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I’m short a post today because of a bum hand, but that is great for everyone here.  Instead of my usual drool, I would like you to read a young boy’s drool. Erik, from ThisKidReviewsBooks, wrote an entry for Susanna Leonard Hill’s Third Annual Holiday Writing Contest. His story is titled Code Name: Kringle.



Although the Christmas Eve air was frozen, a bead of sweat ran down the side of the pilot’s face. He delivered the package and slipped away, or so he thought.

“I’m getting too old for this,” he muttered. The pilot glanced behind him. He could see the outline of the jet formation closing in on his craft. “They keep trying to catch me in the act. They’ll have to try harder than that!”

“Sir, the aircraft have a lock on our position. You can’t make the next drop,” said the officer in front of the computer.

“Unacceptable!” boomed the pilot. “We’ll make every scheduled drop. We lost the Shenyang J-11s over China and we’ll out-run these jets too.”

 The craft’s controls felt heavy in the pilot’s hands. Every year theirtracking technology advanced greatly, but he had a dedicated team working day and night to make sure he stayed ahead. His missions depend on secrecy.

“Dash, tell Rudy to break formation. He can use his infrared beacon to distract those F-16s!”

“Roger that!” Dash barked.

“Sir, NORAD confirmed they are tracking us. We’re no longer a covert operation,” the officer worried.

“Contact our mole,” the pilot ordered. “She’ll feed NORAD false information. They’ll be chasing a flock of geese soon.”

The officer stuttered, “B-But, didn’t she –“

“Get run over by a reindeer?” The pilot interrupted. “Ha! That was just a cover. She faked her death to become our NORAD inside-agent.”

“I’m on it Sir,” said the officer as he typed an encrypted message.

The pilot watched a red light fly off to the South-West of his position. He smiled to himself when the F-16s followed. “Way to go Rudy! We’re going for our next drop. Get ready boys!”

“Sir, we just received a communication from Agent Grandma. She was successful. NORAD now has our current position somewhere over Indonesia,” the officer said with a grin that ran from pointy ear to pointy ear.

“Try to track me, will ya?!” Santa’s belly shook with laughter as he hollered with a twinkle in his eye. “HO HO HO! Maybe next year!”

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English: Canada NORAD Jet Fighter Santa EscortEnglish: NORAD Santa Claus Fighter Escort(Photo credit: Wikipedia)Erik is an amazing writer, especially when you consider he is a middle schooler. If you enjoyed this story–and how could you not–click on over to Erik’s site and leave him a comment. (I was going to say to leave him some love, but figured Erik would not appreciate that, considering he is a young boy and girls may still be “yucky.”)

HERE is the link, once more, please let Erik know how much you loved his story.

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  1. How did we miss this post originally? Working on getting caught up this weekend. 🙂 We loved Erik’s story. He is extremely talented. What a cool kid, too! Girls = yuck? I think Katrina’s heart will be broken. 😉
    ~Cool Mom for the
    S&K Gang


    • That’s okay. I sometimes forget to use the medicine, so it would be worthless to wish me well at those times. But, hm, I did take the medicine on this day, when you wrote your oops! Well, whatever is was, is now almost 100% gone! 🙂


  2. There’s so much “drooling” on this page, I feel like a slobbering St. Bernard wrote this! 😉

    No, seriously, Erik, this story is SO fresh and imaginative AND well-written. I’m REALLY impressed!!! 😀 Good luck with it, too!


  3. Sue, Feel better. I agree that Erik’s on his way to big things as a writer. Terrific story, Erik! Best of luck in the contest. 🙂


  4. A bum hand? Must be from all the present wrapping. Hope it feels better very soon. Erik truly is a SuperKid. It’s fun to see his career blossom right before our very eyes.


    • No present wrapping. It is just me here. It does feel better now. My foot doctor rx’d a solution no other doctor thought of and it worked. But this is about Erik and his hand is doing very well indeed. I was not happy that he did not make the top fifteen or twenty (whatever Susanna chose). I have a great deal of respect for Susanna, and think her blog is one of the best, but a couple of those “winning” stories paled in comparison to Erik’s. Then again, I do not know her requirements.


      • I don’t know if it’s just ’cause I haven’t been able to keep up on blogs for a few days, or maybe I’m missing follow up comments or what—OR maybe it’s just my top-notch memory—BUT—bum hand, bad foot? What did I miss? Is everyone OK?!


  5. Girls = yuck. Mom = awesome. Little sisters = don’t get me started. 😉 Thank you Ms. Morris! How did you know I drooled? Er, I mean, WHY would you THINK I drooled? 😳 Thank you for the shout-out! I am glad you liked my story! 🙂


    • I actually was speaking of a different kind of drool–normally not a compliment, but I was trying to be sarcastic and mainly was speaking of my reviews. Look it up. As for the drool you speak of, I can believe it. Every writer from Shakespeare (and those before him) to Beatrix Potter (and those of you who have followed) all drool at one time or another, be it my type or yours.


  6. Thanks so much for sharing this Sue! I must have missed this post on Erik’s blog and I would have been sorry if not for you. I hope your hand is feeling better and improves. Erik does indeed have a wonderful way with words and I am just so impressed at his talent and skill lever. Have a great day!

    Paul R. Hewlett

    PS: I did stop over at Erik’s blog to show him some-I mean leave him a comment. 🙂


  7. Erik has such a command of words. Like the end. Instead of Santa saying, “Merry Christmas,” he says, “Maybe next year.” Same beat/number of syllables . If you didn’t catch it, elves are aboard, at least one that grinned “from pointy ear to pointy ear.”

    I believe we are reading an early story from a future best-selling author and/or Pulitzer Prize winner. I really do. Unless Erik sticks with children’s stories. Then he will beloved by more children than anyone could count without falling over from exhaustion.

    Fantastic story Erik, and thanks for bailing me out. 😀


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