#742 – Dino-Boarding by Lisa Wheeler and Barry Gott


Written by Lisa Wheeler
Illustrated by Barry Gott
Carolrhoda Books          9/01/2014
32 pages       Age 4—8

A Junior Library Guild Selection

“Team Green Machine battles the Shredding Crew for dino-boarding domination! Allo and Diplo thrill the surfing crowd, while Compy comes up short on a short board. In the next round, Iguano, Raptor, and the Ptero Twins fly high on skateboards. And who will win the snowboarding half-pipe? Tricera and T-Rex each think they’ll take home the prize. Let’s hope the dinos remember their helmets—these tricks might get gnarly!” [inside jacket]

Dino-Boarding is the perfect book for kids who love to skate, be it in the water, the snow, or on land. Okay, in the water is technically surfing, but the point is, these dinos know how to excite the crowds at the annual surfboarding-snowboarding-skateboarding championships. Two teams battle it out for domination: the Team Green Machine and the Shredding Crew; the herbivores versus the carnivores. Who will win this year?

The dinosaurs start out in the water, surfing on both long and short boards. They swim out and catch a wave, hoping to be the one that “snags the barrel.” On land, the dinos grab their skateboards and take off down the ramp, over rails, while performing fancy tricks. Iguano tries to “pop an ollie,” but instead of a sweet landing, his head hits the ground. Good thing he is wearing a helmet.


Now for the final event: snowboarding, and first up is Tricera (Team Green Machine). Gliding down the slope Tricera does a perfect “McTwist” and nails the landing. The Shredding Crew have T-Rex and he is awesome! He starts with a “double back rodeo” but wait . . .

Soon the competition is complete, the scores tallied, and the trophies awarded.

Dino-Boarding is full of fast-paced action with fantastic jumps and twirls. The illustrations keep the action moving forward with realistic athletic movements in each spread. The images are best when expressing a poorly executed move and the shocked, terrified, or simply confounded expression on the dinosaur’s face. Kids will enjoy the competition, the wipeouts, and the triumphs. Told in perfect rhymes, Dino-Boarding is exciting to read. Lisa Wheeler and Barry Gott are the masters of Dino Sports. The dinosaurs have played football, hockey, basketball, baseball, and soon they will have their first swim meet. Any kid who has ever ridden a board will immediately connect with these prehistoric athletes. Dino-Boarding is a Prehistoric Triathlon of epic proportion.

DINO-BOARDING. Text copyright © 2014 by Lisa Wheeler. Illustrations copyright © 2014 by Barry Gott. Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Carolrhoda Books, Minneapolis, MN.

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