#754 – Turkey Trick or Treat by Wendi Silvano and Lee Harper

Turkey Trick or Treat

Written by Wendi Silvano
Illustrated by Lee Harper
Two Lions    8/11/2015
32 pages       Age 4—8

“Everyone loves Halloween candy—even Turkey. But how can he and his barnyard friends get any when the farmers only give it out children? With a costume, of course! As his pals look on, Turkey comes up with one clever costume after another. Each trick get better and better . . . but will Turkey and his friends end up with any treats?” [inside jacket]

A pirate, a ghost, and a cupcake girl step up on your stoop. The pirate says . . . no, it’s not a joke—it’s Halloween! Kids are going from farmhouse to farmhouse, shouting, “Treat or Treat!” and collecting candy, as all the farmers take the treat. Turkey and his farm friends look on with awe. The people are simply giving the candy away. Turkey is especially jealous of the children. He wants some of that candy. He and the other animals love treats.

“Turkey is great at making costumes,”
crowed Rooster. “Maybe he can get
candy for us!”

The animals all looked at Turkey.
Suddenly Turkey had an idea.
‘I’ll be a gobble, gobble ghost!’”

Donning a burlap sack, crudely tossed over his head, Turkey goes to Farmer Ben’s house,

“Trick or treat.”
“I can see through this trick. Halloween treats aren’t for turkeys. I’m BOO-ting you out!”

Turkey needs a new costume. Sheep suggests a “baa-baa ballerina.” Farmer Joan’s daughter recognizes Turkey and denies the bird any candy. Cow suggests Turkey dress up as a pirate. Farmer Fred looks beyond Turkey’s giant sword and denies the bird any treats. And so it goes for Turkey and his friends. Costume after costume fails to deliver the animals any of the tasty treats they so desire. Until . . . the perfect disguise?

Silvano-TurkeyTrickorTreat-hires-int-final 5

Turkey Trick or Treat is a gentle Halloween story for young children that will have them laughing any scary Halloween fears away. Turkey’s costumes are hilarious. Each costume has Turkey playing the correct part; but only thinly disguises him from the adults handing out the candy. I love the farmers’ reactions. Farmer Ben’s son says, “I’m BOO-ting you out!” Turkey leaves, his treat-or-treat bag empty. Farmer Joan’s daughter tells Turkeys to, “Go leap with the sheep!” Turkey’s pirate hears, “You can’t hook me!” Another farmer tells Turkey, dressed up as a superhero, to fly away.

Turkey’s resiliency pays off when he sees a small boy dressed up as a turkey. Turkey goes as himself, not advice children can use on Halloween, but great advice for every other day: be yourself. Turkey Trick or Treat is a fun, humorous spin on Halloween. It is a great warm-up for the actual evening.

The watercolor and pencil illustrations have a comic feel. The extremely animated, anamorphic animals have big, bright eyes and stand on their back feet. Turkey’s back feathers, while evenly spaced, tricked my mind into thinking two were outstretched hands. I love these illustrations. They are perfect for the story and kids will be able to decipher the complete story through the images. I love the text, but the illustrations make this story.

Halloween is a fun holiday and nothing more. Don’t expect a message (unless it’s treat the neighborhood children kindly). The animals suggest hilarious costumes, which Turkey executes the costumes with flair, but little actual disguise. Turkey Trick or Treat is a fun holiday picture book that will have young children talking about Halloween costumes until the big day. Turkey and his friends are so determined they deserve some Halloween candy. Will any of Turkey’s costumes trick the farmers into giving him candy? Read Turkey Treat or Treat and find out what happens.

TURKEY TRICK OR TREAT. Text copyright © 2015 by Wendi Silvano. Illustrations copyright © 2015 by Lee Harper. Reproduce by permission of the Two Lions, New York, NY.

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TURKEY TRICK OR TREAT. Illustrations © 2015 by Lee Harper. Used by permission of Two Lions.


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