#574 – When I Grow Up, I Want to be . . . in the U. S. Navy!: Noah Tours an Aircraft Carrier by Wigu Publishing

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wigu navy.

When I Grow Up I Want To Be…in the U.S. Navy!: Noah Tours an Aircraft Carrier!

Wigu Publishing

Wigu Publishing      2014


Age 7+         58 pages


“Noah is excited for the chance to tour a real aircraft carrier with his Grandpa Ed, a proud Navy veteran. He is not excited that his little sister, Marina, is tagging alone. Still, Noah tries to be patient. Readers chuckle and follow along as the siblings learn that each deck, each crewmember, and each piece of equipment adds another chapter to the history of the U.S. Navy and its mission to protect our country. Noah and Marina’s curiosity helps introduce readers to the complex and exciting work of an aircraft carrier and how each crewmember plays a vital role in its functioning.”


“Noah was excited. A U.S. Navy aircraft carrier had come into port. Everyone was invited to visit. Noah’s Grandpa Ed promised to take him!”


WIGO_USNAVY_page32_image7Noah and his Grandpa Ed—plus a tag-a-long younger sister, Marina—visit a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier while it is in port. Quickly into the story are pictures of the Navy Seals, helicopters landing, and planes taking WIGO_USNAVY_page32_image71off from a carrier, and a huge gold anchor. The diagramed USS Gerald Ford should interest model ship-builders. Throughout . . . in the Navy, various photographs visualize life on an aircraft carrier; what it is, who is on one, and why it exists. The general theme is protection of the U.S.

If you talk about ships, kids often think about pirates. Noah is no different. He learns pirates do still roam the oceans, marauding ships for their WIGO_USNAVY_page32_image62goods. Marina is pleased to learn there were girl pirates then and possibly now.

The three tour most of the important decks, including the bridge, flight deck, bunks, and the cafeteria where it smelled of French fries and, yes Marina, ketchup was available. Marina deliversWIGO_USNAVY_page32_image84 the majority of humor, though Grandpa Ed has a few good lines, most of which adults will catch faster than kids will. By the end of the book, both kids have decided the U.S. Navy is for them. Noah plans to be a pilot, while Marina decides to be a captain, taking the title right then. Both Noah and Captain Marina have a great time visiting the aircraft carrier. There is a thread left hanging:  was Grandpa Ed ever in the brig?

WIGO_USNAVY_page32_image85Boys will especially enjoy . . . in the Navy, though girls should check it out as well. . . . in the Navy includes illustrations of every current type of aircraft carrier used by the U.S. Navy. This Wigu edition makes a nice adjunct text for teachers planning lessons about the military.

As with the other When I Grow Up editions, in the Navy is loaded with useful information kids will enjoy. Whether as a reference or looking for a career, kids will find in the Navy useful. It is one more edition in the ever-growing series of When I Grow Up series that can help kids think about their future . . . until they change their mind. But that’s okay. Wigu publishing is planning tons more books for this series, so kids can keep changing their minds until they can say, “This is what I what to be when I grow up!”


WHEN I GROW UP, I WANT TO BE . . . IN THE NAVY!:  NOAH TOURS AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER. Text and illustrations copyright © 2014 by Wigu Publishing. Reproduced by permission of Wigu Publishing, Laguna Beach, CA.

Buy . . . in the Navy and other editions at Amazon—B&N—Wigu Publishingyour local bookstore.


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9 thoughts on “#574 – When I Grow Up, I Want to be . . . in the U. S. Navy!: Noah Tours an Aircraft Carrier by Wigu Publishing

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  2. I really enjoy the WIGU books and the way they cover career topics. The photography adds another dimension to the stories. Great review, Sue!


    • I agree. I am curious how they will write wigu I want to be green and wigu I want to be a good person. The last the most. There won’t be history to pull in, or career doodads. Should be most interesting.


    • Are you entering? Josie getting any art for this or reading? Wait, is there art involved? If not there darn well should be. Good luck if you enter. If not, why not? 🙂


  3. This looks adorable, but — and do forgive me — I can’t help but think of inappropriate titles for this series.

    When I Grow Up I Want to be…On The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!
    When I Grow Up I Want to be…A Barfly!
    When I Grow Up I Want to be…The Leader of a Banana Republic!

    Ahem. I’ll see myself out.


    • What is that phrase my dad said? Oh, yeah, “Don’t let the door hit you in the -yeah- on the way out!” 🙂 BUT PLEASE do return! 😀
      When I Grow Up, I Want to be a . . . Writer


  4. Great way to get to know an aircraft carrier! When I was a teacher, my class visited the Intrepid. One of my favorite class trips – starting with the spontaneous applause on the bus when we pulled up. Powerful!


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