#517 – Here Comes Destructo-Saurus! by Aaron Reynolds & Jeremy Tankard


Here Comes Destructosaurus!

by Aaron Reynolds & Jeremy Tankard

Chronicle Books    4/01/2014


Age 4 to 8     32 pages

“Watch the unstoppable force of a temper tantrum! Tremble at the enormous mess and disrespectful roaring! Despair as no amount of scolding can stem the heedless fury! Someone is heading for a time-out, Mister!”


“Watch what you’re doing, Destructosaurus! Do you have to barrel into every city like a bull in a china shop?”

The Story

Destructosaurus walks out of the water. He is knocking things about; building after building falls over. A loud voice yells at him,


Destructosaurus stomps through the lake. Fish fly about the city and lake water drenches the people now walking in his path. Oh, no! Flames shoot out of Destructosaurus’s mouth and burns down the harbor. Now Destructosaurus is back stomping the city streets and pushing down buildings.

“WIPE YOUR FEET, DESTRUCTOSAURUS! We just cleaned this street. Now look at the mess you’ve made!”

Destructosaurus tosses buildings out of his way. They fall apart as if made of Lego’s not bricks and mortar. What is Destructosaurus looking for? In anger, Destructosaurus stomps down the city streets swatting at the helicopters, roaring with each swipe.


Destructosaurus picks up a train station and immediately the voice tells him to put it back down. Wait, what is that in his other hand? Is that what Destructosaurus has been looking for? After a quick hug, Destructosaurus takes his prize back into the sea, temper tantrum over.



Here Comes Destructo-Saurus! tells the tale of a little boy’s temper tantrum and his mother’s response to all that goes with it. He is tossing things about and roaring all the while his mother tosses out typical parental admonitions: Watch what you’re doing; wipe your feet; watch your manners; get control of yourself. Destructosaurus, um, the little boy does not listen. He continues his raging, tossing buildings, no, no, toys, about the city, I mean house.

With toy in hand, Destructosaurus gives mom a big hug. But, instead of Destructosaurus saying he is sorry, mom says,

“You could have used your words. But, still. Sorry I yelled.”

Mom says she is glad he found his toy, that she feels terrible for thinking him terrible. Maybe Here Comes Destructo-Saurus! is meant for parents. Whether Here Comes Destructo-Saurus! was written to enlighten toddlers or mothers, or simply for fun, it is hilarious. The illustrations show an oversized dinosaur destroying New York City. In a comic book style, the images are fun, brightly colored, and hilarious.

What an imaginative way of showing kids what they look like when they have a temper tantrum. I think kids will enjoy seeing themselves as dinosaurs, and what parent has not called their child a “little monster?” Both toddlers and mothers can laugh at the inevitable behavior all kids and parents go through. In the end, there is a hug and both dinosaur and mother calm down. Back to his happy self, Destructosaurus/toddler runs off to play. But wait, mom wants him to come back and clean up the mess he made. The ending has come full circle.


Here Comes Destructo-Saurus! will entertain those who read it. Parents might start calling their child call “Destructosaurus” when the child has a temper tantrum; a word that could help the child rein in his or her behavior. Parents might lighten-up on themselves about the sometimes-anger they feel toward their child. And, most importantly, everyone will enjoy a brightly illustrated dinosaur story. Take note: at one point Destructosaurus sucks his thumb and it is absolutely adorable.

Activity Kit for Kids


Learn more about Here Comes Destructo-Saurus! HERE.

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Meet the author, Aaron Reynolds:  http://www.aaron-reynolds.com/

Meet the illustrator, Jeremy Tankard:  http://www.jeremytankard.com/

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HERE COMES DESTRUCTO-SAURUS! Text copyright C) 2014 by Aaron Reynolds. Illustrations copyright © 2014 by Jeremy Tankard. Reproduced by permission of the publisher Chronicle Books, San Francisco, CA.





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16 thoughts on “#517 – Here Comes Destructo-Saurus! by Aaron Reynolds & Jeremy Tankard

  1. Pingback: Young Spencer Talks About Where Are My Books? | Kid Lit Reviews

    • YEEEESSS!!!! This is the year of KLR! wha ha ha ha ahh, so nice for a change. 🙂 I guess you are too busy to keep up. That is the cost of fame. 👿 😆 (finally, I am beating the master) What is this, 20 to 2?


  2. Yep, a raging toddler is very similar to a Destructosaurus, or other like-minded monsters. It’s all about keeping your monster satisfied and calm. I love this book.


  3. A Godzilla-like DESTRUCTOsaurus! It really is a good metaphor for a ravaging, rampaging toddler 😀 The illustrations look great, too. So bold and colorful. Haven’t read BACK OF THE BUS yet (didn’t know of it, actually), but love CARNIVORES, and CREEPY CARROTS is one of my favorites! 😀 Nice review, Sue, and great new book Aaron and Jeremy 😀


      • Going by the beautiful cover, it looks like it may take place and have something to do with what it was like before Rosa Parks took a stand (?). Do you think it’s a pearl he’s holding? A marble maybe…


        • I don’t know, but it most likely has to do with Rosa Parks, at least that is my suspicion. What are you doing up so late? Don’t you have school in the morning–in a few hours? Go to bed, get your rest. 😀


          • LOL, Sue, yes, I have school EVERY day. Can you guess why? Because…I’m a student of LIFE! 😀 And although I often go to bed when the sun’s coming up (so bad) and REALLY want to change it to be WAKING when the sun rises, I’m finishing up my last load of laundry 😀


    • It took me a while to place Aaron Reynolds with Carnivores. Just the style of the illustrations should have given it away. I really like his work. I will have to get Creepy Carrots next November, I have yet to read it. 🙂


      • Actually, Sue, it’s understandable you didn’t place it since the books are all different illustrators. CARNIVORES was illustrated by Dan Santat, and CREEPY CARROTS was by Peter Brown—both REALLY talented illustrators! The gorgeous cover of BACK OF THE BUS is by Floyd Cooper. I’m not yet familiar with his work, but I plan to be! 😀


        • Yikes! I just thought Carnivores and Here Comes Destructo-Saurus! had a similar feel to them in the illustrations. I am not an expert, but they look somewhat similar. I have no idea about Creepy Carrots as I have never seen it or any of its illustrations, so I will take your expert word for it. You do know your illustrators!


          • Ah, Sue, I don’t know them all, for sure, and am always shocked when there’s a really talented, successful one I hadn’t heard of over all these years, but it DOES happen pretty often! lol You absolutely MUST read CREEPY CARROTS. The story is great and the illustrations are just phenomenal. In fact… http://vimeo.com/43773523


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