A Sad Update Thanks to Best Buy and Lenovo Laptops

Hi Everyone!

I’ve commandeered a friend’s laptop to let everyone interested know what is going on in the land of Where’s-Sue-Is-She-Coming-Back. I plan on returning, absolutely. At the moment, I am home, rolling around in a wheelchair, staying off my hip/leg for two more months. Then rehab will begin. I hope. For those who don’t know, my leg was broken while removing the old hip. It had to be screwed and wired together—in a five hour operation–in addition to attaching a new hip. Until the bone heals around the post inside the leg I cannot put any weight on the leg. If I do, the post will ram down into the leg and break it apart, destroying too many things to think about.

You are probably wondering how this keeps my fingers off the keyboard of my laptop. Well, it would not if I had a laptop to use. My new (less than a year old) laptop had a faulty motherboard, according to Best Buy Geek Squad, who replaced it under warrant. Returned in  August, the motherboard went out again in late September. This makes me think the problem is not the motherboard but something else which is causing the board to go bad. What are the odds the a motherboard – the main components of your computer, would go bad twice in a year? This is the first time I have ever had a motherboard go bad in all the computers I have ever used.

None of this matters to Best Buy. Since I did not return the laptop to them, but rather called and had a friend return it, and it was not done by September 5th (30 days past returning the “fixed” laptop) Best Buy blew me off and refuses to find and fix the real problem. The Geek Squad tried to submit my laptop but a manager said “NO!” He wants me to buy a new motherboard – or a new laptop since the cost would be similar. A brand new, top-of-the-line laptop, with solid state drives, destroys its motherboard not once, but twice within its first 8 months.

Thanks a lot Best Buy, for NOT standing behind your Geek Squad service and the products sold to me. I will never again buy even a piece of gum from Best Buy.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Agency is now trying to deal with Best Buy, which no longer is concerned with customer satisfaction or the quality of any service it provides. This is not the first time a Geek Squad agent agrees something should be done and a manager nixed it without regard to the customer, the Geek Squad’s knowledge, or any concern for customer loyalty. There was a time when I would not even look anywhere but Best Buy, mainly because of the customer service and the way the company stood behind the products it sold. NOT ANYMORE! With no competition in my area all the company—the manager at this store—care about is a sale — the managers leading the way.

Until I can get another laptop, I cannot post. Borrowing a friend’s laptop is not a good solution. I apologize to everyone who has sent in a book for review. I am still reading all the books, taking notes, and hand writing the review. Once this is settled, or I figure out how to come up with another $1000 for a solid state, top-of-the-line, don’t-need-to-worry-about-laptop, the reviews will be posted. Please do not send in an books until further notice. If you do, please keep in mind it could be 6 months before a review is posted. Or maybe longer.

I hate this. It makes me angry. I sincerely apologize to every reader and loyal supporter of KLR. This was not how this medical adventure was to have worked out.

10 thoughts on “A Sad Update Thanks to Best Buy and Lenovo Laptops

  1. Well, Wow! i was excited to see this post in my mailbox, but oh my goodness! It sounds like a book in the making! You need to take some deep breaths and stay calm so you can take care of that leg!! That’s the main thing. The leg. Take care of yourself. Tomorrow is always a better day. Thanks for checking in! You’ve been missed! 😛


  2. Wow, Sue, how ironic! Just maybe an hour ago, I was unexpectedly fooling around on my “Children’s Books” page on my blog, and when I was done, I scrolled and saw an old comment from you that I–aghast–had never responded to–so I did! Then here you are–POSTING! lol It’s GREAT to hear from you, though the only good news here is that you’re alive and finally home. I’m sure if you’re careful, your leg will heal just fine. I wonder if you contact Lenovo and explain that you’ve been in the hospital/rehab for so many months and it was impossible for you to deal with anything before your warranty expired, perhaps they would understand and do the right thing for you. I sure hope so!

    Wonderful to hear from you! Heal well, my dear 🙂


  3. Sue, it is great to hear from you! I’m sorry you’re having such an awful time – one thing on top of another! But the most important thing is for your leg to heal. The laptop is certainly annoying, but not on the same scale as your health. I hope either Best Buy or Lenovo will see reason, but even more I hope you’ll soon be up and around on two strong legs. We have all missed you! Keep getting better! 🙂


  4. Sue, I’m so sorry. I hope you feel better. I am not a fan of Best Buy. I bought a dishwasher there, and it took almost two months after purchase to get the machine installed. Call. Complain. Rinse and repeat. (I may have said many words that I can’t repeat.) Fingers and toes crossed for a super, speedy recovery. 🙂


  5. Even though this update is not a lot of great news, it’s good to hear from you, Sue. I’m happy you’re out of the hospital, and I hope your hip continues to strengthen and heal. As for your computer, have you tried contacting Lenovo directly? If it’s less than a year old, their warrantee should allow for a product replacement. A few years ago, I had an issue getting my new Dell laptop to connect to the Internet, and after sending out a technician to repair it 3 times, Dell replaced it with a brand new one.

    You remain in my prayers for a speedy recovery.


  6. You’re ALIVE and that’s all that matters! We’ve missed your reviews and think about you often. It sounds like they are done torturing you and you’re on the mend. Thanks for letting us know. Remind me to never get on your bad side. The wrath of Sue! 😉


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