#684 – Hop, Hop Bunny by Betty Schwartz, Lynn Seresin & Neiko Ng

Hop, Hop Bunny coverx


Hop, Hop Bunny

Series: Follow-Along Book
Written by Betty Schwartz & Lynn Seresintop book of 2015 general
Illustrated by Neiko Ng
Chronicle Books          3/01/2015
10 pages           7″ x 7”          Age 0—2
“Help bunny hop through the die-cut holes as she explores the garden. Where will she go? How many colors will she see? Warm illustrations and a playful adventure teach little ones hand-eye coordination and introduce them to reading fun. Punch out the piece and follow along!” [back cover]

Before reading and hopping through the die-cut hole, Bunny must be released from his stationary spot on the cover. Adults, this is your first job. All done? Good. Let’s open the book and begin.

“Bunny likes to play in the garden.
“Hop, hip Bunny. Hop between the red flowers.”

Now help your little one help Bunny hop from his home in the tree stump through a garden of red roses—look out for the snail! Bunny continues to explore, hopping up and over rocks, under a green bush, and other garden spots along the way. Bunny never gives away where her journey will lead her, how long the adventure will last, or if she has a goal.

am snap

Not only will children continue developing hand-eye coordination, but they will also learn patience and concentration. To guide Bunny through each bunny-shaped die-cut hole, none of which line up with the hole before or after it, children must first lift the right-side page, then hop Bunny—paws on the ground, please—to her next destination. A sturdy ⅛th inch ribbon, strung through each hole and then embedded into the front and back covers, keeps Bunny from losing her way.

Hop, Hop Bunny’s digital illustrations are colorful and have delightful details. Each spread contains additional critters for children to find, identify, and count. Young children will enjoy the inclusive nature of Hop, Hop Bunny, and its companion Run, Run Piglet . Children will have Bunny repeating her journey until her paws ache and her tummy growls. A terrific activity-story that will increase a child’s interest in books and the many ways they entertain us.

Betty Schwartz and Lynn Seresin also collaborated on Ten Playful Tigers: A Back-and-Forth Counting Book (reviewed coming soon).

HOP, HOP BUNNY (A FOLLOW-ALONG BOOK). Text copyright © 2015 by Betty Schwartz & Lynn Seresin. Illustrations copyright © 2015 by Neiko Ng. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Chronicle Books, San Francisco, CA.

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Learn more about Hop, Hop Bunny HERE.
Meet the author, Betty Schwartz, at her website:  
Meet the author, Lynn Seresin, at linkedin:  http://bit.ly/LynnSeresin  
Meet the illustrator, Neiko Ng, at her website:  http://www.neikoart.com/
Find more Board Books at the Chronicle Books website:  http://www.chroniclebooks.com/

Follow-Along Books

Run, Run Piglet 978-1-4521-2467-4

Run, Run Piglet






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Hop, Hop Bunny by Betty Schwartz and Lynn Seresin - Neiko Ng -


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