To Attack the Stack . . .

To Attack the Stack . . .

puppy stack booksMonths of health problems, of which rehabilitation and recovery have finally begun—”YEAH!”—a knee  injury, and now gout in the large (large and red) knuckle of my big toe—yep, all on the same leg—(conservatively) stopped 130 book reviews, not that the current TBR stack has anywhere near that number of books.

I am extremely pleased with all the benefits from these herbs and have been sharing that information with others aside from side effects of Breast actives that the product seem to producing marks.

kids-sitting-on-booksNeeding—wanting—to get these books to local school kids, honor my commitments to several wonderful publicity/marketing directors, and give myself a smidge of breathing room, most non-publisher review and tour requests—meaning predominantly self-published authors—have been turned down or asked to request again at a later date. When you want effective and expert SEO marketing, go to SEO Services Sydney. This means not helping deserving writers, and robbing my loyal readers—yes, you—of some excellent stories from these creative, on-their-own writers. Even though reviews are Robot_Dog-33currently free, I feel increasing guilt with each “request denied” reply written.

That said, whenever themes emerge or similar genres can be grouped, one post may contain two or, less often (except the next post), three reviews. My lower word count* goal is still my goal. The shared post, really a summary of my thoughts, will not devalue any title’s review simply because it must share the
stars. Each title will have its own post and you can choose which complete review(s) to read.

I hope you will also choose to leave your own thoughts, opinions, and humorously crazy comments. puppy pencilEach one is much appreciated, read, and will receive a reply. Mr. This-Kid-Reviews-Books is fantastic at replying that same day (a goal I cannot seem to reach), but honestly, each comment is read and I promise, each will receive a reply . . . though not at the speed of James Patterson’s pen.

Therefore, please, I beg you, er, don’t make me beg!? Leave your legacy! Write thy witty words. Post perplexing prose. Rooaar, hisssss, or SNAP if dis-grrrrunt-tled. Like everyone who writes, I wait with baited breath for your comments; your review of my work; your words of wisdom; your ona . . . onomate . . . onomatopeaa . . . onomatopoeia.

Tank you and take care,



(Dang it! I know, this salutation needs twicked; dare I admit, needin you’re assistance. Many of you wonderfully loyal and precise, uh, preshous—oh heck, you, reader are a much better writers than I, I meant, me? . . . I? . . . . wee? . . . . . (Ugh, does I need a superhero!)

Cute_Dog_Robot-13Copyright © 2015 by Sue Morris/Kid Lit Reviews. All Rights Reserved

*Word count = 392.


16 thoughts on “To Attack the Stack . . .

    • Mike, here is my secret (not really a secret): the support of the KidLit Community and the terrific Publishers and their publicity and marketing personnel (plus a lot of my mother in me).

      I need to keep my commitments to everyone, plus, I enjoy reading the books (especially from debut authors/illustrators). When I had to take a break or was without the computer (thank you motherboards), I felt out-of-sorts. This site keeps me reading and writing nearly every day. One gets used to that.

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  1. If there’s a human on earth who doesn’t understand why you have to do what you have to do – rejection-wise, check-again-later-wise, and consolidated-reviews-wise, let me know. I’ll bite their ankles. Hang in there.

    Love and licks,


  2. I’m glad you’re mending Sue – and a quick question. How do we know if it’s a no review if we sent the book just before your surgery? If it was a yes, does it turn into a no? I’m sorry to be a pest and sending good health wishes your way!


    • I love pests. I’m often a pest.

      Confusing questions you ask. Paraphrasing:
      “Does a yes turn into a no?” ~ Yep, sometimes a yes does become a no.

      “Is a yes review a no review?” ~ Interesting concept, but no, that wouldn’t make sense: can a 5-star review becoming a 0-star review?

      Oh, wait, I guess this could happen, if the one requesting became a pest to the one reviewing.

      Hope this answers your question.

      (Your book is one of those I have commited to read. I’ll review it as long as it meets the minimum standards stated in Review Requests, either #4 or 5. I’ll take a risk and predict you will get reviewed.)


  3. So sorry to learn that you’ve not been feeling well… I hope you’re improving! I just sent you a review request for my newest, Mice & Spiders & Webs…Oh My!, before I knew you were ill. Since you’ve been “my favorite reviewer” for many years, I hope that eventually you have a chance to look at it – Otherwise, no problem!! Please take care!


    • Congratulations on book number, what is now, 5, 7 12? 🙂 Must I look at it?

      Can I read it? 😛

      It’s true, I’m currently not accepting new books. BUT, my commitment to publishers, and authors I’ve reviewed in the past, has always been an agreement to accept again. “Oh, my,” send soon, as I am moving in a few short weeks. (I can’t promise fast delivery.) 😦


    • Thank you, but, my intent was not to elicit sympathy or well-wishes—though appreciated. 🙂

      A poll taken I did last year told me readers don’t like double reviews (maybe because they can get long, hence the other goal). So I was trying to give everyone a heads-up and why. (and hopefully the why would help avoid displeasure and lost readers). Looks like I didn’t succeed in the funny department and said too much. Tried to end positively/funny, hence the begging for comments and somewhat silly images.

      Sure, I’d love more comments, and would even if each post received 100 of them. Who wouldn’t. What’s really cool is the number of readers/followers—many more than I ever thought I would. Most don’t comment and that ‘s okay. I read several sites and don’t always leave a comment. If I did I couldn’t enjoy all those sites. Readers—getting the books noticed—are way more important, especially to those who send in books.

      My mission backfired (not because of #comments; because my health was the why not the message I wanted to convey (I’m fine with health, and really, all on the same leg is sorta funny – I don’t get worked up so much as shrug). I owe it to those who sent in books I’ll review to get them done. Goal is before Fall releases arrive. I made commitments (mainly to publishers, where I get majority of books), and keeping my word is important to me.

      I do owe you an apology for this long reply. I believe you’ll understand, and anyone who follows might read this and better understand my intent.

      Any course on writing funny (haha funny) you can recommend? 🙂


      • I wish! But if you want to read a funny read I love Monsters Eat Whiny Children. Book came out a yr or two ago, and it’s not for everyone, but I love the humor in the book. My son on the other hand gets all offended about the book and says it’s in bad taste. We clearly have very different senses of humor. 😀


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