#502 – Find Momo: A Photography Book by Andrew Knapp

find momo.

Find Momo: A Photography Book

by Andrew Knapp

Quirk Books     03/04/2014


All Ages   144 pages


Inside Jacket

“Momo and his best buddy Andrew Knapp have traveled all over—through fields, down country roads across cities, and into yards, neighborhoods, and surreal spaces of al sorts. The result is a book of spectacular photography that’s also a game you can play anytime. Lose yourself in page after page of Andrew’s beautiful, serene, dreamlike images and sooner or later you’ll find Momo’s sweet, eager face looking back at you. (Can’t find him? Don’t worry . . . the answers are in the back.”


“HI THERE! I’m Andrew, and this is my buddy Momo. He likes to hide. In fact, Momo’s hiding in every picture in this book. Think you can find him? OKAY MOMO, GO HIDE!”


Have you ever been able to find Waldo? Compared to Momo, Waldo is a piece of cake. Try finding a black and white border collie. Momo does wear a red bandana, which should help you spot him in the woods, by a house, in a field of green, but it won’t. Momo can hide in plain view and chances are it will take a while for you to spot him. I know. I have tried—a lot. Spotting Momo in every picture in his book will take some time. I would savor this, finding him in a few pictures at a time. Only problem is, once you start, finding Momo becomes addictive.

Take the ice cream cone. With all this snow, surely you have thought of ice cream. Can you find Momo? Like most dogs, he is probably thinking of some ice cream, too. Here is a hint. Here is Momo. Look carefully and study his features. Momo is a canine chameleon with an uncanny ability of blending in with his surroundings.

Ready now? Find Momo –

framed ice cream cone shop

Momo is an adorable dog, right? Dogs like Momo, border collies, like to have a job. They are born herders, but happy to do most anything, and Momo doe his job well. According to Andrew, Momo stays in position until he calls him back. I could not stay in one spot that long.

If you are looking for a story in Finding Momo you would be correct to look. Andrew gives details of his and Momo’s life photographically trailblazing the woods and other interesting places across the US and Canada. If you go to his Instagram section, or Momo’s website, you can still catch the two of them making “Find Momo” pictures nearly every day. The two have grown a huge following of people anxious to find Momo each day.

Momo was born on June 19, 2008. A mere five-years-old, adding about eight months. At two feet high, this Canadian-born pup, weighs in at forty-five pounds and loves to chase Frisbees, sticks, balls, rawhide bones, and snowballs. Momo likes rolling in the snow, too. Just do not pop a balloon or wear a big, funky hat around him. Nope, Momo does not like LOUD noises; matters none if it is a popped balloon or a buffoon in a BIG hat. Momo is probably having a great time with all the snow of late. He likes to run through the snow.

momo pages 48 and 49

Momo is like many dogs. He will shake your hand, give you a high-five, roll over, sit, and stay. Momo also likes to climb trees, information you will not need in Finding Momo. Andrew has kept Momo’s feet on the ground, well, on something at all times in the book’s photographs. You won’t find Momo in a tree or climbing a rock wall. Momo is from Canada. With the Winter Olympics at full run, curling has been on television. Curling is a distinctly Canadian sport and Momo, being Canadian, loves the sport. Instead of using a broom to guide the stone where he wants it to go, Momo simply chases it. He is a dog after all and dog behavior transcends cultures and countries.

In the back of the book, after the many pages of Momo standing, laying or simply waiting to be found, are the photos in thumbnail size with Momo circled, in case  you need some help, or just need to know where Momo is in a photograph. Andrew and Momo travel around in a yellow 1977 VW Westfalia also known as the “Banana Van.” It has an extendable roof, meaning the two never need for a motel; they drive one each day. So if you see an unusual—it is almost 40-years-old—yellow Volkswagen Van, with a white top and a black and white border collie—with a red bandana— riding shotgun, chances are good you have finally found Momo.

mm2 The “Momo Mobile.”


Learn more about Finding Momo HERE.

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FINDING MOMO. Text and photography copyright © 2014 by Andrew Knapp. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Quirk Books, Philadelphia, PA.

Here is one last photograph from Finding Momo. How good are your detective skills? Are you a sharp-eyed dogcatcher? Find Momo somewhere in this photograph of a nicely manicured suburban home. Good luck!

framed yellow house




Nonfiction Book #1 of 2014 (may be out of order, as I am adding this afterward)

nonfiction challenge 2014



.momo correct title


17 thoughts on “#502 – Find Momo: A Photography Book by Andrew Knapp

  1. You had me at dog and his best buddy. Love the looks of this book! We’ve been known to spend hours searching in the I SPY series. Great review, Sue!


    • You should check out either Andrew and Momo’s Facebook or Instagram–or their website–for the nearly daily Find Momo picture. Every photo in the book is on those sites.


    • All of them? Darn! I thought I chose two easy and one hard one. There are some stumpers. If you want to check out Momo and try to find him EVERY day, check out the Facebook link above! Or Instagram. Smartie pants. 😆


      • But there are FOUR Momo’s in the FOUR pictures… ❓ ❓ Did you see the one by the van? That one took me the longest. 🙂 I’ll check out the site! 🙂 I like these kind of things! (My X-Men Search & Find was one of my favorite books as a toddler, followed by my Cars Search & Find (from the Disney movie, Cars)) 🙂


        • You are so right! I forgot about that one. I was just showing you the van Momo and Andrew live out of when they are on the road — which I gather is most of the time. But you are an Eagle Eye Erik! Yep, that is Momo by the back driver-side wheel. Zoom your page and it is easier to find Momo. Sometimes only the top of his head can be seen (but none of those are here). Good Job! 🙂


    • Did you see the Facebook link? There is also a link to the website where Andrew releases a new picture almost daily. And his Instagram site where all of the Momo craze began. Momo is incredible when it comes to staying still until the picture is just right. You will read more about it in the book. Could you find Momo is the pictures above?


      • When I said that I had been looking for Momo on Facebook, I meant that I have been following him on Facebook and looking for him in the pictures that get posted every day! It’s the way I start my day! Looking for Momo. Since I think like a dog, I can always find him. Momo is the coolest dog ever!


    • Yeah! Im glad this DOG book was worth the wait. I saw this and specifically requested a review. I knew you and Rhythm would love this book. I think it is so cool. I hate to lose it. Tomorrow, the dog theme will continue with one more neat book.


  2. Great review, thanks. I’ll have to see if I can lay my hands on a copy, my little boy’s just coming up to the right level for that kind of book.


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