September 1, 2013

ISBN:  978-1-4521-1265-7

40 pages

Ages 3 to 5


© 2013 by Chronicle Books, used with permission

Text & Illustrations copyright © 2013 by Jeff Mack





11 thoughts on “#427 – AH HA! By Jeff Mack

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    • That is 2 letters. Gee, Rhythm, YOU could have written this! 🙂
      How in the world would an author write this and not get thrown into the slush pile or burned? It would take 1000 words to explain the 2 letter-4 word manuscript. 😆


    • 2 letters – 4 words! 1 frog and 1 pond. I think you may be like me and overthink everything. The author is more illustrator than author, so it is his visual acuity that wrote the book. I think if he would have attacked a children’s book from a literary aspect there would have been more words. Oh, to be an illustrator!! 😀


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