Happy Fourth of July! Giveaway winner.

Hi everyone!
Moving day finally arrived this past weekend–one long day that has, thus far, lasted 96 hours (and counting). While everything is moved, my living space is boxish. The cats are not thrilled with all the booms and bangs of neighborhood fireworks, which, strangely, go off all day and night. For a state that has made fireworks illegal, there are a lot of fireworks going off.

Dealing with moving companies is never much fun, but I was fortunate to have hired a company that sent two energetic, polite, and very professional movers. Anyone interested in another’s cannot-fit-into-new-home stuff, a yard sale is . . . wait, I have a garage now . . . a garage sale will be held near the end of August. By then, I should have most of the boxes opened and sorted. Until then, the cats are enjoy climbing the stacked boxes and furniture and tromping in the empty boxes. Lucky cats.

Baby Girl (grey) and Theo (white) enjoy the familiarity of the bedroom.

Baby Girl (grey) and Theo (white) enjoy the familiarity of the bedroom.

Those who made a move after 15 years in one place will understand my current living situation. Those who have not, the pictures should help.

One side of living room.

One side of living room.

Kitchen:  big metal square is a built-in fridge (doesn't work).

Kitchen: big metal square is a built-in fridge (doesn’t work).

New Refrigerator:  ice maker not hooked-up, but still dispenses ice.

New Refrigerator: ice maker not hooked-up, but still dispenses ice.

The house was built in the 1940’s and has plaster walls, not drywall. All new to me and proving to be a challenge. “Just where is that stud?” Love the backyard, which is divided into 1/3rd front and 2/3rds back (fenced in), with the entire yard privacy fenced. Molly, a nine-year-old rescue dog, will be moving in once I have a living room. She loves the fenced in portion. The rescue yard does not have grass, so this was new for her.

Anytime you move into an older home, all sorts of problems seem to surface. This has led to some Bad News/Good News:  Basement leaks/but getting water-proofed. Bathroom is a mess. Last owner actually used double-sided table (Scotch tape) to keep shower wall attached to the wall. It didn’t work. Good news is the bathroom is being made over next week. Old tub out, walk-in shower in. Everything will be changed except the toilet (already new). A built-in oven across from the new fridge (doesn’t work), is getting pulled next week and a pantry built in that space. I even got to start a garden. Nothin fancy this year: tomatoes, peppers, radishes, carrots, and lettuce.

Reviews will be back on track after the July 4th holiday. I have a new writing room.

My new “writing room.”

This has been a rough year for me and book reviews have suffered for it. Things are going to turn around. I know it.  Enjoy the weekend’s activities, the food, festivities, family, and friends, and stay safe. See you after the 4th.

Oh, congratulations to Julie Harms Moen! Julie won the Guardian Herds tote bag and all the goodies inside it.


5 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July! Giveaway winner.

  1. There’s nothing like a little chaos to make one appreciate all that one has in life, is there? I think you’ve had your fair share and then some. I know great things will come from this move. We’re so very happy for you! ❤


  2. Awesome! We moved about 3-4 years ago, and lived in a basement for a year (our house was getting built)… Now THAT is scary… Dang. You live a tad too far away… I like garage sales… 😉
    Your house looks amazing now, and just imagine it when everything is done! I’m glad that you’re getting a rescue dog. Happy 4th! 😀
    Congrats to the winner!


  3. OMGoodness, Sue! These pictures are hilarious and frightening. I moved from a 3 bedroom house to a 1 bedroom apartment 5 years ago. I had been at the old house for 15 years. I am an obsessive cleaner-outer, but it was still a refreshing time to get rid of a ton of stuff. Good luck! This sounds like a wonderful fresh start for you.


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