#472 – Lobo’s Howliday by C. L. Murphy


Lobo’s Howliday

by C. L. Murphy2014 holiday hi res

Peanut Butter Prose


Description:  It’s almost Christmas and Santa finds himself in quite the predicament due to unintended consequences as a result of trying something new. Lobo, and his raven sidekick, Roxy, travel to the North Pole to help the jolly ole’ one and are guided by the Arctic animals. The colors of the season delight along the way and make for a howling good holiday. Can you howl Ho Ho Ho?

Opening: owl dk red

“Special-Special! Special-Special!” hooted the Snowy Owl. “Special Delivery!”


Lovable Lobo is BACK! Now he is going away. Santa needs Lobo’s help. But why? What can Lobo do that Rudolf cannot? Well, that was my question too. A beautiful snowy owl flew to Lobo, dropping a package near his paws. Roxy, lobo’s raven friend, assumes the package is for him and becomes quite excited . . . until it moved. An Arctic mouse crawls out of the sack. He says his name is Arty and tells Lobo the package is a “very important letter.”

letter red

“Dear Lobo,

Please come to the North Pole.

I need your help.

Love, Santa.”

What an ominous message. Lobo, for a pup, is a brave wolf. Arty hops on Lobo’s back and leads the way to the North Pole. Oh, Roxy hops on, too. Of course he does, of course he does! Lobo tired out his pup heart, running as far as he did. Finally, tired and sleepy, they stop at a den. Arty knows the Arctic fox inhabiting the den and the three spend the night.

The dark morning arrives, because it is always dark in the winter. Always. Lobo is appropriately worried about finding his way, in a strange land, without light of day. Something special, which would be awesome to see in person, helps the trio of travelers find their way in the dark. The Northern Lights are “rainbow(s) in the sky.” The illustrations of the Northern Lights are fantastic. No, that is wrong. The illustrations are stunning. I looked at those two pages longer than needed simply because the colors made the sky light up like nothing I have ever seen.

n light wide

Lobo and friends get to the North Pole and Santa’s Village after a bit more traveling help from two new arctic creatures. Once there, Santa tells Lobo he needs him to accompany him on his midnight run, Christmas Eve. I thought Rudolf was hurt, or his light went out, or he eloped. Nope, Rudolf has become an addict. The author does not use that word. She keeps it kid friendly. But when a creature is eating candy day and night, to the point their life changes and not for the good, what else can you call it. So Santa needs Lobo’s help with Christmas deliveries.

I think Lobo’s Howliday is the most imaginative Lobo yet. The author put some Christmas goggles on while writing this edition of The Adventures of Lovable Lobo series. Lobo meets interesting characters on his journey to the North Pole and Santa’s dilemma surprised me. Boys will love this Santa. He is a new and technologically improved Santa. Roxy, Lobo’s raven pal, remains his kooky repetitive self. Yes he does, yes he does! Lobo is still the handsome, happy, helpful pup who sees the good in everything—at least at first. Oh, he is also loveable!


Kids will love Lobo’s Howliday and why not. This outing is the best yet. The illustrations explode with color and seem to pop off the screen (or paper). When I first saw this, I thought it was some new 3-D trick with Photoshop. With each edition of Loveable Lobo, Ms. Murphy’s expertise improves. The stories get better, the illustrations get better, and the writing gets better. Lobo’s Howliday is waiting to go under your Christmas tree—an awesome gift* from the author. *Right now it is only $.99 at iTunes. (click on title – not affiliate link)


Lobo’s Howliday

C. L. Murphy    website    blog    facebook    twitter     goodreads

Peanut Butter Prose    website

Released December 1, 2013

ISBN:  978-0-9883187-4-8

32 pages

Age 4 to 7


LOBO’S HOWLIDAY. Text and illustrations copyright © 2013 by C. L. Murphy. Reproduce by permission of the publisher, Peanut Butter Prose, OR.




discl lobo howliday



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13 thoughts on “#472 – Lobo’s Howliday by C. L. Murphy

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  2. This book is totally worth 6 stars. I was happy you gave it that, Sue. Well deserved. It was such a pleasure to read.


  3. C.L. has done a wonderful job with this new book. It sounds exciting and unique. I can’t wait to read it. This illustrations are so cool, too. I understand Rudolf’s addiction–I have a dragon like that. Not an easy issue to deal with.

    Thanks, Sue, for a great review. And congratulations, C.L. Awesome story!

    Diane Robinson


  4. I think you made a mistake. 6 stars, really? You wouldn’t toy with my emotions, would you? Because right now I have tears of delight (or maybe shock) running down my cheek. I must be dreaming. Perhaps you’ve had a little too much “holiday cheer” and aren’t thinking straight. Whatever the case……THANK YOU from the bottom of heart. XXX Happy Howlidays!


    • I went back and forth between 5 and 6, which I do with any possible 6. I loved the imagination of the story. It took a twist at the end I never saw coming, which is big because I can usually figure out the ending ahead of time. I think I have read so many picture books, taking them apart, it has become easy to figure the out the ending early. When I cannot, to me, that is a big thing. 😉

      But what really put it over the top, the reason the back and forth swung to the 6 is . . wait, I have never explained my “methods” (especially about 6’s), I cannot tell you. I am sorry. (not really – “trade secrets” and all), just keep doing what you are doing. 😀

      Or, email me. 😆


    • So, Cupcake, you are an MBA? Wow. Well, you kept that a secret. Had I known earlier, I might have sent you some MilkBones for Christmas. When is your birthday? 😀

      Are you a small MBA or have you progressed to the medium or large MilkBones? Some people think an MBA is impressive. ❗ (I have counselled addicts, not of the canine variety–drugs/MilkBones “same difference”–if you need to bark, I’m here.) 🙂


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