#467 – Let It Snow! by Charles Reasoner

let it snow.

Let It Snow

Charles Reasoner

Picture Window Books


Back Cover:  “.Mouse and Snowman like to play. they dance all night, and they dance all day!”

Opening:  When it snows I like to play. I dance all night, I dance all day.”


Snowman is in love with snow. His friends are mice and they like the snow, too. The mice are actually expert skiers and ski all around Snowman.  Snowman is telling one of the mice how much he likes snow and why,

“I love it when it snows and snows all night, and the ground is covered in white. And when the snow is finally done, then it’s time for winter fun!”

Let It Snow! is a bright and cheery board book. The illustrations are nicely balanced with a blue sky contrasting the white snow ground. Snowman looks like the snowman most of us probably visualize. He has a black top hat, a green and red scarf, a carrot nose, charcoal eyes and mouth, and a broom. I have never understood why snowmen have brooms. I love the spread where the snow is coming down in large flakes. The mice are all home and Snowman has hunkered down—literally. His body folds into the hills of snow around him as he sleeps through the storm. Once the snow stops (next spread), Snowman has his smile back and is ready to dance.


Snowman’s mice friends wear colorful sweaters, except for his best friend. This mouse wears a green polka dotted orange scarf. One mouse is au natural, yet he does not seem cold while laying in the snow. Young children will like this book. Besides the wonderful illustrations, not one of the characters has a moniker. I guess those are up to the child. I choose Snowman Sam, Felicity, Flash, and Merry (the happy mice), and Manumit (the snow-angel mouse).


The book is easy to hold. Young children will have no trouble turning the fat cardboard pages that will not tear from repeated use or tiny fingers. Speaking of the pages, each successive page is larger than the last, until the final page where everyone is having a great time playing in the snow. Let It Snow! is a nice winter board book. Young children will want the story read to them until they have it memorized—and will then read it themselves. The book will withstand all of this reading and more. Plus, Let It Snow! will look terrific sitting under any Christmas tree.

ho ho ho


Ho, Ho, Ho!



Let It Snow

Charles Reasoner     pub.bio      goodreads

Picture Window Books     website    blog     facebook     twitter

Released July 2012

ISBN: 978-1-4048-8147-1

12 pages

Age 1 to 3


LET IT SNOW! Text & Illustrations copyright © 2013 by Charles Reasoner. Reproduce by permission of the publisher, Picture Window Books, North Mankato, MN.



let it snow



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13 thoughts on “#467 – Let It Snow! by Charles Reasoner

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  2. This book looks SO appealing! I love the whole “I dance all night. I dance all day.” thing and the feel of the book. I wish it wouldn’t have had Christmas in the illustrations though. It would’ve kept the book more generic.


    • I get what you mean, but it is a Christmas book, not a holiday book. Though, there are a bunch of those too. Do you not celebrate Christmas (don’t answer if you do not want to, I probably shouldn’t ask, but I am a curious soul and your comment has me wondering.) Do realize, that whatever you do or do not celebrate, you are always – always welcome here with open arms.


      • Sue ,the main reason I would’ve liked to see it just be a book about snow (which it seems it is, mostly), it would’ve been nice to be a more neutral “winter” book so it didn’t limit the readership.


  3. Sounds like such a sweet book. I love the looks of the happy characters and the rhyming text. The winter wonderland, here, in the Pacific Northwest, is wreaking quite the havoc. Perhaps if I were a snowman……….


    • There has been but a spit or too where I am. Suppose to get a ton of snow on Saturday, but that was said for this Monday and nothing got here. You could try rolling in the snow and wait for a magical transformation. It might work. Stay safe!


    • Enjoy it while you can. Roll out a huge snowman named Tom. Maybe add a dog named Peanut and a cat named shocks. Have you noticed? It has been snowing here for sometime, but it never accumulates.
      Happy Snow Holiday! 🙂


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