#473 – Show Me the United States (My First Picture Book Encyclopedia) by Patricia Wooster

show me us.

Show Me the United States: My First Picture Encyclopedia

by Patricia Wooster

Capstone Press


Back Cover:  From the largest state (Alaska) to the smallest (Rhode Island) to the first state (Delaware) and the 50th (Hawaii), there’s so much to know about the United States! Show Me the United States has more than 100 facts and definitions about the United States. Seeing is learning with My First Picture Encyclopedias! Full of facts and photos, these just-right reference nooks will show and tell you all you want to know about your favorite subjects.

Opening:  “The United States of America has 50 states. With so many different states to explore, the United States is a great place to live! The United Stattes declared its independence from Great Britain on July 4, 1776.”


Show Me the United States begins with a map of the United States showing each state and its capital city. Olympia, St. Paul, and Columbus, are three of the many easy to find capitals on the full-color spread map. From The Big Picture to The Fun Facts kids will learn many things about their home country.

Did you know the United States is a Federal Republic? Did you know that without immigrants, the United States would not exist? Did you know that not all states considered “southern states” are in the south? What is the biggest state? (Alaska) The smallest state? (Rhode Island, which is not an island) I had no idea there are six mountain ranges in the U.S. And, an equal number of major rivers. Can you name them? If not, there have been too many snow days.


Show Me the United States looks like a textbook inside and out. I don’t recall my textbooks having so much fun material. The reason this book looks like fun is because the author grouped the information into familiar categories that are easy to recall. For example, the seven body types of water are presented in one spread making it easier to learn, remember (thanks to great illustrations), and enjoy. I like the information on Climate. In the U.S., one can freeze one day and overheat the next. We experience tornados, hurricanes, and blizzards all in one country.

The United States has a large number of landmarks, national parks, official flags, and quirky attractions. The largest ball of twine is here. How many countries can say it has an enchanted highway, with a straight face, and mean it? Travel Interstate 94, in North Dakota, to exit 72, then head south on Enchanted Highway and you will see some of the largest sculptures—all constructed out of scrap metal—anywhere .

Autos are All-American, right? Well, if you believe that I have a couple of sites for you—real sites to behold. Go to Alliance, Nebraska to see the American Stonehenge—38 cars arranged in a circle on a plain. If you are not sure what a “plain” is, refer to page 16. This book explains a lot of stuff about the U. S. The second site to see, if you love cars, is called Cadillac Ranch and is located in Amarillo, Texas. I am not sure why, but there are 10 Cadillac cars buried to approximately the windshield, hood-first in the ground. I only wish the author had explained why.


Show Me the United States will engage kids with U. S. history. This book does not cover everything, obviously, but this great start might get kids excited about history. That would excite teachers. Show Me the United States is part of the My First Picture Encyclopedia series. It would make a great adjunct textbook for kids. Anything that gets kids excited to learn is a great thing. Show Me the United States has the ability to get that excitement started. It is perfect for homeschooling, too. Elementary schools, by adding Show Me the United States to their libraries, will add a history hook—yes, hook—for kids beginning to learn history.


Show Me the United States: My First Picture Encyclopedia

by Patricia Wooster     linkedin    bio.books

Capstone Press     website    blog    facebook     twitter     pinterest    youtube

Released August 1, 2013

ISBN:  978-1-4765-3347-6

32 pages

Age 4 to 6


SHOW ME THE UNITED STATES. Text copyright © 2013 by Patricia Wooster. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Capstone Press, North Mankato, MN.


Capstone Press is an imprint of Capstone.


show me the united states



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6 thoughts on “#473 – Show Me the United States (My First Picture Book Encyclopedia) by Patricia Wooster

  1. Wow, this book looks really wonderful! It doesn’t just have the well-known facts, but it seems a lot of interesting, fascinating stuff most of us DON’T know about! Love it 🙂


  2. This book looks fantastic! Neighbor Girl would love it for sure! By the way – I did pick up the Templeton Twins for Neighbor Girl, for Christmas. Thanks again for your reviews. She’ll be well pleased! Happy Holidays! ~Cool Mom


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