#546 – Cat Says Meow: And Other Animalopoeia by Michael Arndt


Cat Says Meow: And Other Animalopoeia

by Michael Arndt

Chronicle Books               2014


Age 2 to 4           28 pages


“Dog says woof . . . pig says oink . . . cow says moo. Animals and the sounds they make are paired up in playfully compelling ways in this eye-catching illustrated gift book featuring bold colors and an engaging use of onomatopoeia. Kids and parents will delight in discovering the ways in which the letters that spell out each animal’s sound are key elements of that animal’s illustration. With so much to see and to sound out, kids will relish this unique visual and educational experience, brimming with color and letters.”






How do you say hello? Ask any of the animals in Cat Says Meow and you will get the answer you probably are expecting, but the animal may look a tad different from normal. The duck still says quack, but look closely at the animal that just spoke to you.

Its left eye looks like the letter “q.”

Its beak looks like a large “u.”

Its right eye looks like an “a.”

The wing looking like a large “c.”

Its legs that look like an odd “k.”

There is something odd going on. Still, if it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, then it must be a  . . . wait a minute, that duck says “quack” and it is made out of the letters quack, which spells “quack!” This has to be a coincidence.

cow pig

Well, there are 25 animals in all, each greeting you in their native tongue, and each looking mostly normal. Take the cow. It greets you by saying, “Moo.” It looks normal as normal can be . . . wait, again. This cow is a bit odd looking.

Its right eye looks like an “m.”

Its left eye looks more normal, but still it looks suspiciously like an “o.”

Its nose looks like another “o.”

“Moo” says the cow that looks like moo.

There is a definite trend going on. A random turn of the thicker than usual pages brings me to an owl, which says, “Hooo.” An owl that looks like “hooo” and says, “Hooo.” Interesting. A pattern has definitely emerged from Cat Says Meow. Every animal, on every page looks like it sounds.

The author calls this animalopoeia, a word he has trademarked. Each animal, which the author also drew, looks like it sounds. A dog is “woof,” a lamb is, “baa,” and a horse is “neigh.” Onomatopoeia means words that sound like the actual act or thing. The words cough, growl, and boom are onomatopoeia. In Cat says Meow, all of these words are animal sounds. The author has coined these sounds Animal*opoeia. This is Michael Arndt’s debut children’s book.

mouse cat

Cat Says Meow is a great little book for teaching your child about 25 common animal sounds. As in reading, the words in each animal shape are formed from left to right, top to bottom. The large, singular illustrations little kids will easily recognize and will enjoy speaking like the animals and hearing you do the same.

Michael Arndt explained Cat Says Meow and Other Animalopoeia and animalopoeia in particular, “[aim] is to promote verbal and visual literacy as well as foster a love of animals at an early age.” Part of the Arndt’s proceeds from Cat Says Meow go back to animal rescue organizations, groups that are also dear to me. The next time you hear a familiar “meow” and think it is your Fluffy, take a quick look,  it could be an animalopoe*ia.

CAT SAYS MEOW: AND OTHER ANIMALOPOEIA. Text and Illustrations copyright (C w2014 by Michael Arndt. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Chronicle Books, San Francisco, CA.

Youtube video found by Erik at ThisKidsReviewsBooks. His review is HERE.


Learn more about Cat Says Meow and Other Animalopoeia HERE.

Buy a copy of Cat Says Meow and Other Animalopoeia at AmazonB&NChronicle Booksyour local  bookstore.


Meet the author/illustrator, Michael Arndt, at his facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/animalopoeia

Find more books at Chronicle Books’ website:http://www.chroniclebooks.com/


cat says meow


11 thoughts on “#546 – Cat Says Meow: And Other Animalopoeia by Michael Arndt

  1. I saw this book reviewed on SuperKids blog and thought it sounded really cute. No wolf though? It figures. Just so you don’t forget, the WOLF goes Awooooooooooo!


    • Awoooookay! Who is Super Kid and what is this kid doing reviewing my books? Where is this tyke. He needs a time out! Why I oughta tell his teacher he is playing on the internet instead of doing homework. Oh, he probably reviewed my homework excuses book, huh? Why that tiny twerp. When I find his blog I tell ya, I’m gonna . . . well, I am, that’s all.

      Glad you like the book and the, MY, review. Sorry about the wolves. I Told them they needed wolves but they said it was too late, someone had already put the book on the internet. See, your Super Kid did it, He’s why there is no wolf in this really good book. Awooooooooooooooo! (how many o’s)


  2. This book is genius. I love it!

    But I’m with Cupcake on this one, what’s with the purposely not mentioning the dog? Are you really Woof/Meow bias?


    • Not today. Today, I am Bunny bias, but I couldn’t use any of them. All bunnies were busy today. Union rules would not allow even one little bunny to be anywhere other than in Easter baskets, and hiding eggs. (\/)


  3. Cat on the cover?? Really!? I read another review of this book, so I know there’s a dog and a woof inside…. You forgot to feature it in your review, S….

    Love and licks,


    • The first line is Dog says woof . . . And the second line of the review reads, Woof! Besides, there are so many books with dogs in them, or about them, but cats, even though they are the felines, they do not get the respect dogs get. So, have a little empathy, Cupcake.

      Did the Easter Bunny (Easter Puppy), leave you lots of things you can eat? Remember, the hard plastic eggs are not real, don’t eat those. I hope you and you mommy had a wonderful day today. Happy Easter! .(\/).


      • We did have a great day, S. I got a stuffed chicken toy and a stuffed rabbit toy that smells like chocolate! No snacks, but a couple of bites of table food. Yum. Hope your day was a happy one! xo


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