Excerpt: The Shark Whisperer by Dr. Ellen Prager

The Shark Whisperer, a new middle grade series by Ellen Prager, with illustrations by Antonio Javier Caparo, released yesterday, May 1, 2014.  To help promote this incredible ocean tale, Scarletta Junior Readers, an imprint of Scarletta Press, has released a sneak peek for Kid Lit Reviews’ loyal readers, visitors, and friends.

“Follow Tristan Hunt and his friends on a series of fun, action-packed adventures in the ocean. They soon learn that they have strange, but exciting ocean powers and their summer camp is really the training ground for secret teenage undersea agents. Their powers are the key to keeping the ocean safe, and each book finds Tristan and his friends facing even more dangerous missions.”

shark whisperer


Dr Ellen PragerDr. Ellen Prager is a marine scientist and author, formerly the chief scientist at the world’s only undersea research station in the Florida Keys. With her ability to make science fun and understandable for people of all ages, she has built a national reputation as a spokesperson on earth and ocean science issues. Dr. Prager has participated in research expeditions to locations such as the Galapagos Islands, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and throughout the Caribbean. She now acts as the science advisor to the Celebrity Cruise ship Xpedition in the Galapagos. She lives in Miami, Florida, where she spends her time writing, consulting, and spending as much time on and in the ocean.

Antonio Caparo.

Antonio Javier Caparo is an illustrator, comic artist, and graphic designer. His works have been published in children’s books, young reader books, and magazines in North America, South America, and Europe.


Get  copy of The Shark Whisperer, Book 1:Tristan Hunt and the Sea Guardians at AmazonB&NBook DepositoryScarletta Junior Readersyour local bookstore.

The Shark Whisperer, Book 1:Tristan Hunt and the Sea Guardians

by Dr. Ellen Prager      http://www.earth2ocean.net/

illustrations by Antonio Javier Caparo   http://www.antoniocaparo.com/ 

Scarletta Junior Readers       5/01/2014


Age 8 to 12       288 pages

scarletta junior readers



9 thoughts on “Excerpt: The Shark Whisperer by Dr. Ellen Prager

  1. Pingback: Interview with Dr. Ellen Prager, author of The Shark Whisperer | Kid Lit Reviews

    • The trailer is really cool! You would love this story. I’m reviewing it during Children’s book Week AND giving away a copy of the book. Maybe you could win it. 😀 Just like last year there will be a giveaway everyday of CBW. 🙂


  2. I’ve always been fascinated with the ocean and the creatures that live there. It’s a whole different world under the water! Thanks for sharing this Sue!


  3. What a WONderful premise for a series! Especially written by an expert 😀 The excerpt was totally compelling, that’s for sure! The oceans are endangered and humankind just keeps doing the damage. I’m thinking that’s got to be in those stories. I hope so 🙂 And the illustrations look beautiful!

    Thanks, Sue!


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