Featured Fight: USB versus Motherboard

Once more the CPU God has looked down upon me unfavorably. For the third time in just over a year, the motherboard has died on my “new” solid-state laptop. The computer is a dream–when it works correctly.

The odds of having three bad boards in one computer, under 14 months, must be astronomical.  The good news is I know what the culprit is, and no, it is not me. When the piece for the mouse was plugged in darkness fell upon the screen and all became silent. It must be the USB causing a spark or static and that is what has been killing the motherboards. The first  time an external drive was attached and it killed that also. This time, and last, it only took the computer itself.

The good news, after a heated discussion, Levono once again (though not as willing as  last time), agreed to replace the motherboard and check out the USB, though I am positive that will need replaced also. If not, I foresee a fourth motherboard in my future. The techs know about the problem and they will be reminded, so it will be on them if another board dies.

It will be about two weeks before the laptop is back. Plus, I am finally allowed to bear weight on the bad leg, so now it is time for rehab. I will try to get a review or two up — middle grade novels as I cannot post images using the iPad (that I know of). If anyone knows how to do that, please let me know. Just getting this written was a difficult. The keyboard is so tiny..

Thank you for once again understanding the plight of the CPU. Don’t you just love technology?





11 thoughts on “Featured Fight: USB versus Motherboard

  1. We hope that three’s a charm and this will be the last of your computer woes. Hip hip hooray for rehab!


  2. I think you need a Mac. I never wanted to get one, but when all five of my Windows computers went down at the same time, I knew it was time for a change. Not that Mac’s are perfect, but you can pretty much prepare to forget about problems of this magnitude. But good luck getting it fixed, that kind of thing is super annoying.

    And you can add images in WordPress for iPad. You just screen capture the image by pressing the power and home buttons and once, crop it, and then press the image feature in the WordPress app to add it to your post.


    • Thank you for the iPad help, but I don’t snatch illustrations, publishers send me the files. Though, I did figure out how to get book covers into my posts with your help. I do want a Mac–though they are expensive compared to the familiar PC and having a learning curve (I have lost some of my patience with age). One of these days I will take on he mighty Mac!


  3. Love no! That’s the anagram for Lenovo, which must come as no surprise to you. It’s clear your demon possessed computer attacks your hips at night while you sleep, then kills itself just when you entrust it with your most valuable assets. This is also the makings of a less-than-astute middle grade horror novel.

    “Oven lo” is another anagram, but it’s rather meaningless except possibly in a Shakespearean kitchen drama.


    • Interesting thought pattern. I still only fault Best Buy–for now. (See comment below.) Though I do love your anagram idea. What if there are companies with hidden messages in their company name!? You may have hit uponsomething other than a new middle grade story idea.


  4. Oh wow! I’m glad Lenovo is standing behind their product, but I for one will NEVER buy anything from them. That whole computer should have been replaced ages ago. Isn’t there a lemon law for computers? If a car has the same thing repaired 3 times, it’s determined to be a lemon! In any case, have fun at Physical Therapy! Road to recovery, here you come!


    • Best Buy has a lemon law policy but you must get a laptop repaired by them on the same part three times, which means you pay for it (unless on warranty and if you pay, getting them to recognize it as a lemon computer does not mean a refund of the costs of the wasted repairs), or you must have bought Best Buy’s rather expensive insurance.

      Any manufacturer can unknowingly put in a faulty part (which are made elsewhere), so I do not fault Levono. I DO fault Best Buy. It should have fixed the computer correctly the first time, but did not. Then, despite the “Geek Squad” agreeing Best Buy did not repair it the first time and should do so again, only this time correctly, the loathsome manager (who I have crossed paths with before and he was also a jack*** then), refused to fix the laptop again because I was not returning the machine within the first 30 days after the repair–I WAS HOSPITALIZED, but called the moment the laptop died again, on the second day of actual use after the repair. The manager pretty much told me “tough sh**.”

      LEVONO is standing behind their product. BEST BUY DID NOT/DOES NOT stand behind their repairs.

      How much real competition does Best Buy have in my town? A bigfat none — so they have stopped caring about customers and customer care and now only care about the bottom line (the manager–the guy in charge). So I am now BOYCOTTING Best Buy. Period. (It was once my favorite store.)

      With that said, and Levono being told what they need to check out (and a promise that they will check every component), IF the motherboard fails a final fourth time, I WILL take Levono to court based on the perception of a lemon law.


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