Short Break – Computer Died

Hi everyone.

I’ve needed to take an unexpected, very short break. My computer finally died . . . after less than 2 years of service. Thank  you Toshiba–never again.

I do have a new computer, but I have to learn it and move everything from one to the other. I went from a PC to a MAC. Great time to get one, new year models are out next week.

I apologize to those waiting for a review. I tried tonight to post but the word program I am so used to doesn’t exist for mac, only a word 2011 that writes in XML not in .doc files.

Got help and should be ready to go by Monday. I apologize to all. If I can get a post online prior to Monday, you bet I will have it for you.  Have a great weekend and we’ll meet on Monday.

10 thoughts on “Short Break – Computer Died

  1. Oh boy! Macs are great! Learning new technology can be both fun and frustrating. Be patient with yourself.


  2. Sorry to hear about your PC, but I don’t think you will regret going to a MAC. I did it and after navigating everything PC to MAC, I haven’t had a moment’s regret and never looked back. I did have a Toshiba laptop a few years ago and I couldn’t stand it. So my feeling about Toshiba is never again as well.


  3. Thanks for letting everyone know–you’re so conscientious! And thanks also for naming the brand. My own 5-1/2-yo HP laptop started to break down Monday morning, and it’s good to know what to avoid in a replacement.


  4. Sorry your old one died, Sue, but I’ve only heard good stuff about Macs. I don’t have one, but hope to some day in the far-off future 🙂 Don’t rush for us! Just get used to your shiny new toy 😀


  5. Well, I’m a tad nervous as I type on my Toshiba laptop… Sorry to hear about the computer. Enjoy getting to know your new Mac. 🙂


  6. Hi Sue,
    So sorry to hear that. Computers can be maddening. I hope the transition goes smoothly.

    Paul R. Hewlett


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