#432 – Destruction #1: Crush It! by Erin Edison

crush it.

Destruction, #1: Crush It!

by Erin Edison

Capstone Press


Back Cover:  CLUNK!     CRUNCH!   SMASH!  Lift flaps, pull tabs, and move levers to crush those cars flat!

Opening:  Cars get old and rusty. Where do broken-down cars go?

About the Book:  You have a car. Is it a Corvette, a BMW, or maybe a “Good-Ole-Boy” Truck? Whatever it is, it is old, out of condition, and out of your life. That clunker car is gone and you are now driving a new car or truck.


What will happen to the oil-slick Oldsmobile, the faulty Ford, the beat up Blazer, and the dinged Dodge?  Enter the scrap yard, where all those cars and trucks on their last wheels go to gather dust until they can be remade into tin cans, toasters, tinsel, and yes, maybe even a new car or truck.

A huge John Deere fork lift carries in the old clunker to see what, if anything, is worth saving. Maybe the engine is still good. Out is goes, lifted straight out from under that rusted hood. The tires are next. They will be recycled into boot soles, playgrounds, and even new tires. Then, that old truck is flattened and stacked on top each other, ready to be recycled into most anything.


What I Thought:  Crush It is a great board book for little boys who like to see how things work and maybe even help in the process. Here old cars and trucks are going to the scrap yard to be recycled. By pulling, pushing, and swishing boys can pick up those cars, grab off the tires, pull out the engine, flatten it beyond recognition, and then stack the unrecognizable vehicles like a deck of cards . . . a tall deck of car-ds.

No doubt, young girls might also like this board book of vehicle annihilation. Crush It has thick pages ready to withstand the toughest hands and the stickiest fingers. The brightly colored illustrations run edge-to-edge. The orange tabs and flaps are ready to pull, push, flip, and swoosh to take care of every car that enters the scrap yard on its last gallon of gas.


Crush It! is one board book from the new series called Destruction. These boyish titles include three other board books thus far: Blow It Up!, Knock It Down!, and Shred It! Little kids will enjoy playing and learning from these books. If you are looking for a young boy book (sorry girls), I think Crush It, or any in the Destruction series, is a great choice.

I have so many nephews and great nephews to know that a board book that lets them crush cars (Crush It!), shred the tires from those cars (Shred It!), blow up buildings (Blow It Up!), or knock stuff down (Knock It Down!), is a book they would wear out.These board books are a great way to introduce young boys to the joy of reading.


Destruction, #1: Crush It!

by Erin Edison      books

Capstone Press    website    blog    facebook    twitter

Released September 1, 2013

ISBN:  978-1-4765-3528-9

10 pages

Age 1 to 3


© 2014 byCapstone Press, used with permission

Text copyright © 2013 by Erin Edison

Capstone Press is an imprint of Capstone Books



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13 thoughts on “#432 – Destruction #1: Crush It! by Erin Edison

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  2. This sounds like a cute book, and I like that it has the interactive pull tabs. But as a concept, it doesn’t feel original. I seem to recall reading to my son books about cars going to the junkyard and getting recycled.


    • I would not doubt that you have. These kinds of books will get played with until they are in the trash. So there is a need for more books. Maybe the machines get updated, so the books must so the boys (yes, and girls), don’t get behind. (I really do not know.) But I bet these are fun for little kids–any pull, push, wiggle, jiggle book is fun. 🙂


  3. I want to have this book! I know young boys will absolutely love this book. They will read and play with it until the book itself is crushed. Crushing things is fun, even for big people. Don’t you ever get that bubble wrap in a mail package, where you can crush/pop all the bubbles. It’s fun!


    • You would be surprised the number of books that come all wrapped up in bubble wrap, God love ’em. Yep, you know I do not even touch the book until all bubbles have been disbursed–along with the cats. 😆


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