Ah, Yes, Vacation

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying the reviews here at Kid Lit Reviews. These are not your normal reviews. I try to make them humorous when the book calls for it and let you see a glimpse of my personality in the review, without taking from the book. I hope you enjoy these longer reviews as much as I enjoy writing them. I never thought I would write so much each day. There would be no reason to do this without all of you.

I will be away for a few days, possibly a week. I will try to continue posting reviews as usual. If you find the same review the next day, I apologize. I hope that never happens more than two days in a row.  I must take a few days off to undergo surgery on my hip. Not a big deal, the hip simply no longer likes me, so I am replacing it for one that does. It is not easy living with a hip that works against you. The socket will be unoccupied as of tomorrow morning, if anyone knows of a good, loyal hip that needs a permanent home. It will be ready in about 6 weeks. This new tenant must be infection free and plan to stay that way. With all of you good readers out there, I hope someone knows of a hip without a bone to pick.

I plan to return full-time as soon as possible. Until then, I hope you enjoy the reviews that do post. I will reply to each and every comment when I return. Until then, please talk amongst yourselves, behave online, and do return. I will miss you. Off I must go, but I will be back before you know it.

Until then, please take care,





Sue M.



15 thoughts on “Ah, Yes, Vacation

  1. I’m just reading this post now, and thinking about you, and wondering how you and your new hip are doing. I hope the surgery went well and the pain isn’t too bad!


  2. Hi Sue, I’m reading this relatively late – I sure hope your surgery went well and also for your rehab. Take the time you need to get your mobility where you want it! I’m sending you good vibes for a quick recovery…


  3. I always figured you as a hipster, but you’re so hip, you’re using up your hipness at much too fast a rate, thus necessitating the need for replacement hipness. Try a little nerdiness – that’ll bring down that hipness use-rate.

    That’s what you’re talking about, isn’t it?

    Good luck, Sue, with the procedure. You’ll be running a marathon in no time. Some writers use treadmill desks. You might become the first reviewer to do the same.

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  4. Sue, Good luck with the surgery and fingers and toes crossed for a super, speedy recovery. My step-mom had two hips replaced (and someone even threw in a kidney), and she’s been as good as new since the procedures. No more pain and able to walk, run, etc.

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  5. Best of luck, Sue! I got a brand new knee last year, and it has been serving me amazingly well. The whole ordeal was easier than I expected, and my hope for you is that your new hip is well behaved and that your recovery is easier than you expect. Cupcake and I will say prayers for you. xo

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    • Thank you. I can’t say I have ever had a dog pray for me, so that is especially special. This is hip number 4, so once it goes back in all should be rather easy, or at least familiar. Still, prayers are always welcome.


  6. Goodness gracious, that doesn’t sound like a vacation… I’m with Susanna on that. We will keep you in our prayers and thoughts that your new hip fits perfectly and treats you well. I think you can take a week or more off to rest while you recover. 🙂 No one will fault you for sure! Thanks for all you do.
    ~Cool Mom for The Gang

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  7. I was all happy for you when I saw the post title “Vacation”… but this doesn’t sound like much of a vacation! I hope the surgery goes smoothly and your recovery is easy and painless and you end up with the hip of your dreams!

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    • The hip of my dreams sounds terrific. I’ll let the surgeons know. I may not get it, but at least the team will enter the operating room with smiles on their faces. That will be worth something. 🙂


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