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To help kick off the release of Monster Needs His Sleep, the second book in the Monster & Me series, Kid Lit Reviews is thrilled to have Monster and the young man who keeps Monster on the straight and narrow. This is the fourth stop on the Scarletta Kids Blog Book Tour. On May 12th, the first day of Children’s Book Week, KLR will review this new edition of the Monster & Me series and also be giving away a copy of Monster Needs His Sleep to one lucky winner. 

together topI know you have tremendous responsibilities right now and many places to get to, so, this will be a quick interview. A mere six questions. We shouldn’t even get below the fold.

KLR Readers, please welcome the stars of Monster Needs His Sleep! 

Welcome. Uh, what should I call you, young man? 

tiny monster Boy!


Really? Okay. Boy, what is it like have a monster living in your house?

tiny boyIt’s great! Monster and I are best friends, we do everything together. But he can be a handful. Like once we wanted to go camping and– 

tiny monsterLets go build a tree house! Doesn’t that sound cool? I want to build a 20 story tree house!

tiny boyMonster, we need to do this interview to help us sell the book. Once we’re done, we can go and build a tree house. Sorry, like I said, he’s a handful, but life is always really fun!

tiny monster* tree house *


Let’s get right to story. Monster, why don’t you like to go to bed?

tiny monsterThere is way to much to do at night like read books, and play games, and eat, and watch T.V. and–


tiny boyMonster… 

tiny monsterWhat? I like to do a lot of stuff. There is only so much time during the day. When else am I supposed to write a song? Or learn about the symphony? 

tiny boyMonster…

tiny monsterthe dark is creepy.


Monster, you like to read. That’s terrific! What is your favorite book?

tiny monsterWell…there is a great book out called Monster Needs His Sleep–

tiny boyMonster! Shameless plug!

tiny monsterWhat? You’re the one making me do this interview. I wanted to go a build a tree house.


Okay, Monster’s favorite is Monster Needs His Sleep. What is your favorite book?

tiny boyMonster is right about Monster Needs His Sleep, but I really like The Dark by Lemony Snicket. Monster has a fear of the dark, just like Lazlo, so reading it to Monster before bedtime helps Monster relax.

tiny monsterYou should read me Monster Needs His Sleep.


Here is the million-dollar question—no, you don’t get a million dollars—what are your plans after getting some sleep? Any new adventures? 

tiny monster#!

tiny boyOn September 2nd, 2014, look for Monster Needs a Christmas Tree.

tiny monsterOh I love Christmas! But that time I got worried we weren’t going to have a Christmas tree and Santa wasn’t going to visit!

tiny boyYeah, that was a close one. But you came up with a great idea to save the day!

tiny monsterDon’t forget! Halloween will soon be here and I am going to need another costume.

tiny boyAnd when spring rolls around again, its time for sports and you’re going to need to exercise!

tiny monsterBut I really wanted to learn how to cook. Do you think Mom will let me use her apron? 

tiny boyMaybe you’ll get one for your birthday, when we throw you a party.

Does that mean, Monster Needs to Exercise or Monster Needs a Baseball Game and Monster Needs a Birthday Party? Count me in!

This is the last question. Monster, what is your bestest advice to young kids about bedtime?

tiny monsterDon’t drink a lot of water before going to bed—Not a good idea.

And always keep your nightlight close. Remember, he’s your glowing friend!


Thank you for stopping by and bringing your best friend, Monster. Good luck on the rest of the blog book tour. Stay out of trouble. And Monster, get a lot of sleep!


Here is the blog tour—with GIVEAWAYS—for Monster Needs His Sleep, now available from AmazonB&NiTunesScarletta Kidsyour local bookstore.

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Scarletta Kids Blog Book Tour

Monster Needs His Sleep


“Monster and boy are here once more,
travelin’ along a little blog tour!
So jump right in, discover a treat.
One little click and your day is complete!”


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April 15
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April 17
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Kid Lit Reviews
Monster always has a lot to say, and this delightful character interview will be no different.

May 3
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May 6
There’s a Book
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May 12
Kid Lit Reviews
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May 14
5,4,3,2,1… Find out the deets on Monster Needs His Sleep in this fast-paced, by-the-numbers interview to wrap up the tour.


boymonster together

MONSTER NEEDS HIS SLEEP. Text copyright © 2014 by Paul Czajak. Illustrations copyright © 2014 by Wendy Grieb. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Scarletta Kids, Minneapolis, MN.


25 thoughts on “Interview: Characters Boy & Monster from Monster Needs His Sleep

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  4. Hey, I like this Boy and that Monster! They seem like a good team with some fun adventures. I feel for boy and the troubles he has putting Monster to bed. I have the same problem with my dragon. Funny interview and fun too.


    • Boy and Monster were fun. I love doing the character questions, but it is so hard to decide what to ask them. So many question, too little space. This may have been the funniest int–never mind. 🙂


  5. OK, I definitely like Boy and Monster already 🙂 He sounds like a night owl to me so we have a lot in common, though I’m TRYing to change that. He should, too! 🙂 LOVE the illustrations, btw 😀


    • Monster is not really a night owl–he is afraid of the dark. You could have that in common. 😀 Monster does want to learn about how to do everything. He wants to do everything. You could have that in common. 🙂
      I am a night owl, if that is any consolation. 😦


  6. This is Great! But when did Boy and Monster find the time to do this? I’m going to have to talk to them about this.


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    • They did pretty good, once Monster settled down and stopped playing with all the equipment (a recorder and a microphone). Monster is a curious “little” fellow. 🙂


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