#433 – DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia by Steve Korte, Art Baltazar, & DC Comics

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DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia

by Steve Korte

Art Baltazar, illustrator

Picture Window Books.

.Press Release:  Every super hero needs a Super-Pet! This illustrated encyclopedia features in-depth profiles, stats, and history about the DC Super-Pets and their owners. From Superman’s loyal dog, Krypto, to Batman’s heroic hound, Ace, this guide to the World’s Greatest Pets has more than 200 DC characters, including many never-before-seen pets, all illustrated in Art Baltazar’s Eisner Award-winning style! With an introduction by legendary creator Geoff Johns, the DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia is sure to please comic book lovers young and old.

Opening:  Behind every smiling DC Super Hero and every cackling DC Super-Villain is . . . a DC Super-Pet! Or at least there is now, thanks to the creative people behind the wonderful book you hold in your hands.

About the Encyclopedia:  According to the foreword,

All super heroes started with the original and best super hero of them all—Superman—all superpowered pets started with Superman’s Dog—Krypto!

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These super-pets include dogs, cats, horses, seahorses, pigs, monkeys, snakes, spiders, sharks, and just about any animal you can think of, including hybrids. Several Groups exist, including The Amazing Zoo Crew, The Undead Pet Club, The Bad News Birds, The Sinestro Dog Corps, and of course, The Daily Planet Pet Club. Each super-pet has a profile detailing its place of birth and species, what it eats, a few fun facts, and (shh!), a secret biography.

Do you know which super-pet belongs to which super-hero or vane-villain? Do not sweat it young super-hero-in-training. DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia matches the pet to the hero or villain right in the pet’s profile. Every pet has a full-color picture for easy identification and it appears the pets are listed by order of birth into super-hood. Both the super-hero pets and the vacant-villains have a size chart. With this chart, you can see the super-pet or vile-villain that stands tall and those that lay low.

framed 2

What I Thought:  Well, at the risk of a super-hero sack, I do not know much about super-heroes and have not heard of super-pets until now. However, it makes sense that each of these super-heroes would want a loyal companion by their side. And, of course, those villainously vain villains need unconditional love only a pet would offer. What I like about the DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia is how easy it is to find a super-pet. There is a picture index, a text index, size charts, and a full spread super-pet group illustration in the front of the book. In the back is a blank group image with numbers indicating what super-pet is where in the front group image.

I really am impressed with the DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia. The encyclopedia is brightly colored, full of all imaginable super-pet information, and most super-pets are adorable. I had no idea Batman had a super-hero family. It looks to include a monkey, a little bird, two dogs, two children, one teen, and three adults. Who knew these heroes had the time. I bet there is much more to learn from this exhaustive encyclopedia. I am sure it is one-of-a-kind, never once published, until now.

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The DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia is a hefty paperback book with slick glossy pages. I like the arrows pointing to parts of a super-pet with descriptions of the part. These pets are different from the average pet. The details are clear and fun to check out. I love looking through this imaginative encyclopedia. Only unique minds could have imagined these super-pets and their super-hero/non-super villain companions.

If you or your child likes Saturday morning cartoons or live to watch the Cartoon Network, you will enjoy turning off the television and reading this encyclopedia. With physical encyclopedias becoming outdated and no one willing to trudge them door-to-door, the DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia is unique and possibly valuable—at least $7.95 ($8.95 in Canada).



DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia

by Steve Korte     bio   books

Art Baltazar, illustrator     website    website2    blog    facebook    twitter

Picture Window Books    website    blog    facebook    twitter

Released September 1, 2013

ISBN:  978-1-4048-8297-3

128 pages

Age 6 to 8 (and older)


© 2013 by DC Comics

© 2014 by Capstone Books, used with permission

Picture Window Books is an imprint of Capstone Books



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12 thoughts on “#433 – DC Super-Pets Character Encyclopedia by Steve Korte, Art Baltazar, & DC Comics

  1. This sounds like a really interesting book. In light of the comment above, I’m also a bit curious as to whether these dogs are new or if they’ve been in the comics already.


    • I think all of these super-pets have been in the comics with their super-heros. But I do not read comics on my own time, so I am not positive about this. I would think if the super-hero–or villain and their super-evil-pet–have a comic they are in it at least sometimes. Good question. 🙂


    • Listen, Rhythm, you know I looked through that book to review it, so you know, I know, about you know what. I am reading these comments from the bottom up, so I am not thinking upside down when I say you are the third super-pet to say, “Its about time . . . ” or something of that nature.

      Yes! You and Lobo, and Cupcake all deserve to be recognized and have your own comics–when will that happen? 🙂 Can I review them? 😀 I am surprised you are not given a copy of the book when you join super-pets. 😦


  2. I agree with Cupcake, it’s about time that Super hero pets received their recognition! Super pets united in one book!


    • Awright, I get it! You two (and Cupcake, probably Rhythm, too), want the recognition you both believe you deserve. But, you know, real super-pets, like superheroes, don’t crave the attention that . . . nevermind, all pets crave attention, just like the one meowing at me to get off this computer and play laser spot with her.

      (okay, okay) Yes! Unite all my super-pets: Lobo, Cupcake, Rhythm! Stand on all fours and be counted! 😆


  3. Sue, this is such a clever concept! I had no idea about the pets either, but I never read the actual comic books. Does it say that these are based on the actual comics or is it just pets the author made up according to the nature/character of each Super Hero? Either way, very original!


    • Oh, no. These are super-pets that are actually owned by, or if these are like normal pets, own the real superheroes. The super-pets and the superheroes are all DC Comics and I think you can get comics with the pets or with the pets, and the heroes they own, in the same story.

      If these pets did not own these superheroes we would need super-pet rescues. There are enough dogs and cats to rescue. We don’t need more pets out there on their own, super or not (though mine are all super, but not super-pets). 😀


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