Sir Princess Petra is Back!

Just in! 

The trailer for Book 2: Sir Princess Petra’s Talent.

 If you haven’t gotten your copy of this adventure series about a unique knight, boldly going where girls rarely went in the daring time of knights and dragons, get it before they are all gone!  Dragons wait for no one!



Sir Princess Petra’s Talent


Author Diane Mae Robinson & Illustrator Samantha Kickingbird

original link (just in case):

Here is an excerpt, in case you really have not read this book yet:

Don’t know who Sir Princess Petra is? I’m aghast! Okay, take a look at this. Then take a look at, NO!, go read book 1: Sir Princess Petra. It is available everywhere good books for kids are sold.




Sir Princess Petra


original link (just in case, again):

7 thoughts on “Sir Princess Petra is Back!

  1. Hi Sue,

    Diane says, “Thanks so much for putting up the book trailers and the SHOUT OUT about my books. Appreciated.”

    Snarls says, “Hello, Suzy. I have Mars Bars. Can I come for a sleep over?” (Pushing me out of my chair). “I promise, I won’t burn anything or bite the kitties again.

    Petra says, “Is that the same corny lady who did that interview with us?” (Whipping out her cake knife).

    King Longstride says, “I thought I told you (royal councilman) to put her in the dungeon?” (Fanning the queen, who has again fainted due to stress.

    Royal Magician says, “Whoshh, whooshy, whoosh.” (waving wand around).

    Diane says, “Some things never change.” (sighing, sighing, sighing).


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