Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

I hope your tables are crowded with the people you love, and your plates are full of delicious dishes. May a Thanksgiving Turkey arrive in time for cleanup duty.  On Black-Friday and Cyber-Monday, may you find outstanding deals and rarely need to plop down any dollars, euros, or other currency. And on Saturday, may The Ohio State University surpass the 20 point lead they currently have over the University of Michigan. Whomever decides those leads will find they are wrong when the spread is closer. This rivalry will kick butt until the final bell, buzzer, or whistle blows.

Mostly, have  a joyful holiday weekend.

Quick note: I am still in the rehab hospital, but the hip aspiration (after four cancellations), was finally performed. The collected fluid looked good, but could still grow on one of those red plastic dishes, keeping me in this place another 8 weeks. There are a couple of other problems sticking their ugly heads up, yet the doctors are top-notch and all the problems will be gone before a new hip arrives. Mostly, they make me tired, frustrated, and missing home more than ever. But I have faith that once my surgeon returns next week, the news will be good and a new hip will find its way to me the following week. It looks like I will make it home by the first of the year, though I am going to work hard to make that sooner. I would love to be home for Christmas. I think I will make myself a ring/chain calendar to help get through the remaining days.

Have a Wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving!

[Picture a beautiful turkey here. I do not have access to a scanner.]

12 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

  1. Sue, I wish you a belated Merry Christmas and hope this coming new year delivers you a Grade A hip and a return to sweet normalcy (healthwise, as I’m sure all else is normal as can be). Good luck and can’t wait to see you back in action.


  2. Glad to hear that you are staying positive, Sue! It sounds like agony to me. Please tell them to stop torturing you. 😀


  3. Sue! So nice to hear from you… you’ve been on our minds and we are happy you were able to “check-in” with us all. May your next 8 weeks fly by and all things go smoothly. Keep up the great attitude – it helps so much for your recovery. {{Hugs}} from The Gang

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  4. FINALLY!!!!! THERE you are!!!! We’ve been worried, woman! SO glad to hear from you here! 😀 😀 😀 Sorry to hear your hip is taking the long, slower journey, but it WILL be over at some point. I hope they do up a nice Thanksgiving dinner for you in rehab! 😀 Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving, everyone! 😀 oxox


  5. Sue, you have the exactly-right kind of thinking to make this happen so you can be home and strong and back to your life soon. I am thinking happy, healing thoughts for you all the time. I love that even when they give you the best case scenario, you plan to still work hard to make that even better! You inspire me. Hang in there. Happy Thanksgiving! xo

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