#565 – Lately Lily: The Adventures of a Traveling Girl by Micah Player

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Welcome to day 6 of Children’s Book Week. These last two days of Children’s Book Week 2014 Kid Lit Reviews presents two publishers well-known for their children’s books, in particular, picture books. Tomorrow Capstone will present two books you could win. Today Chronicle Books is sponsoring Lately Lily: The Adventures of a Travelling Girl. To WIN this picture book LEAVE A COMMENT! For additional entries, CLICK HERE TO WIN!

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Lately Lily: The Adventures of a Travelling Girl

by Micah Player

Chronicle Books        3/25/2014


Age 4 to 8      32 pages

.“Meet Lily the Travelling Girl! Where has Lily been lately? EVERYWHERE! Lily takes her trips by plane, train, bike, boat, and even by camel, and her best friend,, Zeborah, is always along for the ride. Whether venturing far away or staying close to home, Lily knows that the joy of discovery is the best way to travel each and every day. Join the jet-setting Lily on a world tour, and experience the surprises of ravel through her eyes.”


“BONJOUR! CIAO! HOLA! HELLO! I’m Lily, the Travelling Girl.”

The Story

Lily’s parents work all over the world and take Lily with them. During one of her adventures, her parents feel bad they have to leave her in a hotel room, and her mother goes to a toy shop where she sees a doll that passes her doll review – and gives it to Lily as a friend for their adventures. Lily takes Zeborah, her stuffed zebra doll and best friend. As the story progresses, you will learn where Lily has been—lately, meet her friends, and discover what she does.


The author/illustrator, Micah Player, is the Creative Director of a company that makes kids apparel. That company, called Lately Lily, “the international teeshirt brand for thoughtful little girls,” specializes in clothes for young girls age 2 to 10, all based on Lily and her travels. Lily’s parents are a journalist and a photographer for the International Exposition (the Definitive Journal of Global Curiosity), working around the world. According to Lily’s website, the International Exposition is the world’s greatest magazine.


Lily travels carrying her yellow suitcase—her home away from home—and Zeborah, a stuffed zebra-doll. Lily writes notes in her journal describing her travels. These notes are what inspire the fashions at the store. In addition to this book, Lately Lily also has flashcards and a yellow suitcase, both available at Chronicle Books. I think this could be a series, or rather, I hope this is a series. If not, and maybe still, the book is another product placement to induce kids—and parents—to shop at the Lately Lily store. Still, Lily said a few  things that are encouraging signs that she can be a role model for young girls.

lily and zeborh“Every day is an adventure.”

             “The world is full of possibilities”

“Sharing stories keeps us [friends] close.”    

“New places lead to unexpected discoveries.”

Joining her working parents, Lily travels from the U. S. to China, England, and France. Lily makes even the mundane parts of travel exciting. Her energy is boundless and will have kids enthusiastic about travel. I like that Lily records her travels, what she’s seen and learned. Even Lily says her journal makes it easy to remember her travels. Lily is an intelligent, curious, well-dressed girl who has no trouble entertaining herself when not with her worldly friends.

I like that she writes—with paper and pen—to her friends when they are not together. Letters are personal and tangible. Writing a letter seems to be a lost art, replaced by emails and instant messaging. Lily appears much older than her age, which is not stated but is no more than ten based on her backstory.


The illustrations are bright and cheery, giving Lily a sophisticated look. Young girls will like Lily and Lately Lily, though the book is more a travel log or a “This is my life,” than a story. Regardless, girls who love wearing Lately Lily will enjoy the picture book. Young girls new to Lately Lily will love the girl and her Zeborah. Many of them will want to transition into wearing Lately Lily clothes.

LATELY LILY: THE ADVENTURES OF A TRAVELLING GIRL. Text and illustrations copyright © 2014 by Micah Player. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Chronicle Books, San Francisco, CA. .

Buy Lately Lily: The Adventures of a Travelling Girl at AmazonB&NChronicle Booksyour local bookstore.


Learn more about Lately Lily HERE    http://latelylily.com/

Meet the author/illustrator Micah Player, at his website:  http://paperrifle.com/

Check out the Lately Lily store at the website:   http://latelylily.com/shop/

Find other books at Chronicle Books’ website: http://www.chroniclebooks.com/ 

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8 thoughts on “#565 – Lately Lily: The Adventures of a Traveling Girl by Micah Player

  1. This is a VERY eye-catching, appealing cover! So is the trailer—SO inviting 😀 I tell ya, Chronicle REALLY bats a thousand with their list! THANK you for putting Micah Player on my radar. I see she’s going to become a new favorite, Sue 😀


  2. Very clever idea for a book. I love the bright and lively illustrations. I daydreamed about traveling around the world and would have loved this book. Thanks for sharing.


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