My Birthday Contest! But YOU Win!!


ENTRY DEADLINE – Friday, February 28th

WINNERS ANNOUNCED – Monday, March 3rd, My Birthday!

 I thought since you have no reviews to read, I’d hold a contest. There will be prizes. 

1st PLACE PRIZE$25 Amazon Gift Card (or cash) & 1st Choice of Book*

2nd PLACE PRIZE$10 Amazon Gift Card (or cash) & 2nd Choice of Book*

3rd – 5th PRIZEChoice of Book*


*Books have been reviewed, or will be reviewed, here at KLR.


Hi everyone. I am still “out of the office” unexpectedly, but I’d like for you to have some fun and win prizes, too! When life is back to normal on my end, I have a wonderful book about dinosaurs that kids will love. It has all sorts of dinosaurs, their habits, where they lived, what they ate, and how they got the name they were given and the meaning of that name.

So, in preparation for that book. I have a quiz for you and your children. Please match the name of the dinosaur on the far right with the meaning of the name in the next column. Then, or as you progress, which ever way you work best, add where the dinosaur lived and what it ate.

There are a total of 10 dinosaurs names and meanings, 3 specific areas (16 total to decide), and 2 eating habits (10 to decide). As you can see some numbers do not match. Each dinosaur names will have only one meaning, but the dinosaur could have lived in more than one area–but never more than three–and have eaten more than one kind of diet–but never more than two kind.


Below are some hints to maybe help  you along. Below is also a the link to the key, but will not be available until after the prize winners is announced on Monday, March 3rd. To read the key the easiest, leave the dinosaurs in the order they are here and then add the area(s) it lived and its diet(s) below the dinosaur name.  See sample is below the list of dinosaurs.

Even if you do not get them all figured out by the deadline, ENTER, I am guessing no one will get them all correct. If that does occur, the person with the most correct answers wins and then the next top four finishes also wins a prize. So don’t give up and not enter. YOU COULD STILL WIN WITH PARTIAL ANSWERS!  Here are the dinosaurs (left) meaning of the name on the left, where they could have lived and eaten. Nothing in the lists across is correct. (1st HINT)  Please note the special considerations under the contest lists


Name                                         Meaning                        Country & Feeding Habit

  1. Allosaurus                                 Brave Lizardd                       Africa  (3)
  2. Ankylosaurus                         Like Crested Lizard                   Americas (8)

  3. Brachiosaurus                         Thick-Headed Liard                  Europe  (5)

  4. Compsognathus                       Elegant Jaw

  5. Deinonychus                           Terrible Claw                         Carnivore (3)

  6. Diplodocus                             Double Beam                        Herbivore (7)

  7.  Iguanodon                              Different Lizard

  8.  Ouranosaurus                        Iguana Tooth

  9. Parasaurolophus                     Fused  Lizard

  10. Pachycephalosaurus               Arm Lizard



Special considerations (2nd/3rd HINTS)

6 dinosaurs lived in a single area

2 dinosaurs lived in 2 areas

2 dinosaurs lived in 3 areas

(#) = the dinosaurs that lived in that area, no more or less

Answer should look like this to easily use the key”

  1. Allosaurus 

– Meaning of Name

– Country or Countries it Lived in

– What it Ate

2.  Ankylosaurus

– Meaning of Name

– Country or Countries it Lived in

– What it Ate

and so on to . . .

10. Pachycephalosaurus

– Meaning of Name

– Country or Countries it Lived in

– What it Ate

KEY CAN BE FOUND HERE. (see below) Find here on MONDAY, MARCH 3RD.)


TO ENTER:  Attache a Word document or a PDF; or paste your answers into email make sure the groups are legible and I can tell what is with what.  Must enter by this Friday, February 28, 2014

Send entry to:  with Subject Heading “Dino Contest”   DEADLINE = FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH

Please leave a comment saying you have entered. Then I can post your result on the comment.



GOOD LUCK! I hope you have fun and I will return as fast as I possibly can. ENJOY!

17 thoughts on “My Birthday Contest! But YOU Win!!

  1. We all hope you are doing well, Sue! Kitty hugs, tail wags and prayers coming your way!
    ~The Entire Stanley & Katrina Gang


  2. Okay, I’ll bite. I love a challenge! I sent an email with my answers. My numbers don’t add up the same way yours do. I found different info regarding where they lived. And what about Asia and Australia? Anyway, now you have something to “grade” during your convalescence. No more homework, please! Hope you feel better!


    • No problem. We’ll see how you do. Where did you get your information from? There is only one source to use and I will review that source soon – before the deadline. 🙂 (re-add you numbers)


      • I looked up my info from various sources on the internet. We all know that everything from the internet is fact, right? ; ) How about just giving me an “A” for effort!


  3. LOL, that is way too much brain power for me to utilise, so instead I will send you a virtual sticky date and chocolate cupcake with caramel cardamom syrup. I hope your hospital visit is over and you are recovering well. Best wishes Julie


    • Nope, not over. It just got extended a few days. But, I found out there is WIFI for the patients. Woo-Hoo, but no books to review. And no extended energy, but lots of time. I didn’t even think about the number of items, maybe I should shorten it. I have time for that. 🙂

      See your point and cut it in half. Just did not seem like much when it was all I had to do today. Bored. But this is easier than it looks. 🙂


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