First Surgeon Visit Goes Well!

Infection under control, staples removed, and all looks great!! Only 8 weeks to go.

I am so pleased to tell everyone that the surgeon is pleased with the recovery so far. Except for the top third of the spacer moving a bit out of place, everything looks great. The blood work that determines the level of infection has been good, meaning if all stays the course, in 5 weeks a new hip will be inserted and soon after I will be running as fast as ever . . . okay, I no longer run at a fast pace, but the idea is the same.

I’m looking forward to the hip surgery and the final two weeks of therapy. Now, if only my aide gets better. I don’t think I mentioned this, but a few days before surgery  we were in a car accident. Travelling down a busy street during 5 o’clock traffic, I was slowing down when my car suddenly accelerated and lurched forward. To avoid hitting the line of cars waiting for the light to turn green, I turned to the right, hoping to go down the empty side-street.

Best laid plans often do not work, and neither do instantaneous decisions. I missed the street and hit a fire hydrant on the corner, which then propelled the car into the air. The passenger side was near the ground and hit the ground first. I had no idea we had gone airborne. But it all stopped the car before hitting the building a few feet in front of the car. My aide, God bless her, was the passenger. Neither of us felt hurt, had bruises, or any other tell-tale sign of an injury . . . until a few days later. My knee is a mess (the same  side as the hip, of course), but most important, my aide—and friend—now has a crushed neck vertebrae that we are hopeful can be put back into place without surgery, but I still worry.

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i found out a few days ago that Toyota Corollas from 2006 to 2010 have suddenly accelerated while moving at low speeds, and have been recalled. I was never notified (have a 2010). Wish I had known that before now. So Toyota may be paying out, but for what has yet to be determined. I would greatly appreciate all your extra prayers going to my aid, Vickie, that her neck heals correctly and in a timely fashion. She is not one to go to a doctor, so it has been a small miracle that she is honoring her three-a -week appointments and hired a lawyer.

When it rains it pours. I sincerely hope all of you have been living a safer life and that all is well with you and yours. (Ug, how Christmassy sounding, and it is close enough without adding to it.)

Working on a couple of reviews. Hope to have them u p soon. Will try not to scare you with these two books.

Till then, take care,





21 thoughts on “First Surgeon Visit Goes Well!

  1. So sorry to hear about Vickie’s injury but glad to hear that your recovery is going well. #mixedEmotions 😦 🙂


  2. Oh, Sue! Sending prayers for you and your aide. You are right, when it rains it pours. May you both have a swift recovery.


    • Me too! Who else will keep you on your toes? As it is you are gaining by leaps and bounds. I have a lot to catch up on. I think I might have a couple of books I’ll beat you to the post. And maybe a couple you don’t have to review, but might wish you had. We’ll see, hopefully soon. More importantly, I pray my aide comes through the accident in better shape than before. She’s tough. I need her, and every day a few dozen dogs need her. (And four new puppies.) 🙂


    • Thank you. Timing has not been great this time around. “They” say things happen in sets of three, so I hope this is the end of the bad news. Thank you for stopping by. It is humbling to see so many names and all the well wishes.


    • Doing my best. Physical therapy doesn’t let me slack. The people here are terrific. Please keep Vickie in your prayers. She could lose her livelihood if the spine won’t relax and release. Thank you. xo


    • Vickie will love your wags. She runs a dog rescue and gets lots of wags every day but wags from you are special. You’re Reading Rhythm! The hard part will be me sharing them. Keep wagging. I know those will help her . . . and me. (Tomorrow, my kitties are visiting, so I’ll get wags and licks. Feline or canine, wags and licks have wonderful healing powers).

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    • The hip replacement is on track, as long as it stays this way the hip will be replaced in about 5 weeks. I appreciate your love and prayers for Vickie. A flattened cervical spine can cause all sorts of trouble. That accident could change her life. I’ve been through that and would not wish that upon anyone. Your prayers for Vickie are much appreciated. Thank you.

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      • Actually, I am hopping much better, seeing as the other leg is a tad flimsy at the moment. And I am hopping to that new hip as fast as I can. The staples were removed, except for the one I just found in my leg. This has been the craziest hip replacement I have ever hopped through.


    • Thank you. I am most concerned about her cervical spine not correcting. Even though I’ve since found out my car was recalled for low speed unexpected accelerations, I was still driving. Vickie is my aide. She is to care for me and if she can no longer do that, I am not the only one who will need a new aide. I feel horrible. Your prayers for Vickie are very much needed.


  3. Is there a voodoo doll out there in your likeness and full of pins? Did you walk under a ladder while breaking a mirror while a family of black cats (not your own, of course) crossed your path? Stay away from Vegas for awhile and put a lawyer on speed-dial. Very glad everything is fixable (albeit not a fun process), and will say a prayer for Vickie. Great news about the hip process progressing nicely – the New York Marathon awaits.


    • Thanks for the laugh. I should have known doing all of those things just days before surgery could cause trouble, but being an optimist, I ignored the signs. So, where were you when I was about to break a mirror, under a ladder, when the litter of black cats walked by? You must have seen it happen, as you are the only one with the details. Well, Vegas is not for me, so go ahead and bet all you want. As for the New York Marathon, I couldn’t run it before getting a newer hip, so I doubt I could after. Is there anything interesting waiting at the finish line? My m ind might be changeable. Hope you are writing.


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