#468 – A Very Fuddles Christmas by Frans Vischer

fuddles christmas.

A Very Fuddles Christmas

Frans Vischer



Inside Jacket:   ‘‘Twas the holiday season of treasures and treats.But Fuddles the cat only wanted to eat  . . . And open his presents, then sit down and play. But that’s not what happened on one Christmas Day. Frans Vischer, the artist, makes merry good cheer Celebrating the jolliest time of the year. His story’s a gift, all shiny and new. Merry Christmas to all—from Fuddles to you!”

Opening:  “Fuddles was a fat, pampered cat. His family spoiled him endlessly.”


Fuddles is a content, well-feed black and white kitty. His people cover him when he sleeps, feed him in bed, and bought him a baby swing. The holidays are here and the house is filling up with the smells of Christmas. Fuddles’s nose draws him to the source, a feast laid out on the dining table. Just as Fuddles is about to taste all the delicacies, someone yells,

“No, Fuddles! That’s not for you!”

fr1 swing

Those two sentences are the onset of twenty-four holiday exclamations! A flurry of exclamation points bombards Fuddles! Normally, this would be a point of contention—twenty-nine story pages and twenty-four exclamations! I know a “Fuddles” and twenty-four sharp “STOP NOW!” points may be conservative. I love the cause of those “I MEAN IT!” statements. Fuddles is adorable, especially when he runs from one last prolonged “NO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O!”

If you have ever seen a cat climb a Christmas tree, then you will understand Fuddles’s predicament. The tree bends but cats are stubborn, so he keeps climbing. Soon the Silver Star tree topper is inches from the floor and that prolonged “no” rings out.

Scared, Fuddles runs, and runs, then slips on the icy front steps. Unexpectedly—for Fuddles—someone had opened the door. Fuddles finds himself in a winter wonderland. The blanket of “white stuff” is unfamiliar and cold. Very cold. Fuddles tries desperately to get back to his warm pillow, but no one hears his howls or sees him pull himself up against the window—his reflection staring back at him.

fr2 tree toppled

Vischer’s spreads are richly detailed. Fuddles shaking his head after the squirrels smack him in the head with snow; Fuddles climbing the Christmas tree; and Fuddles landing with an “OOMPH!” are but three of the scenes that will delight children and parents alike.

A Very Fuddles Christmas is a simple story with tons of action. The star is a feisty kitty who ends up in a strange new world and cannot get back home. He needs to find an open port to get back to his life of luxury. If the squirrels have anything to say about it, Fuddles will remain outside, a victim of their snow assault. The humorous situations and his antics will soon endear Fuddles to kids and parents.

fr 3 hit snowFuddles will be a cherished Christmas story kids will want to read every year. Then there are the devilish little squirrels. They taunt Fuddles with snow and then led him on a highflying chase. Anyone who loves animals will find A Very Fuddles Christmas belongs on their shelf of Christmas hits. Fuddles will rival Pete the Cat for children’s hearts and parents wallets, and he might just win.


A Very Fuddles Christmas

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Releassed October 2013

ISBN:  978-1-4169-9156-4

32 pages

Age 4 to 7 (+)

Also available as an eBook. (978-1-4424-3511-7)

Aladdin is an imprint of Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division.

A VERY FUDDLES CHRISTMAS. Text and illustrations copyright © by Frans Vischer. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Aladdin, New York, NY.

Also by Frans Vischer





Jimmy Dabble.

Jimmy Dabble



fuddles christmas



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14 thoughts on “#468 – A Very Fuddles Christmas by Frans Vischer

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  4. We used to have a cat that climbed the Christmas tree and slept in it. Cats are crazy. Seems like we’ve had cat discussions before. Hmmmm. Is this a trend? This Fuddles book looks pretty good even if it is a cat. It’s fun to laugh at cats in predicaments.


    • Your cat slept in your Christmas tree? Was he waiting to scare Santa? Cats are not fond of the color red. It is because cats are such fun, and funny, that they are in more books than dogs. And they do get in more unusual predicaments than their canine counterparts. I will look for more dog-centric books in 2014. Maybe we can make it the year of the sog! ( I meant dog. who’s idea was it to put the “s” next to the “d”?)


      • haha!! I don’t think the cat was concerned at all about Santa. She did seem to like to scare everyone else though. I did not know that cats were afraid of red. That’s something to think about. I don’t know if I even know the color red. A year of the sog might be even more fun than a year of the dog!!


  5. We have a cat that looks and acts just like Fuddles. Maybe they came out of the same litter. This book looks adorable and I LOVE the trailer. Too bad you didn’t have this book listed in your Top 12 PB. It would have given my #1 pic a run for its money.


      • How about a special holiday category next year? To me they should be almost a separate genre. By next year, this book will lose some of its fizzle, like the ‘Santa Trap’ has this year.


        • Yeah, you may be right. And it is a good idea. How about a Holiday category? Wait, I see you just said that. Good idea! (I really do have trouble with short-term memory). But, yeah, you may be right. And it is a good idea. How about a Holiday Category? Wait, I see you just said that. Good idea! (I have trouble with short-term memory, I really do. just ask the guy who made me take all those stupid tests then wouldn’t grade them)! So, about your comment, Yeah, you may be right. And it is a good . . . . 😀


    • Can dogs climb trees? It would be hilarious if you got stuck half-way up. Your bark could be heard but you cannot be seen. What would your mom do? Traditionally the fire department is called when a cat gets stuck in a tree. But a dog? Hm, maybe you would call a comedian for help? I’m not sure but if you do this please take pictures and share. 😀


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