Reblogged: Tony the Phony and Cursed Mansion–A Choose Your Own Adventure Story (Excerpt)

I really messed up today’s post. Not an easy to do on WordPress, but I always was exceptional at messing up things that were not supposed to be messable. So, instead of my gibberish today. check out this “Choose Your Own Adventure” story by two young boys. The story begins on the boys’ website, Story Boys blog. Third-grader T. Isenhoff and his brother, sixth-grader M. Isenhoff wrote this story as part of their homeschooling curriculum.  Mom Michelle helped a little and should be very proud of her two scribes. Enjoy!

Story Boys

We are so excited to present our recent homeschool writing project–a Choose Your Own Adventure story! We have 14 blogging friends helping to make this happen. (Thanks so much, everyone!) Here’s what you do: Start reading here on Storyboys. At the end of our page, YOU have to decide how the story will go. Each choice will lead you to a new blog. Altogether you will make three choices and land on one of eight endings. Of course, when you’re done you can always come back here and start again, making different choices. Have fun!

(A note from T-man and M-man: We created the characters, the setting, and all the plot events. Mom asked us lots of questions and we had to answer them. We had to keep track of all the choices on a posterboard. Then Mom typed out the story while we helped her know what to write. It…

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2 thoughts on “Reblogged: Tony the Phony and Cursed Mansion–A Choose Your Own Adventure Story (Excerpt)

    • What? The story? Yes, I agree. It is terrific and funny. Hard to believe they wrote this, even with mom’s help. Soo good. Or the messed up post that gave way to this reblog? Now, are you being funny? You loved that I goofed up? Shame on you! But I forgive you. ONly because this post is so terrific. I am so glad I found these two marvelous kids. 🙂


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