#445 – I See Kitty By Yasmine Surovec

i see kitty cover.

I See Kitty

By Yasmine Surovec

Roaring Brook Press

.Inside Jacket:  Chloe loves kitty. She wants Kitty so much she sees her everywhere she goes. Can you see Kitty?

Opening:  “Can I have a Kitty?”  (said Chloe)

“Not today, Chloe.” (said Mom)

Chloe loves kitties. She loves their quiet purrs and their soft, cuddly fur.

About the Story:  Young Chloe loves kitties. She loves their purrs and their soft cuddly fur and pink little paws. Chloe loves kitties so much she sees kitties everywhere she looks. Some of the kitties are real, like the ones at a pet adoption function. Other kitties, well, they are everywhere. Chloe sees kitties where kitties are not normally found.There is a kitty in the sky, floating softly through the air. Careful of the puddle, that’s a kitty laying there in the grass. And while taking a bath, Chloe sees a pudgy kitty ready to play. Chloe really wants a kitty. Will mom ever say, “Yes?”


What I Thought:  First disclaimer: I love kitties. I like dogs, too, but kitties have been in my life for a couple of decades. I empathize with Chloe wanting her own kitty to love. Second disclaimer: I generally like any book with kitties. So, I really like I See Kitty. More than that, I can understand how easy it can be to see something you really want nearly everywhere, like in the sky or maybe in a strangers hairdo.

The author, Yasmine Surovec, is the artist behind Cat vs. Human, a humorous cartoon blog and a book by the same name, which extolls her life with cats. She brings that same humor into this picture book. Young kids will like trying to find the kitty (or more) in each spread. This is not a Where’s Waldo. Kids will be able to find the kitties, but will need their imaginations.

cat bushes

Chloe is a cute little girl that can be anyone, making it easy for little girls to see themselves in the story. Chloe is so obsessed with getting her own kitty, yet never complains or repeatedly begs for one. The illustrations are typical Surovec. There are a lot of curves and oversized objects, including one in which Chloe dreams of happily riding on a kitty’s back as the cat floats down a river of spilt milk, just outside of Kitty City.


I like the illustrations and while not a Christmas story, it does tell the same story of wanting and waiting patiently for the day it might arrive. I See Kitty is a cute traditional preschool picture book, with wonderful illustrations that will appeal to children learning to read and recognize shapes, especially if they love pets, and in particular, kitty-cat pets.



I See Kitty

By Yasmine Surovec    website   facebook1     facebook2    twitter    G+

Roaring Brook Press    website    facebook     twitter

Released September 24, 2013

ISBN:  978-1-59643-862-0

32 pages

Age 3 to 7


© 2013 by Roaring Brook Press, used with permission

Text & Illustrations © 2013 by Yasmine Surovec

a Bed for Kitty.

A Bed for Kitty will be released October 2014


Roaring Brook Press is an imprint of Holtzbrinck Publishing / Macmillan Publishers



i see kitties


16 thoughts on “#445 – I See Kitty By Yasmine Surovec

    • Yeah! A smart lad! 😀 No mention of liking dogs better, even if he happens to be one of those dog people. Smart enough to keep it to himself. Yeah, for today’s youth ❗ You do like dogs more than cats thought, right? It’s okay. Truth be told, I love dogs almost as much as cats. And I would have loved them more if I could have had a dog in my apartment, instead of only cats. So cats have a leg up with me, if you know what I mean (because I really do not). 😆


  1. I knew this book would be right up your alley, Sue. This book sounds delightful, even though I’m a dog person myself.The illustrations are magical.


    • I like dogs! It has just been cats that have saved my life more than once. Where were your dogs then? Huh! Hm, well, I do agree that the illustrations are divine. They are of cats, you know. 🙂


    • It had to be kitties, just so you understand. The little girl sees kitties because she likes kitties. If the author would have had her see puppies everywhere, can you imagine the emotional trauma that would have occurred!? All you can hope for is a book with a young boy seeing puppies everywhere. (A cat would probably rescue the boy.) 😆


  2. Oh my goodness, this looks ADORABLE! My daughter would love this book, I have no doubt.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Cool Mom/Christine M.


    • Cool Mom/Cool Mom! You must get said daughter this book and another Yasmine has out called Cat Vs. Human. If you search this site you can read a review.
      Also, I do not know how old your daughter could possibly be, 🙂 but if she happens to be old enough, Yasmine puts out a cat cartoon every few weeks you can get delivered right to your inbox. (Nothing R-rated, just trying to keep Internet safe for your kid(s) Cool Mom.)
      Yasmine knows cats and how cats think better than anyone I know. I thought I was a cat guru until I came across Yasmine. She is the real deal.
      CATS ROCK!! 😀


  3. This looks so cute! I used to be a kitty person, but now I’m a dog person… Do you think they’ll be a sequel? 🙂 Lovely review.


      • Ah, yes. The sounds of silence. Used to be a big hit. Nowadays, people want to put the word ‘book’ before sounds and the world gets noisy again. Do not villainize the book. Leave the book out. Yasmine does a great job with her kitties. 🙂


  4. I see kitties all the time around here. Sometimes they hide under cars planning to jump out and kill me. Mom says, “Leave the cat alone.” I say.”Leave ME alone, cat!”

    Love and licks,


    • Yeah, cats are not too smart when it comes to cars and the colder it gets the dumber they get. Cats hide under hoods where it is warm, but if the owner doesn’t hit the hood before starting the car, ooh, the area becomes quite disgustingly amess.

      Now, Cupcake, if you are one of those dogs that get really warm, the cats just might be waiting for you wanting to snuggle up and get warm. Not many cats go after dogs, though I have known a few. Best bet: don’t chase it. It is a trap you will regret! 😆


    • Yasmine draws (and writes) a cartoon about life with cats that is hilarious. I am not sure how often it comes out, but it goes right into my inbox. Check out her website if you are interested. She also did a book called Cat Versus Human (search for review here at KLR), which was a compilation of those cartoons up to that point. The girl knows cats!


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