#515 – Because Dragons Love Milk by Marie Chow & Miki Tharp

dragons love milk.

Because Dragons Love Milk

by Marie Chow

Miki Tharp, illustrator

978-1-49541484-8    1/27/2014

Age 3 to 7     28 pages



“They were halfway through dinner when Tycho announced, “I don’t want to go to bed tonight!”

The Story

Tycho does not want to go to sleep because there are dragons under his bed. Dad lets his son in on a secret. Dragons love milk. He explains that milk soothes a dragon’s fiery throats. If a dragon’ throat is soothed it becomes a happy dragon. Tycho is happy about the dragon but wants to know about the alligator. Dad had an alligator under his bed and it liked old shoes. Because alligator do not floss, their gums always hurt. Chewing on an old shoe helps sooth an alligator’s gums.


Because Dragons Love Milk will entertain any young boy who has ever had a dragon, an alligator, or a T-rex under his bed. It is refreshing to read a story about a young boy and his dad. At least two of a boy’s favorite animals are under Tycho’s bed (dragon and T-rex). The way dad breaks down his son’s fears is imaginative and adorable. The three terrifying animals become less threatening when they are fond of milk, stories, and old, stinky shoes.

The illustrations need detail to define one object from another. I see blocks of color, some of which fade or blend into the next. A color picture book needs to have lots of color, and details help. Give the child something to look at. If he cannot yet read, the only way to hold his visual attention is through details. A few toys, pictures on the walls, a window, any of this would have improved the boy’s room. Monsters get restless when there is nothing to play with in a room. The other problem is the lack of a credit page/copyright page. Every book must have certain pages and this is one of them.


Spreads are lighter in finished paperback book.

Kids will love the story. They will enjoy the odd things each “monster” needs and the reason they need them. Suspending belief is easy thanks to the author’s pen. She writes sentences that flow into one another, making them easy to read, and easy for a young child to understand. This is a nice debut story. I wish it were longer just so I can read more of the author’s imagination. Because Love Milk would be the perfect story to read right before a kindergarten classroom nap. A good choice for boys and dads.


Learn more about Because Dragons Love Milk HERE!

Buy your own copy of Because Dragons Love Milk at Amazonyour local bookstore.


Author Marie Chow’s website.   http://mariechow.com/

Illustrator Miki Tharp’s website.  http://mikitharp.com/


BECAUSE DRAGONS LOVE MILK. Text copyright © 213 by Marie Chow. Illustrations copyright © 2013 by Miki Tharp. Reproduced by permission of the author, Mare Chow.



dragons love mik


12 thoughts on “#515 – Because Dragons Love Milk by Marie Chow & Miki Tharp

  1. This book sounds absolutely delightful and full of little-known truths about those lurking creatures under one’s bed. And those of us who live with monsters/dragons/creatures, know that we must keep them calm and well behaved. I didn’t know about milk, though. I will definitely try that one on my dragon. Great review, Sue.


  2. Pingback: Week 9… Everyone is Sick… So this is the Quick Version | marie chow

    • The author writes a good story. I had no idea that dragons drank milk or T-rex’s liked to read. I wasn’t surprised alligators liked to chew on shoes–as long as it’s not an alligator shoe. 🙂


    • Wow! Looks like Because Dragons Love Milk . . . should be titled Because Cupcake is Easy Going . . . and Likes Milk, Stories, Shoes, Treats, and Toys Great title!


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